How Do You Reclaim Your Passion & Power While Working A Day Job ?


The alignment of BEING, DOING & HAVING the desired outcome on a vibrational level BEFORE it manifests in your reality.


Easier said than done, right?

Because we can’t be one thing, do another, and expect to have the desired outcome, if the being and doing are opposing each other.

I realize that aligning the being and doing can be a challenge when we currently feel ‘stuck’ in a day job we don’t like.

At first it seems like we are powerless and that we cannot do anything to change the situation. We loose more and more of our energy as we witness our passion and zest for life wither away. But it really only ‘seems’ like this is the truth. Once you shine light on this illusion you can use tools and sacred self care practices that will help you reclaim your joy and personal power and get you into magnetic alignment to your highest good in body, mind & spirit.

What does alignment actually mean? This is Websters definition

ALIGNMENT  : The proper positioning or state of adjustments of parts.

But on a personal scale, did you know that there are 4 parts to self-mastery and 4 parts to self-discovery to ALIGNMENT and adjustment of parts.

When you know how to align all those parts, you think, say, and do in harmony to your highest good, and with it you become beautifully centered in self which makes you authentic, passionate, and powerful…..fully reclaiming your zest for life, joy, and creativity.

Now I am sure you would you like to know what the parts are. Yes?

The parts are :


Ask yourself how could you begin aligning today? Especially if are currently NOT feeling very centered or aligned.

Hello, my name is Nadia and at Happy Wholesome Life I work as a Sacred Self Care Muse & Prosperity Empowerment Coach.

I help creative souls: intuitives, sensitives, and empaths who feel misaligned with what they want, exhausted with busyness and disconnected from their spiritual power get aligned, recharged and connected so they can manifest and rock their superpower.

And I will be hosting a very potent webinar where you will be able to get very specific action steps you can implement to RECLAIM YOUR PASSION & POWER .

April webinar

This webinar  will help you access and connect back to your soul inherited ABUNDANCE MAGNETISM

…. and you will discover :

* The 3 Blind Spots That Are Disconnecting You From Your Power

* The 3 Challenges That Keep You Stuck & Feeling Less Than Passionate

* The 5 Steps You Can Take To Get Your Abundance Magnetism Groove On

* THE ONE Decision YOU Need To Make To Powerfully Move Forward Manifesting Your Dreams

So that you can make sure to stay anchored in your personal power, self love leadership, happiness, and abundance, attracting to you your highest good and path as a emerging feminine leader and entrepreneur doing her purposeful work.

Watch The Replay Here 

& ‘Get Powerfully Aligned’ Assessment Guide here.

Much love and sparkly kisses,


See you on the other side 🙂



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