How to be happy NOW…

… and grateful no matter what!

In this how to blog post I will be teaching you what it entails to be grateful NO MATTER WHAT. And I will tell you why cultivating this heartfelt gratitude will change your reality from unhappy to happy NOW. How do I know this to be true you might ask? Well, I have done it. Let me tell you what my story was before I learned this little magic trick. Quite frankly I was chronically miserable, never satisfied, and always chasing the next best thing. Sound familiar? No worries, you are in good company and have come to the right place. It does not matter what your current circumstance. All that matters is that you understand that it only entails four steps to master this “How to”.

Step 1 : Awareness

Step 2 : Consciousness (Decide)

Step 3 : Embodiment(Commit)

Step 4 : Celebrate daily (Succeed)

My own personal gratitude journey began 2,5 years ago when Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Magic” entered into my life. I am happy to say that I have since found out why she calls it “The Magic” on a personal level. I have become living proof that it works. Miracles and blessings, gratitude and happiness are now a daily experience. That is my wish for you too. And my intention with sharing this blog post with you.

The Magic (The Secret Book 3)

Okay, step 1. Let’s invite awareness into our lives. Let’s count our blessings. What are the 10 things that you are truly grateful for right now in your life? Watch your mind. What is it doing? Where is it going? Is it starting to bitch and complain? Is it hard to focus on the good because the “bad” is so “in your face” ? No worries. Been there, done that, can show you how to get out of it. Bear with me……That was step 1. You just got aware of your current, present reality (in your mind). Now let’s get REAL, let’s get conscious.

Step 2, consciousness always entails a choice. It is something that you decide to do. Be it eating healthier, exercising more, or complaining less. It always entails a conscious decision of you deciding to do something – or not. I call it getting REAL because there is truly nothing in this world that you cannot do. It is simply YOUR CHOICE to do – or not to do something. So let’s get conscious, let’s get real. You have to make a choice. Do you want to be happy or miserable? Do you want to be grateful or complain?

I hope you choose happy and grateful. If you cannot make that kind of choice right this minute. It is okay. I wish you well and only the best! Please know this to be true! But also know that at this moment in time I am not the person that needs to assist you in this endeavor. I don’t do miserable. I choose not to complain. But rather count my blessings daily. Which brings us to step 3 – embodiment.

Step 3, embodiment means that you take action to embody that which you have decided on. So let’s do that now. If you are still here reading this, I take it as your decision to get happy and get grateful. So let’s do this. Shall we?

Right now, grab a pen and paper and begin counting your blessings. Write down 10 things you are grateful for right now, this moment in time. I will go ahead with counting my list of blessings today.

Thank you for our beautiful new home, surrounded with lush green, trees, nature, and wildlife.

Thank you for the oasis I feel our home to be and the three lakes surrounding it.

Thank you for a roof over our heads and food on the table.

Thank you for Aldi in America (German supermarket chain) that allows us to shop 50% cheaper.

Thank you for that hot shower and my favorite curly hair products.

Thank you for love in my life, all around, romantically, socially, and universally.

Thank you for the beautiful clothes I wear and the many more flowing dresses coming my way ‘Florida Style’.

Thank you for my hands that enable me to write. And thank you for my mind and heart that enable me to express myself.

Thank you for my followers reading this blog.

Thank you for air conditioning.

Thank you for a glorious blue sky and radiant day filled with sunshine.

🙂 Your turn….. Come on lady, you can do this! And believe you me… is FUN!

You will see, that doing this exercise regularly, best on a daily basis….it is the magic trick you were looking for. The one that turns you into HAPPY and BLESSED.

Feel free to leave some comment love and share your gratitude with me.

Blessings and magic to YOU my friend,


P.s.: I you liked this exercise and got a taste for gratitude and happy NOW I do recommend Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Magic”. You will find 27 more great exercises like this one that will help you rewire your DNA from miserable and complaining to happy, grateful, and blessed.

You can purchase it here :The Magic (The Secret Book 3)

P.p.s.: Remember! Life is a gift. Live every day as a thank you note.




  • Lovely post, Nadia! I have added this book to my list, along with your recommendation yesterday. I can’t wait to read them! Every night before bed I write down three things I am grateful for, this was a great exercise to break up my workday. Thank you! xo Haley

    Haley BrownOctober 17, 2014
    • I am so glad you enjoyed this post and you will love the books, Haley 🙂 Starting your day with counting your blessings and ending it with the things you are most grateful for is a wonderful way to be in this world. I am so glad you are a part of it!

      Nadia KraussOctober 17, 2014

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