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I built my first business when I was 24 years young. It was a little fitness studio called “Fitness for Body & Soul”. It lasted for three years because it wasn’t sustainable physically, emotionally or fiscally. I taught 21 group fitness lessons a week all by myself and of course still had all the admin office work to do, as well as market my business.

I had no idea how to align my body, mind, spirit, and life in a way where I could blossom, prosper, thrive, and create an abundant life experience.

While I was teaching others ‘to get fit and balanced’, I truly had no idea how to take care of myself. But you teach what you need to learn yourself, it is said.

That first business venture ended with a physical, emotional, and spiritual burnout. Lucky for me that fiscally I was able to get out of it with no debt.
After that ‘fail’ I took a 8 month sabatical . Restoring my body, mind, and spirit back to health. I needed the time to also figure out what to do next.
I made the decision to join Wellness School at 28 to get my Wellness Training/Coaching Certification. I graduated at age 30 and never ever wanted to be self employed again.

But I was not able to get myself employed. Instead all the companies and organizations I went to wanted to hire me as a freelance trainer/coach. You see, it’s a tax break for them (I’m originally from Germany)

So at age 32 I started my second business venture as a freelance personal wellness trainer, independent weight watchers coach, and freelance dance instructor travelling all over Germany and Switzerland to host weekend dance workshops.

This time I made sure that the cash flow required was there (hence 3 jobs!!)….but I treated my body, my mind, my spirit as if it were a machine. I worked 14 days straight with 1 day off. 18 days straight with a half day off. It was ridiculous!!

I had created a job from hell. I did not even realize that this had nothing to do with a successful business venture.

But it was as if me hustling, stressing, and chasing after things would prove my enoughness and worth.

Holy cow! Did I just say that!? Yup, I sure did.



But what does balance even mean…..right!?

Here is what I learned : there is a masculine essence within us, and there is a feminine essence within us, no matter what our gender.

Just like the yin & yang sign so beautifully holds this universal wisdom, I had to learn to EMBODY THAT in my life and business. Worth and enoughness do not happen in man mode. It happens in being deeply rooted in your divine feminine and backed by your sacred masculine within > balance, wholeness, wholesome goodness.

As painful as my business ventures were, it was a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery which ended in business success third time around. (At age 40)

It wasn’t that I was a looser at all (I had believed that all those years!)

The reason I was not able to create PROSPERITY had to do with two things :

1.) You cannot change what you cannot see.
2.) You cannot heal what you cannot feel.

My balance was completely out of whack. The balance between the feminine and the masculine had been completely tipped.

And THAT is what lead to my two burnouts (oh, did I mention that that second business lasted a whole 10 months….after that I collapsed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.)

I had to completely surrender and file for bancruptcy.

Yup! I indeed was broke and felt broken on all levels.

So what is the moral of my story ?

There is a way to build prosperity = money + happiness + sustainability which entails ultimate balance between the divine feminine and sacred masculine.

But it takes alignment and there are two sides to the story :

1.) Nourishing your bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) is necessary for the feminine spirit to prosper, thrive, and blossom. Sacred Self Care is the ultimate fuel to generate and create all you require, desire, and deserve.

2.) Focus and Doing are masculine qualities very much needed to ground your dreams into reality. YES!

But without the BEING (feminine essence) it will not be SUSTAINABLE.

When I started building my third business, Happy Wholesome Life, I was very, very careful, and I did not do it fast…..because quite frankly I knew that if I would burn out a third time…..I would have not recovered from that. It would have been just too painful to try to carry on shining my light in the world.

So I really, really had to figure this one out ! And I sure did !!

I now teach women how to build rocking happy, wholesome, abundant lives & prosperous business models

How is my biggest life lesson resonating with you? I would love to know.

Do you have any questions around creating …


I am here to answer any questions you might have.

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  • Fantastic article!! Thank you do much! Great advice! I did this too in my life a few too many times.

    LisaMarch 17, 2016

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