Join the 21 Day Sacred Self Care Immersion

Hello , my name is Nadia and I am a Sacred Self Care Muse 🙂

I work with stay at home moms who have a dream of building a business but struggle to find the time and energy. I help them go from frazzled & frustrated to organized & energetic so they can create the business they desire. 

Yes, you CAN love your family and fulfill your business dream!

I show you how in my 21 day Sacred Self Care Immersion which takes place in my private FB group ‘Nadia’s Sanctuary Sisterhood’. Come join us! The time to feel alone, struggling by yourself, and feeling overwhelmed is over!

Come join a sacred space for women and feel safe to meet new FB friends, learn new things and support one another in creating , prosperous, happy, wholesome lives and businesses. 

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You might wonder why I call it a ~ Sacred Self Care Immersion ~ Well, it is sacred because it is based on holistic knowledge. It has been designed understanding the whole and the interdependance of its parts and the wisdom this approach carries.

You will experience what it feels like to be ‘immersed’ in a feeling of unconditional love, support, nourishment, and nurturing.

Within my private FB group, ‘Nadia’s Sanctuary Sisterhood’, you will not only enjoy making new friends and being nurtured, nourished, and supported ~ spiritually (on a heart and soul level) ~ mentally ~ emotionally ~ and physically ~ but you also will be surrounded by likeminded sisters and kindred spiritis, givers and passionate nurturers just like you, who know the struggles and challenges of  the to do’s of a home, your health, family life, self care, and business. But who show up with a positive attitude all the same, every day!


You DO NOT have to do this alone! What is it they say!? It takes a village to raise a child…..what if the same were true for building a business!!

Come join the 21 Day Sacred Self Care Immersion today for absolutely FREE !

You will get to enjoy daily posts of positivity, inspiration, and soul wisdom reminders. These daily posts within the group will nourish, nurture, support, and empower ALL OF YOU ~ spiritually (heart and soul), mentally (mindset), emotionally ,and physically (home, health, business) .

You will enjoy the power of community and sisterhood, as well as three valuable magical recipes in which I will share how you:

* Create a No-Fail environment in your home, for your health, family life, and business creation.

* Allow for quality time with your loved ones AND quality solo time for yourself

* Gain clarity around your vision & goals to stop emotional sabotage

We end this powerful and life changing 21 Day Sacred Self Care Immersion with a LIVE event and invitation that will powerfully integrate and implement your sacred self care practice so that you can begin to ground your dreams into a prosperous reality.


Sparkly kisses for you sister!

If not now, when then!?

Much love,


Modern Day Medicine Woman & Sacred Self Care Muse at your service.


  • Nadia, this sounds like it will be very helpful to those SAHMs who are starting businesses — you positive energy could benefit anyone! <3

    AndreaJuly 8, 2015
  • Awesome, Nadia! I’ll share this in my forthcoming newsletter! xoxo

    Sheila CallahamJuly 8, 2015
  • Nadia, I just love that you are opening a space for “making new friends and being nurtured, nourished, and supported ~ spiritually (on a heart and soul level)”. It’s so important at this time in collective feminine wisdom to hold and support one another. Fabulous!

    ZinniaJuly 8, 2015
    • Zinnia, exactly! Feminine wisdom….sisterhood….wouldn’t it feel lovely to say ? ~ Behind every empowered woman , stands a tribe of empowered women who have her back!~

      Nadia KraussJuly 8, 2015

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