Believe it, or not…

I am actually not trying to sell you something…

…but rather my intention with Happy Wholesome Life and all that I do, write, manifest, and share is to create a movement of empowered women.

Empowered women manifesting their very own happy, wholesome, and prosperous lives. In which ever form or shape they choose while putting themselves and their Sacred Self Care Practice FIRST.

I am looking to create a movement where women no longer chase, hustle, and fight to get ahead. But rather master self ~ spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically ~by implementing Sacred Self Care practices into their life. The kind that will raise their vibration and make them irresistibly magnetic to their dreams via the universal law of attraction (and also allowing this to occur in their life).

With all that I do as #YourSacredSelfCareMuse , #ModernDayMedicineWoman , and #RockYourFeminineTypeCoach it is my intention to light a spark within you.

A spark that will re-ignite your soul desires and the belief that you indeed are a powerful manifestor and creatrix in every area of your life.

With this intention I share LOADS of practices and tools with you on my FB wall for FREE. I share practices and tools that will help you harness your soul fire and balance your internal environment in Nadia’s Sanctuary Sisterhood too. I show you ways in which soul medicine potentially shows up in your life.

Daily I open my heart up to you and give my love freely. With this love I invite you into this movement and this journey of awakening to your most authentic and glorious self beaming light.

You will find and read thhis blog post and you will hear the call if you are meant to. You will simply KNOW in your heart if you are part of this movement and my unique tribe. If you do, I invite you to join us today!

I am here to serve YOU! Yes, I am.

Of course I am also continuously creating products and services to support you in this very movement of Self Mastery and Sacred Self Care. This journey of awakening to your grandest and truest self. And of course I am going to introduce you to these products and services that I am creating.

But today woman, I need you to understand that I am not “selling” you anything. I am not here to convince or manipulate. I am here to awaken!

With all that I send your way and share I am intending to “serve you” to the best of my ability. I extend ample invitations and share free gifts to invite you into the movement (that by the way is happening globally).

A movement that supports the awakening of the divine feminine within you, within your community, and within the world. Today let me be your soulful messenger but also understand that ultimately it is up to YOU if you take me up on any offer or services that I send your way… and actually hire me.

I live by what I teach. I trust and KNOW that I do not have to chase, hustle, or fight for things in life. I have faith that that which is truly mine will find me. Via the law of attraction I trust that the work that I do and what I share on a daily basis is the answer to someones prayer.

So please, open up to what I am sending your way. Sharing with you!

YOU hold the power and YOU make the choice. There is absolutely nothing that I could do to change that truth. I am here to serve you, teach you, be your healer friend, and guide you through the process of awakening to your potential if you should choose to hire me.

So again, please open your heart to me and what I am sharing. I am not ‘selling’ you anything, neither am I telling you what to do. But rather I choose to be present. I choose to show up daily. Beaming my own light. Taking care of all of me. Walking my talk.

In my blog posts and what I write I share with you how I healed my wounds and how my scars today remind me of my triumph and growth. I show you how you can heal, triumph, and do the same, whatever struggles you are currently facing.

I challenge you to decide!

Is it time for you to learn how to manifest consciously?

Is it time for you to learn all about how to take care of you ~ spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically ?

And is it time for you to finally give yourself the thumbs up and wholeheartedly say ‘YES!’ to yourself, your dreams, your life?

Remember who you decide “to buy from”…who you choose to be your teacher, healer friend, and guide…

…that my friend is YOUR decision.

But until you decide to change, nothing will.

Today my mission will be accomplished if my light lit your light.

Welcome to my world! A world of empowerment, healing, miracles, and blessings.

In service to you,


PS.: There really is no reason for you to wait any longer (unless you choose to). Like my friend and publisher Linda Joy puts it so beautifully and adequately :

  • ‘The Universe provides each of us with what we need to heal, grow, evolve, transform, create, and thrive in every area of our lives. The Secret to Mastering the Art of Living lies in our ability to receive the abundance of resources, wisdom, and support all around us.’ ~ I LOVE this quote so very much because I KNOW this to be true with every fiber of my heart. 
    … with this sentiment I invite you take advantage of this FREE resource to kickstart “Your Year of Radical Transformation” with me. I am so excited and grateful to be part of this and a speaker for it.

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