A new paradigm for health

It is Feel Good Blogging Challenge no.7 : Write about something controversial in your field! So I chose to write about health. This truly is something that people feel strongly about. It seems like there are two sides to the coin. The one side only ‘believing’ in western medicine and science. And the other being called an holistic approach or ‘alternative medicine’. So here is some food for thought and possible nourishment for the soul. I do hope you enjoy this article and feel free to share your opinion, beliefs, and thoughts on this topic.


It is common knowledge that health and fitness require an active lifestyle and a balanced diet. There are plenty of books teaching about exercise and nutrition. Hundreds and thousands of books on the topic of health, fitness, and wellness. Makes you wonder why so many people are unfit, unhealthy, unwell, simply dis-eased, doesn’t it ? Why actually is it so hard for so many to be fit, healthy, and well? What is the secret? Is it a secret? Is there certain information withheld? Could that be possible? Absolutely!
Maybe we should start with the common knowledge. There obviously is a link that is missing and it sure seems to be a secret. For some reason the majority of  health professionals aim at “fixing” the body, tending only to the symptoms. When did we stop believing in the healing powers and wisdom of the body? When did we split up cause and effect? When did we as a collective begin to omit the truth that for every effect there is a cause? When did we disown the reality that for every reaction there is an equal action?  And when did we fall asleep to the unity of body, mind, and spirit?
Fortunately many people of the western world are now waking up once again to the wisdom that the eastern world has held continuously. The knowledge of wholeness and holistic health never went missing with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, Ayurveda, and Yogic Science. We live in a time where western holistic practitioners and health professionals are getting the importance and connection of the body, mind, and spirit. They intuitively understand that health, wellness, vitality, and fitness are to be found in balancing of the body, mind, and spirit.

But there are also still many “opposing” this old wisdom and truth.
For some reason when we go to the doctor and we let the doctor know of our back problems, neck tensions, and recurring headaches, we get a prescription for pain killers. That’s all. He or she is done with us. Next! When truly a few empathic questions could help the patient see the body, mind, spirit connection, and it could aid in activating change to experience true healing that is to be found in holistic health care.
Questions could be :
Where do you feel that nobody in your life has your back?
Which areas of your life do you feel you need support in?
Is this support provided to you?
What load are you carrying on your shoulders?
Is it truly a load that is worth carrying?
What is it that you just can’t wrap your head around?
What do you find yourself constantly worrying about?
Of course this kind of approach would entail both the practitioner and the patient to be called into awareness, followed by consciousness – making a clear decision on how to move forward – and follow through by actual embodiment. If a health professional would take his/ or her patient through this process it would aid the awareness and unity of the spirit, the mind, and the body.
Is that the key? Do we need to infuse our lives and bodies with more spirit, more love, and enough self love to really get healthy, fit, vibrant, and well. I think we might be onto something here ! I hope the world is ready for that. I hope the patient can begin to see through the industries and realize that their focus is not on making you well but rather on making money and keeping it that way.
You reading this article, and having stayed with me this long, is showing me that it is time for a revolution. It is time for a new paradigm. It is time for 4 Body Health – taking care of the spiritual, the mental, the emotional, and the physical.


  • Nadia,

    You bring up a great deal of “food for thought” – no pun intended. Actually, food is one of those places where most of us (myself included) can do better to increase our health for the better. I am taking a much closer look at those things I eat and how they make me feel. I have begun to eliminate some foods and then greatly reduce the consumption of other foods because of the effects on my mind and body. Thanks for offering this post to create a bigger discussion around this topic of better health.

    Teresa MorrowOctober 29, 2014
  • Great article on connecting the mind, body,spirit when it comes to health. Your questions at the end are thought-provoking and show how our emotions are connected to various ailments. Thank you for sharing this.

    CarmenOctober 29, 2014
    • Thank you so much for reading , Carmen. And I am glad that my post offered some food for thought and possibly a connection to your own body, health, and emotions. Here’s to your health, vibrancy, and well-being.

      Nadia KraussOctober 29, 2014

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