Body Bashing versus Body Love

Loving yourself and loving your body. Yes, I can do this now. I can look at myself in the mirror, naked, clothed, it does not matter, and I can full heartedly say :

“I love and respect my body. I am at peace with myself and my beautiful body temple.”

I no longer struggle with self love and appreciation. I embrace it fully.

But this used to be my BIG mess (!!!) and it took 5 years of focused inner work and healing to now become my message.

The good news is that it does not have to take you that long 🙂 I now teach women how to absolutely and unconditionally fall in love with themselves, their bodies, and their lives.

I thought that I would share about the time when Body Love was a HUGE challenge in my life and Body Bashing was my default setting. This time truly involved a lot of heartache and pain. To give you an idea of the sort of pain I went through…. These were the beliefs I held about myself just 4 years ago :

–          I am drowning in the ups and downs of life

–          I am leading but no one is following.

–          I am emotionally fragile.

–          I feel angry, guilty, fearful and sad.

–          I feel inadequate, unworthy and inferior.

–          I don’t schedule any down time for myself.

–          I don’t know how to manage my finances.

–          I don’t see the humerous side of life.

–          I don’t know how to relax.

–          I don’t make time to play.

–          I am emotionally fried.

–          I am way beyond burnout

–          I am always in a hurry full speed ahead.

–          My eating is out of control.

–          I have no control over my eating.

–          I am a loser.

–          I am not as good as everyone else.

–          I cannot get my act together.

–          I numb out so I can overeat

–          I am saddened by my past choices.

–          I feel overwhelmed and disorientated.

–          I feel lost and unable to find my way.

–          My energy has been drained away.

–          I have lost my center, my balance.

–          Life does not make sense anymore.

I believed that I was not able to take care of myself. I felt a terrible loser and a failure. I could  not forgive myself for “failing”. 10 years of trying to succeed as an entrepreneur, following my passion, only ended up in total burnout and bankruptcy.

I truly felt and believed that I was beyond repair.


–          There is just too much to do.

–          My world is spinning out of control.

–          I handle my  anxiety by being an overachiever, but it isn’t working  anymore.

–          I  handle my worry by controlling my environment and keeping it in check, but that isn’t working anymore.

I believed that I was all alone and I must do,do,do.

It is obvious that that sort of wiring would lead to my two burnouts. But at the time I could not see that. And I ended up turning on myself believing that I had poor follow through. Labeling myself as the ultimate loser.

Talk about self hate & body bashing!

I felt defeated, hopeless and trapped.

–          I am a loser, a failure.

–          My future is hopeless.

–          I am barely surviving life.

–          I am at the end of my rope.

–          I am sinking in the quicksand of despair.

–          I don’t know how to get to happiness.

–          I constantly feel tired and fatigued.

–          I do not know what I am doing wrong.

–          I am drowning in the ups and downs of life

Pretty darn harsh! Right? Yikes!!!!

Take a breath, girl – DEEP BREATH –  Don’t worry there is a happy ending in sight!  Just breathe….., don’t forget to breathe.

If you would have told me to go look at a mirror and to tell myself : “You are beautiful! I love you!” How do you think that would have turned out with that kind of dialogue going on inside? I probably would have spit in your face and told you that you had absolutely no idea. You did not know my pain!

Well, I know the pain of body bashing, self hate, codependency, self sacrifice, to the point of destruction. It is NOT a pretty place to be! Frozen. Unable to breath or move.

But fortunately I have always felt spirit, my heavenly helpers (angels), and guides, strongly in my life. With a fierce, sort of presence, and protection. They never left my side. They sent me the right books at the right time.Books have been my mentors at every crossroads in my life.

So I got it right! I healed it all!

I rewired those major stress circuits into joy circuits and today my life, reality and “body of work” feels and looks very different indeed.

Today when I look at myself in the mirror I feel this :

–          I am creating my world.

–          I am creating Joy, Affluence, Peace, and Harmony.

–          I create my day.

–          I am creating Joy, Abundance, Peace, and Harmony.

–          I create my life.

–          I am creating Joy, Prosperity, Peace, and Harmony.

I regularly connect to myself and my body through the breath – Breathe. Relax. Allow. Enjoy. – Because I am able to do that now, I allow miracles and magic to follow me wherever I go.

If I ever find myself out of divine flow I – STOP – SLOW DOWN – BREATHE – AND LISTEN.

I connect to my body through the breath. Today my reality is this :

SANCTUARY > My body is calm, at peace, and shielded. I only accept those energies useful to myself.

AUTHENTICITY > I love and respect my body. I am at peace with my beautiful body temple and with myself.

