Today marks the 3 year anniversary of our biggest leap of faith up to date.

On 11.11.11 hubby Eric and I ended our life in Germany to go work and live onboard a ship. We sold everything we owned not knowing when or where our new life in the states would begin. But we were ready to embrace the adventure of life at sea.

We took our leap of faith because deep down we KNEW and we believed that there was so much more to life then pain, struggle, and strife. We chose to take the Royal Path to Manifesting because we knew life is here for us to thrive.


It has not been easy. There were many moments in which we thought that we would not make it.
But in January of this year hubby started our new life for us in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While I returned to Germany to wait on my Immigrant Visa.
‘Just’ 9 months later ( hahaha!) I entered into the states and am now a legal immigrant. Wohoo!
In 1994 hubby came to Germany with the US military. We met, fell in love, got married, but never lived in the states.
So today I would love for you to take a moment with me and let’s celebrate : NEW BEGININGS and LEAPS OF FAITH.
One more thing….
In 2003 I felt my soul stir for the very first time, letting me know that I AM A WRITER. Of course none of that stirring made sense….YET!! But I allowed the desire in. The one were I wanted to write a book and be a successfully published author and have my business based around my body of work – the book – my writing.
So not only is today our 3 year anniversary since taking the Big Leap but today also marks the day where I begin to fulfill my destiny as a writer. I have just joined Feel Good Blogging by Alex Beadon. And although it was supposed to start yesterday….due to a major technical glitch it could only start today. Coincidence!? I think not!
To me it feels like a divine appointment 🙂
Blessings & Magic to YOU,
Yours truly, in service, with love.

Happy Wholesome Life –
Sacred Self Care to Grounds Your Dreams into Prospering Presence


  • Congratulations on your journey — and on these next steps. I appreciate our connection and have admired the way you shared while waiting for the red tape to melt away…

    AndreaNovember 12, 2014
  • Congratulations! I join in your celebration of such huge scary leap into your biggest dream. Jan 1 will be 3 years since my husband and I left everything in the States to move to a tiny island in the Caribbean. My husband, a life long artist who had only sold a few prints of his work, took another leap of faith and opened his own art gallery on the island–featuring his own art as well as supporting local artists by consigning them in his gallery. My other leap of faith came when I retired from 15 years of teaching (online for the past 7) in order to devote my time to writing.

    I understand fully how such a major change in life, even though it is a passionate dream of your heart, can also be the most frightening. I have written some about our decision and leap on my website. All the very best to you and keep dreaming new dreams and following your heart path.

    Carmen Myrtis-GarciaDecember 3, 2014
    • Thank you so much Carmen for sharing your story with me. This encourages me to belief and fills me with hope that this feeling ‘ in the gap’ is okay and will pass soon. And it will be so worth it! Thank you.

      Nadia KraussDecember 3, 2014
    • Andrea, I am so grateful to have found the space with Female Visionary Authors to share my story. I am not sure If you realize how much this has helped me overcome all the red tap and challenges of 2014.
      You beautiful, strong women were definitely holding space for me and part of making it easier to overcome.
      Thank you

      Nadia KraussDecember 30, 2014
  • thanks so much for sharing your inspiring story Nadia, 11.11.11 was a magical date for me too and one where I felt my career trajectory change also. Lovely to hear more about your life xx

    Lisa FitzpatrickAugust 4, 2015

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