4 Body Wealth Part 1

When I was 11 years old my father gave me my very first personal growth & development book by Norman Vincent Peale. The words that accompanied his gift were :  “Nadia, you can have anything you want in life. So what is it you would like?” That was a very empowering message to embrace and I am very grateful that my father shared it with me.

I have since dedicated myself and my life to personal growth, development, and continuously expanding in abundance, success, and love.

I remember my  father adding :” All you have to learn, to get what you want,  is to think the right way!”

It was very powerful for me indeed to have been opened up to this kind of world view and this kind of thinking. The world we live in is all about vibration and energy. And once you get that, you truly begin living and co-creating in a way that was meant for you.

I made the choice to fully embrace this message and I decided, at a very young age, that I can have all I ever wanted, based on my father’s encouragement and the book I was reading at the time.

Books have been my mentors ever since. They are my magical companions. The right bookalways finds me at the right time. Always.

The law of attraction for me, was now linked with my desire to create the reality that would make me feel a certain kind of way. But it still took me a good 20 years to fully grasp its capacity and reach.

You see, the mental plain, or mental body – the ‘thinking right’ part my father was referring to – is just one piece of the puzzle. It is one piece of four all together. ‘Feeling right’ is another, ‘acting right’, and being ‘connected right’ 😉

The law of attraction seen holistically and all encompassing acts on all 4 levels of human existence  – the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual.

Let me explain…..

Being ‘connected right’ covers the spiritual plain, or spiritual body.

‘Feeling right’ covers the emotional plain, or emotional body.

And ‘acting right’ covers the physical plain, or physical body, and the actions we take to propel us forward to our desired outcome.

So first you think right, then make sure you feel right (happy and grateful), center and ground yourself to connect right, to make sure your action plan is aligned with your higher good. Then your action plan actually fuels you with divine inspiration and that is a very wonderful way of being in the world, full of awe, amazement, and magic along the way.

To do what sounds so simple (if I put it like that, right!? hehehe…) you have to cultivate an awareness for the fact that you actually have four bodies, not just one. One you can see and literally grasp with your hands, the other three are only to be ‘seen’ and felt on the planes of consciousness and awareness.

Humans, as a collective, have fallen asleep to this ancient wisdom and the teachings of 4 Body Wealth. But fortunately, we humans, as a collective are slowly but surely waking up to it once again!

It is the lack of knowing how to cultivate 4 Body wealth that gets in the way of this very simple formula I just presented, that entails the awareness of making the law of attraction work for you.

1.) You can’t think right with all this negativity all around you and your reality!

2.) Your life and circumstances are making you feel miserable!

3.) You do not feel connected to your higher self and higher path. Instead your ego is taking you on a delusional ride of ego trip!

4.) Life feels heavy and stressful. Actions feel like chores, not blissful action steps. You are so very tired. You have no energy!

So ‘thinking right’ is actually a mindset we are talking about.And favorably one that will serve you. Mindset will always set the tone for your immediate reality ! Honor the fact that you have not been taught how to cultivate 4 Body Wealth to become the irresistible magnet and vibrational match to your higher good that is your birthright! Have compassion with yourself. Do not beat yourself up about it.

I have discovered a process , that I will be writing a trilogy about, that teaches you to cultivate 4 Body Wealth and awareness, not only to create your dream life but also to create Heaven on Earth, one person, one family, one community, one little piece at a time!

Are you magnetic to your higher good and are you able to embrace your higher good being magnetic to YOU ?

Do you wish to be?

In Part Two of this blog post I will follow up with what 4 Body Wealth and my process is all about and how you can utilize the act of Sacred Self Care to master and apply the law of attraction for your very own highest good and everybody involved.

Creating YOUR HAPPY WHOLESOME LIFE and a little piece of Heaven on Earth :-))

See you next week 😉

Blessings & Magic to YOU,









  • I agree that humans have fallen asleep when it comes to spiritual wisdom. What inspires me each week is reading how more and more energy workers are connecting to wake everyone up! Keep working your magic!

    Sheila CallahamAugust 27, 2014
  • Thanks Nadia for this inspiring article. So many truths hit home for me and lots to contemplate. You are a light in the world. Blessings Debra

    Debra RebleAugust 27, 2014
  • Synchronicity is such a wonderful thing, My post this week is about that sacred connection and the power of our thoughts to manifest in the world around us. We get that which we create.

    I so look forward to reading the Part 2 of your post and sharing your insights. ((hugs))

  • Important work here, Nadia. So many of us merely endure life rather than doing what we can to make it the “little piece of heaven on earth” that it can be with the right mindset, attitude, and wisdom.

    CandiAugust 28, 2014

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