VIBRANCY > I am joyous, inspired, and energetic.

INTEGRITY > I am healthy and bounding with vital energy to live on purpose.

INTIMACY > Everything is easy to digest. I absorb all that is good for me and disregard the rest.

SPIRITUALITY > My body is pure and perfectly balanced.

FREEDOM > I love my life and every day of it is a blessing.

Isnt’t that just the most amazing way to live?!

I find my days filled with happiness, joy, vibrancy, purpose, and emotional balance. I experience so much life through my senses now. I feel like I have truly come alive for the first time.

I see beauty, harmony, and divine order everywhere I look now.

I hear my divine guidance loud and clear, every moment of my day.

I smell and taste magic, awe, wonder, and amazement.

I feel safe, secure, steady, and stable.

I am so darn proud of myself. Grateful. Happy.  Relaxed, rested, healthy, satisfied, loved, and loving. Content. Blissful. Tranquil.

My MESS has become this beautiful MESSAGE.


From my heart to yours. This is my wish for you. Become an alchemist. Turn the heavy, human, leaden experience of body bashing, into the light, golden, spiritual experience of body love.

Let me help you, teach you, guide you. Book your free healing and (self) discovery call here and let’s see if us working together would be a good fit.


Blessed be.

Your Sacred Self Care Muse, Modern Day Medicine Woman & certified Rock Your Feminine Type Coach


  • Nadia. This is just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your way to such an amazing self-loving being. I’m so on this way too. I absolutely hated my body and juged her for every imperfection. And now I’m so grateful to be able to love her just the way she ist. Unperfectly perfect. And Gods gift to experience life. Be blessed and thank you for spreading your light. Priska

    PriskaJune 10, 2014
    • Yay! for Priska. Thank you for making me smile 🙂 And thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. It feels so heavenly when you are able to absolutely and unconditionally fall in love with yourself, your body, and your life. This is my wish for all women and young girls. Could you imagine the world we would live in? Shine on, sister! Shine on 🙂

      Nadia KraussJune 10, 2014
  • Nadia, this is so powerful! Reading your self talk, there was a definite shift from “Blaming” to “Taking Responsibility”! You sound so healthy…I love that you are helping other women love themselves!

    Deanna HeiligerJune 11, 2014
    • Deanna, the only power we truly hold is owning our own story and taking responsibility, right ? 😉 Thank you for the love and taking the time to stop by to read and comment. Thank you.

      Nadia KraussJune 11, 2014
  • Nadia, I am so darn proud of you! I love that you say your Mess had become your Message. I think when we embrace all we are , loving every little bit of ourselves, we manifest such joy and are able to share our Mess with the world – which is a catalyst for healing in others. Heart to Heart we heal. Much appreciation to you for this beautiful post.

    Debra OaklandJune 11, 2014
    • Debra, you made me blush (in a good way 🙂 )and I now have warm fuzzy feelings in my tummy. Thank you!

      Nadia KraussJune 12, 2014
  • Congratulations Nadia for being able to shift yourself from the negative self-image that once controlled you to the loving, embracing, worthy image you have now. Very inspiring!!!

    Sheila CallahamJune 11, 2014
    • So glad you enjoyed my post, Sheila 🙂 thank you for coming by to read and comment. It is so very much appreciated. Makes me blossom. Thank you for that.

      Nadia KraussJune 12, 2014
  • What a wonderful post ~ You are such a light and lovely energy that it’s very hard for me to picture the “before.” Thanks for sharing.

    AndreaJune 11, 2014
    • Aawww, thank you Andrea. I was just really stressing and hurting inside. Ask hubby he remembers 😉 I am so grateful for you stopping by and taking the time to read and comment. Makes my heart sing you know. Wohoo! People are actually reading what I write and liking it. How awesome is that!?

      Nadia KraussJune 11, 2014
  • Golden words that are the key for me in my life: “If I ever find myself out of divine flow I – STOP – SLOW DOWN – BREATHE – AND LISTEN.” The very next step is taking action based on the listening. Thanks for your sharing, Nadia!

    Laurie SeymourJune 11, 2014
    • I love your quote 🙂 Thank you for making me smile and thank you so very much for taking the time to stop by to read and comment. It is my absolute pleasure, Laurie.

      Nadia KraussJune 12, 2014
  • Congratulations on your transformation. Compassionate self-care paves the way for a joyful life. XO

    ShannJune 12, 2014
  • Nadia Im a very proud Mum, love the way you explain… amazing stuff written straight from your heart.

    Yes we can all learn with you to relax and go with our hearts flow.

    Love you lots

    Jamiela BraunJune 16, 2014

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