100 Happy Days

The other day I came across a very simple idea and wonderful movement called the 100 happy days challenge.

I fell in love with  100 happy days right there and then and started my own challenge.

For a hundred days straight I posted one picture a day on my personal Facebook Page. One picture a day that would represent awareness for happiness in my life.

I started realizing so many great things that shifted for me in powerful ways :

  1. I learned to focus my mind and heart on that which makes me happy.
  2. I literally woke up in the morning LOOKING for happiness all day long. Looking for possible beautiful motives that I could take a picture of and share as my very own little piece of happiness.
  3. Another wonderful thing that happened was : that on days where I felt sad, stuck in a rut, or beaten, I had my 100 happy days challenge to turn to. I would go ahead and look at the collection of pictures I had already taken with my  mini Ipad.
  4. It surely always made me smile and my heart appreciate the beauty I do have in my life.
  5. I  began to feel even more grateful every single day! I had already been practicing gratitude in my journal but the aided, gorgeous visuals, just really took this practice to a whole new level.

‘Out of gratitude happiness sprouts like beautiful flowers in a meadow.’ ~ Nadia Shana Krauss

Happy, and joyous with a grateful heart, that is what I choose to be.

And that is why I am inviting you into choosing happiness for yourself with this blog post.

Being happy, being wholesome, being abundantly blessed and prospering in all areas of your life is possible for you! It really is.

No woman should ever feel strained, drained, and running on empty! No woman should busy herself to the extent that she cannot stop and smell the roses (or be mindful of what makes her happy)

I am now sharing my 100 happy days challenge on Pinterest in case you would like to check it out.

Why not start your own challenge ? Sign up and join the 100 happy days challenge here .

Sparkly kisses,


~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Temple Sister ~


The Empowered Goddess Temple Membership Community is a tribe of women who chooses happiness and growth very consciously.

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  • What a wonderful way to celebrate life, Nadia! My practice is saying my gratitudes at night when I go to bed.

    Interestingly, I noticed that several of us posted about happiness this week. We must all be sharing in the same energy! 🙂

    Sheila CallahamJuly 9, 2014
  • This is so awesome Nadia! I have a gratitude jar where I drop a note in every evening. At the end of the year, I’ll read the notes I’ve left for myself 🙂 An attitude of gratitude opens the inner pathways to abundant happiness!


    Peggy NolanJuly 9, 2014
    • Oh, that is such a great little ritual – a gratitude jar. I love it! And how wonderful it must be to read those notes on christmas or new year’s eve. Wow! Thank you for sharing

      Nadia KraussJuly 9, 2014
  • Happy Birth-Day to you Nadia! Happiness is a big YES for me and gratitude is key daily. Have a glorious celebration of your life today! 🙂

    Debra OaklandJuly 9, 2014
  • Happy Birthday Nadia! 100 days of happiness is a beautiful start! I love that you posted pictures, as it gives you a visual to reflect back on when you are feeling blue…I Love It! I have a Gratitude Journal in which I write 5 things a day for which I am grateful. One would think you would run out of things for which to be grateful, but my list just keeps growing! I agree that gratitude leads to happiness! 🙂

    Deanna HeiligerJuly 9, 2014
    • Thank you, Deanna. It is truly amazing how good and happy gratitude feels 🙂

      Nadia KraussJuly 9, 2014
  • What a fantastic thing to do, and so important – for our hearts, bodies and minds – to remind us of all the beauty in every day life, as well as in the bigger things the universe hands us, too. Well done, and what a great idea with posting the photos each day! I love photos, and visual reminders are such a great way to spread the happiness love… 🙂

    ChristaJuly 9, 2014
    • Christa, I am feeling happy that you feel inspired. Spreading the happiness love. Love that expression. Thank you.

      Nadia KraussJuly 9, 2014
  • Hi Nadia and happy birthday. What a great challenge you gave yourself and your readers. I am taking the leap of happiness as I write and am committed to a loving, joyful and happy life. Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Debra RebleJuly 9, 2014
  • Happy Birthday!!! Happy for you. Isn’t it totally amazing how finding a new way of seeing opens up SO much? I was just smiling, heart wide open at the idea of 100 happy days. Going to check it out now. Thank you!

    DawnJuly 9, 2014
    • Oh yay! Yes, check it out. Such a beautiful gift to yourself – 100 happy days. And soon happiness will be your new default setting 🙂

      Nadia KraussJuly 9, 2014
  • Happy birthday, Nadia!

    AndreaJuly 10, 2014

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