What Is Vibrancy And How Is it Attainable For You?

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs now are more people who have come alive.” ~ author unknown

Body Joy


I myself am a feeler, a communicator, and a shape shifter adept at coloring the world beautiful, bridging the gap between heaven and earth, and transmuting energies for the best and highest outcome of all involved.

I am happiest & feel most alive when……

~ I feel. I respond. I beautify. ~ 

I am happiest & feel most alive when….

~ I intend. I empower. ~

Responding positively to the embodiment of feminine grace, finesse, chic and gentle power.

I am happiest & feel most alive when…

~ I embody authentic power. ~

“When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul,that is authentic empowerment.” ~ Gary Zukov

I am happiest & feel most alive when….

~ I amplify in stillness. ~

Connecting with my (clair)senses through my body.

I truly can beautify everything and anything once I do that – consciously seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and knowing.

That makes the world around me come alive in full, vibrant technicolor.

I am happiest & feel most alive when…..

Self Love

Everything in my life is aligned with and devoted to my heart and soul.

And the more Soul Alignment I create the more I come alive and feel vibrant, joyous, and energetic.

If I do things in alignment with my heart and soul things feel easy, light, and are always accompanied by a quality of ease and grace.

If I do things due to a lot of “Must’s”- “Should’s”- “Ought to’s” –and- “Have to’s” “Guilt” or “Obligation”- I begin to feel very heavy, burdened, and it literally feels like my life force is being sucked right out of me.

Now of course I know that sometimes in life we have to do those things we do not always want to do. But – and I am not living in LaLaLand here – I am talking about NOT FORGETTING the things we love and to know what makes us come alive.

I am talking about knowing what your Joy Stealers are.

And as I talked about in my last blog not being grateful for what you have in your life is one very big Joy Stealer indeed.

In the same sentiment you can find your Vibrancy Stealers (or Energy Vampires) by identifying how much you truly take inspired action in your life while firmly standing in your truth.

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.”~Brene Brown

Slide 1

Begin taking inventory.

Are you truly living and experiencing your life through your senses?

Are you smelling your cup of coffee in the morning, savoring it, or are you gulping it down on auto pilot and your mind already racing ahead in time?

Are you living here and now? Or are you living in the past? Or faraway future?

Do you still run just for the heck of it, like children do, or are you doing it “to burn calories”?

Begin small by taking inventory. Become mindful of yourself. REALLY smell that cup of coffee, savor the hot, liquid deliciousness down your throat.

Learn to be present here and now. What do you see here, now, in this moment? Beautify your moments by taking 6 deep breaths and closing your eyes and coming back into your body through awareness.

Try running just for the heck of it. Savor the feeling of your body feeling strong, capable, running. Feel your heart pounding, your muscles working, and just be in awe of the sheer power and potential your body holds. And then be grateful for how well your body serves you in this life here on earth.

Try it!

Take baby steps.

Be aware that it takes practice but also know there is NOT this one huge thing that you have to do or be for you to come alive. You can come alive right this moment, right this minute through the conscious use of your senses. Through being fully present in this moment, here and now, through your breath. And by becoming aware and mindful, realizing and seeing who or what your Joy Stealers are and the Energy Vampires that are depleting you of your vibrancy.

Once you see them, realize them, are aware of them. Do not feel scared to get rid of them. Lifestyle Surgery is a blessed and liberating practice. Believe you me. You become this person you thought you could never be.

Slide 9

Imagine you could say the following to yourself and it to be 100% truthful, honest and authentic :

  • I treat everybody with respect and kindness, offering my love and a smile. My eyes light up for I am happy to see them.
  • Everything is easy to digest. I absorb all that is good for me and disregard the rest.
  • My body is calm and at peace.
  • I am joyous, vibrant and energetic.
  • I am healthy and bounding with vital energy to live on purpose.
  • I love and respect my body. I am at peace with my body beautiful.
  • I love my life and every day of it is a blessing.
  • Every day I expand in abundance, success and love, as I inspire those around me to do the same.
  • I dance, I celebrate, I share my gifts, my talents, my world service and my Soul’s  message.

Wouldn’t that just be absolutely wonderful and the truest expression of feeling fully alive?

And don’t you deserve that truest vibrant expression of your awakened soul?

Divine Spark

YES, you do! Of course you do. It is you birthright. It is who you truly are in essence.

Life without connection to your spiritual & personal power has just made you forget that. That is all.

It is time to begin to remember now.

Remember your beauty, ease and grace, your joy, your happiness, your heart and soul.

Remember your power & true nature!

This is what I want for you : REMEMBER & WAKE UP to your true Soul Self….passion….and potential.

This is what the teachings of Happy Wholesome Life & the Empowered Goddess Temple are all about.

This is what I have in store for you.

And it all begins with a story. Every woman has a story. I am here to tell you mine and I am here to listen to yours without judgement but in awe of your strength, power & beauty Goddess!

Here’s to transcending happiness to a soul level and experiencing vibrancy as a natural expression of who you TRULY are.

Blessed be, Nadia.

~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Temple Sister ~




  • Nice reading Nadia, keep going and you will get there sooner then you think.
    Love you

    Jamiela BraunMay 20, 2014
  • I really like the terms “joy stealers” and “life surgery.” They get the point across quickly and in a way I will remember as I continue my healing journey. <3

    AndreaMay 21, 2014
    • Oh, this makes me very happy for you, Andrea. ( And happy for me because I brought a point across. Hehehe) Thank you for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

      Nadia KraussMay 21, 2014
  • Wonderful affirmations. Thank you!

    ShannMay 21, 2014
    • My pleasure, Shann. Those are my favorite affirmations for my body, vibrancy, balance, health and joy. 🙂

      Nadia KraussMay 21, 2014
  • Being present and using all our senses to experience life is very thrilling…but it takes practice! I appreciate the reminder and the lovely affirmations Nadia!

    Deanna HeiligerMay 21, 2014
    • Deanna, I love experiencing life consciously through my body and through my senses. I love how you describe it as thrilling. Such a truthful description.

      Nadia KraussMay 21, 2014
  • What a beautiful message Nadia! I felt like you were channeling all this beautiful energy! Thank you!

    Sheila CallahamMay 22, 2014
    • Wow, Sheila! Thank you for seeing me. You just made my day!

      Nadia KraussMay 22, 2014
  • Just reading your blog makes me feel lighter Nadia!

    LeeAnne GfroererJune 17, 2017

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