4 Body Wealth Part 2

In my last blog I talked about how I had learned about the law of attraction by my father. I also talked about how I had to learn that we are 4 dimensional beings. And that your dreams of the life you wish to create and lead, will be manifested through the spiritual, through the mental, through the emotional, and then through the physical.

However it is not always an easy straight line taking you from A to B.

When I learned to master the law of attraction I also had to learn to ignite my soul desire –  and put out the ego driven one. I had to learn to harness  my soul fire, passion, and enthusiasm – as to not get sick and burned out. I had to learn about my very own soul medicine – and then actually applying it to my life.

Today I share a story of  identifying a wound, finding soul medicine, and actually applying it in my life.

My wish for this  story is that it helps you better understand the 4 dimensional being that you are. I also hope that this story provides understanding as to why the law of attraction might have not been working out for you the way that you  have hoped.


Life never stops teaching you. You never stop growing. The whole point of life is expansion. So just recently I was once again enrolled in being taught a life lesson …

You see, while waiting for my Immigrant Visa all our savings from working on ship had been used up. We were blindsided by how long it would take and how hard it would actually be to start new from absolute scratch.

Me being in Limbo Land between Germany and America, not being able to launch my business yet, but also in need of money to carry on living…. I did the only thing I knew how to do. I got a job at McDonalds ( because you always can get a job at McDonalds, right?)

I felt really good about myself, empowered, able….”You got this! It is only temporary.” I was telling myself. But when I did an angel card reading for myself, the angels were giving me this message ” Raise your standards.” At the time I did not understand….what else was I supposed to do!  I mean I needed money, pronto, before it ran out !

So I prayed, letting my angels know :” Ok, angels, I am listening but I don’t understand. I trust that you will explain it to me and show me the way.”

I let it go and started working at McDonalds. Within the first two weeks it turned into an energetic nightmare. Such a dark, negative, and life sapping place. I was ready to quit and did already write the letter……but as I was getting ready to…the restaurant manager agreed to my terms ” I only want to work Friday, Saturday, Sundays. And only from 12 to 9pm. At least 20 hours but no more than 25 !!”

I figured 4 days off should give me time still to write, blog, prep for business launch, and restore my energy!

And BAM! That is when I got it!

If we do not value ourselves enough by having such low standards and expectations as to what we deserve….. If we allow ourselves into such a negative situation because honestly……we have not really gotten how truly precious we are……we have not yet gotten to that place of allowing ourself to feel precious, loved, adored, and supported in our bones….. then – it is simple – we get what we expect! And we get what we manifested (subconsciously of course – hence the ‘life lesson’, inviting us to expand ) . Any life lesson truly is always about realizing what is brewing in the depth of our subconscious. It is about digging deep and transcending, transmuting, and transforming. It is about that caterpillar turning into a butterfly!

At that exact momemt I had gotten my heavenly life lesson of “Raise your Standards.”

I have noticed that when higher self and soul think it is time for expansion, they hand me a life lesson. And in my life that lesson always seemed to have been accompanied by a “manual”. Finding exactly the right book at the perfect time. That is why you will see my blog full of references to books. Every single book I recommend has been a life lesson manual at one point in my life and has served my expansion. Me sharing it with you is accompanied by the wish that it might serve your expansion too. And every single book has brought me one step closer to understanding and mastering the law of attraction, first on a spiritual level, then on a mental one, then we got into how emotions play into it….and then I just keep up what I have learned on a physical level through my sacred self care practice, keeping my thoughts positive, my vibration high, and my feelings in check and BOOM! my Soul Desire manifests in perfect divine timing.

This is the process I referred to in my previous post. This is the process I am writing a trilogy about. And this is what creating Your Happy Wholesome Life is all about ~ Sacred Self Care to Ground Your Dreams into Prosperous Reality.

With the particular ‘life lesson’ shared above it was Morgana Rae’s process that helped me immensely.

I never before realized that I was in a relationship with Money Monster due to major money issues my dad passed onto me!

His standard sentence when I asked him for something was : “We don’t have money!” And this was the man that told me about the law of attraction in the first place. So sad but true. He also said this on a regular basis although he was earning  7000 Deutsch Marks after taxes! This just proves the power of your mindset and the power of scarcity consciousness. Because what? It is true. We never had money. It just went out the window while debt was accumulating.

