Manifesting Your Soul Desires Takes Alignment

My dad introduced me to the law of attraction at age 11. I am now 40. I have consciously applied it all my life. But there were several things I had to learn along the way too.

Even though my dad taught me to only think of the outcome I would like and to continuously ask the question : How do I wish it to be? He himself never mastered the art of manifesting consciously.

He died at age 85, having struggled with money all his life, in debt, leaving behind broken relationships, a loner of sorts, living his life in a fantasy world for the last 10 years of his life, talking about the millions he was going to earn through a Mercedes Benz project that only existed in his mind.

He wasn’t well, he hallucinated….it was heartbreaking.

Bless his heart I love him and am glad that he found peace at last.

I will forever remember and honor my dad for those conversations early on about the law of attraction .

It was because of him I believed that I could do anything that I wanted to do in life.

Through his own struggle and never quite making it , did I not only master my journey to manifesting consciously , but I also learned that it takes so much more than just ‘ thinking right’.

For some of us it takes an immense amount of HEALING.

1.) Healing the spiritual body by letting go of old stories, heartbreak, trauma.

2.) Healing the mental body by learning to differentiate between the voice of fear and the voice of love in our heads …..strengthening that strong, nurturing, kind inner voice instead of feeding the bully….and choosing to follow love always.

3.) Healing the emotional body by releasing trauma stored in our cells and rewiring belief systems that originated through feeling something intensely… (Realizing at the time it happened it saved us, helped us cope, and survive….but now it is time to thrive and let go of them.)

4.) Healing our physical environment through what I lovingly call lifestyle surgery.


The law of attraction (as my dad and several books have taught me) worked for me from age 14 to 35.

Never failing……and then , one day, it ‘seemed’ to just STOP working.

Everything in my life seemed to have stalled. This was the time my heart and soul called me to heal all that needed healing. This was the time when I learned about the power of alignment. Alignment with and commitment to your highest path and evolution.

It did not make any sense at all at first and I felt completely lost. Why wasn’t I able to manifest consciously anymore? What on earth was going on?

I had no one to explain it to me. Instead I walked that journey alone. The journey that initiated me into that which I teach and share today at Happy Wholesome Life. Healing all that needed healing along the way.

How I had wished for a reaching human hand to guide me through it….

…instead it was my spirit dream team and divine guidance holding my hand, guiding me, walking me through it, and helping me heal.

And today I can share what I know for sure :

* While you are learning about the law of attraction and are using certain ‘techniques and practices’ , things, situations, and people in your life will manifest and the synchronisity of it all will feel very magical indeed.

* As you grow, expand, and learn, some things that you consciously manifested will be wonderful, amazing, and a god sent. Other things will not be what you thought that they would be. Those manifestations will bless you with crystal clear insight on that which you do NOT WANT in your life.

* Since you keep evolving into the next evolution of your best self when you begin to consciously manifest with the law of attraction there also comes a time where you need to understand and realize that you are co-creating with the heavens. You will no longer be able to manifest ego desires but rather you will be challenged to align with your heart and soul so that you are congruent not only with your highest path but also the highest path of all that are involved in the manifestation process. That is when divine timing begins to play a HUGE part in the manifestation process

Pretty radical and cool huh?

The most powerful way to manifest and co-create with ease, grace, divine flow, being a radiant light to everyone you meet, and welcoming daily miracles into your life is to go for ALIGNMENT.

Today I teach women how to implement a Sacred Self Care Practice ~ spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically~ and I educate them how the health of these 4 bodies determines their manifesting process. I help them to stop hustling, stressing, and the ‘chasing things madness’….and instead become magnetic to their dreams through Sacred Self Care by embodying their transformational journey through alignment.

I actually have created a course that helps you ‘Shift into Abundance!’ by healing all that needs healing, embodying your conscious manifestation, implementing a Sacred Self Care Practice with the law of attraction in mind (law of vibration), consequently creating ease, grace, divine flow and miracles into your life.

Go check it out! It might be exactly what you have been looking and asking for 😉



  • I love this sentence in your second bullet: Those manifestations will bless you with crystal clear insight on that which you do NOT WANT in your life.

    Those are good lessons for us – and allow us to shift our thinking so we get what we truly want! Great article! =)

    Jill CelesteOctober 7, 2015
  • Beautiful article. 🙂 Thanks for the great ideas to shift the process and realign.

    Natasha BotkinOctober 7, 2015
  • Hi Nadia, I so appreciate this post on the importance of the WHOLE person – in all our complexity and levels – in manifesting. I love your awareness of this, and your expression of it – it is such an important thing to teach and share. xox, Reba (author of The Little Book of Manifesting Big!)

    Reba LinkerOctober 7, 2015
  • I’ve felt that moment where the LOA seemed to stop working for me and realized it was ME. I had to get back to allowing myself to be guided & stop pushing to get there! I loved this sentence “it was my spirit dream team and divine guidance holding my hand, guiding me, walking me through it, and helping me heal.” Thank you for this reminder! XO

    Tae LynneOctober 7, 2015
  • Hi Nadia,

    Most people know about the Law of Attraction through The Secret or other books. Unfortunately, LOA is simply one piece of a larger set of universal laws. I think a big reason people get stuck in LOA is because they don’t know about the other laws – The Law of Deliberate Creation, The Law of Allowing, etc. They all work together 🙂

    PeggyOctober 7, 2015
  • I agree, manifesting ego desires (money) will dwindle as we embrace manifesting through the heart (abundance) – LOA is a long a windy road. We have been taught to believe things work a certain way and have to re-program ourselves to live by the Universal Laws and Principles of LOVE & Abundance! Talk about SHIFT!! Great article Nadia. 🙂

    Debra OaklandOctober 7, 2015
  • Wonderful article, Nadia (as always). Thank you for the reminders and support. Many blessings to you!

    CindyOctober 7, 2015

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