And where did that leave me when he said this horrid, horrid sentence over and over again? Well, he might as well have slapt me across the face saying : “You are not worth it , honey, don’t you know that?!”

Now that is a bitter pill to swallow and a deep wound inflicted. Of course it was not malicious intend by my father to do so but without him knowing, he wounded me. Once you begin to understand the law of attraction on these 4 levels, once you begin to understand how 4 Body Wealth works, you also begin to understand that it is important to identify and heal those wounds. The ones that have robbed you of the experience o victory and triumph, manifesting that for yourself which you desire.

Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation (Volume 1)

So I really, really appreciate that Morgana’s process has helped me see my Money Monster. I kicked him out and invited Money Honey in. Money Honey  showed me how he loves me so much, adores me like crazy, and is at my side to support me. When I first felt Money Honey’s love he brought tears to my eyes and a major lump to my throat.

Only now can I see that as I went for that McDonalds job I relapsed back into my bad relationship with Money Monster. But it took me this experience for me to further to recover from a traumatic, hurtful, and abusive relationship with Money Monster. The images of Money Monster versus Money Honey that Morgana Rae shares in her book helped me dig deep, and dive into the depths of the subconscious…..to come out better and stronger for it.

It took me this time – this life lesson – to fully realize how truly precious, adorable, and beautiful I am, and to actually allow myself to feel this way, as I enter into a new country and chapter of my life.

I do not know what the future holds but one thing that I know for sure is, that I have raised my standards, I have broken up with Money Monster for good, and fully trust Money Honey to show me the way. I now believe in feeling precious, loved, adored, supported.

I am enough!!

And this transformation on soul level will attract all good things into my life from now on.

I have the power to manifest the soul purpose business and life of my dreams and I choose to do so through sacred self care ,that applies the law of attraction, grounding my dreams into prosperous reality.

It is that which I am here to teach YOU!


Here’s to your 4 Body Health and Wealth!


to igniting your very own soul desire.

to harnessing your soul fire.

to applying your very own soul medicine.

Remember you are a 4 dimensional being. Unite all 4 planes and you will find true wealth and health.


Spiritual Awareness & Awakening.

Mental Clarity & Connection to Divine Mind.

Emotional Wellbeing & Balance.

Physical Health & Happiness.

I AM a SOULshaking, SPIRITstirring, fogLIFTING….


Modern Day Medicine Woman & Sacred Self Care Muse

At your service.


P.s: Are you ready to create your inner sanctuary of self-love ? It is your doorway to creating a happy, wholesome relationship with yourself and creating your life from love.

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  • I love this line Nadia… “Life never stops teaching you. You never stop growing. The whole point of life is expansion.”

    And I love how you were able to see that you were not standing up for yourself and your value. I think so many time (especially for women) we don’t want to ask for what we want or need. It takes so much courage and I’m glad you found it.

    This too shall pass and soon you’ll have your visa and your life will begin anew…

    big hugs!

    Sheila CallahamSeptember 26, 2014
    • Thank you, Sheila 🙂 for your kind words, taking the time to read and comment, and for your beautiful encouragement.

      Nadia KraussOctober 13, 2014
  • Oooh I love this post about how soul medicine and metaphysics principles worked so elequently and practically in your life! Great explanation and example of how “your dreams of the life you wish to create and lead, will be manifested through the spiritual, through the mental, through the emotional, and then through the physical”! Sharing you story and including the personal parts about your relationship with your dad really make me want to explore deeper in my own life where I could use a little soul medicine. And like you so beautifully showed – the signs are already therei just have to pay attention. Thanks Nadia! Cheers to really paying attention to our life lessons! Big hugs!

    Brandy SchusterOctober 15, 2014
    • Brandy, your comment touches my heart <3 Wow! Thank you for taking the time to visit and read. And feel free to ask for support if you need help figuring out that soul medicine or applying it in your life. I am here for you!

      Nadia KraussOctober 15, 2014
  • Yay for you for breaking up with the Money Monster! Sending you lots of good mojo for your interview!!

    Peggy NolanOctober 16, 2014
  • Love this article Nadia ~ it’s how I work with my clients ~ based on the 4 elements of self!!! Thanks for giving me my ‘juice’ to work with this morning!!! LOVE!

    lauraOctober 16, 2014
    • Oh Laura, what a beautiful comment to read first thing in the morning. You started my day with a smile. ‘Juice’ + smile = kindred spirits 🙂

      Nadia KraussOctober 16, 2014

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