Bridging The Gap Between Heaven And Earth : As A Business Owner , In Your Life & Relationships

The powerful story of disarming my daily EARTHLY personality struggles, patterns & challenges….

… to boldly accessing HEAVENLY messaging, marketing, and branding in my business…

…as well as upgrading my relationships to PURE GOLD !

I once heard Michelle Barr, Business Coach to Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs say : Being a business owner is the best self development & growth workshop you can enroll for.

I also remember really disliking that statement! (tehee….)

But last year around this time I was attending a Master Class hosted by Joy Balma called ‘Understanding Your Ideal Client through Personality Typing’. This class was introducing Joy’s Rock Your Feminine Type Academy which I also was a part of and successfully graduated from.

This weekend passed I spent some time re-listening to that very first class of the Academy. And you know what? Reflecting on my personal growth & development of this passed year, brings about such good feelings of happiness, joy, pride, power, and glory. There is no feeling more beautiful than morphing from the cocooned caterpillar into the soaring butterfly. There really is not!

MY GOODNESS what a transformational ride of self-mastery, self-discovery, and business success it has been….even beyond those 3 month of the Academy!!!

The evolution truly never ends. Now I get what Michelle Barr actually meant and I no longer resist this truth. Quite on the contrary I am proud to say that I am a conscious business owner enrolled in the best personal growth & development course there is : My Business !

My business continuously challenges me to access my expertise and wisdom. My power. My love. My joy.

It is unreal how the Rock Your Feminine Type method and understanding feminine psychology has blessed me not only with understanding my own journey of the chronic overgiver and passionate nurturer with no boundaries, no power, no voice, no needs. (Or so it seemed!)

It also helped me understand what transformational journey I take my clients on today as the certified Rock Your Feminine Type Coach & Sacred Self Care Muse that I AM.

The Rock Your Feminine Type method has helped me understand how exactly I pour my heart into my work. And how my personality supports me on soul level.

‘When the personality comes fully to serve its soul, that is authentic empowerment.’ ~ Gary Zukov

Joy Balma had said it  in that first class :

‘Expect self -mastery, self discovery, and business success! ‘ She also said to expect major learning and to learn about a system that will continuously support you in understanding your business AND your ideal client.

And how right she was!!

I truly am in awe of how much I have learned about myself and my own story and how overcoming my patterns, challenges, and blind spots has truly helped me to access my potential and superpower fully. Now I have birthed my authentic, passionate, powerful self to unleash my purposeful work and I help my clients to do the same.

So often, we as women KNOW that we have HEAVENLY WORK TO DO here on earth ….but we get completely and utterly stuck in our very daily challenges and struggles that we loose heart and stop taking action.

Understanding the personality types through the RYFT success system helped me see how I can more fully come into WHOLENESS. Especially in my business. Being able to access ALL personality archetypes has helped me so much with continuously showing up in business AND in life.

Being able to integrate my expert shadow has helped me with very much needed structure, systems, and organization.

I NOW really, really look forward to taking all Healers, Earth Mamas, and Rebels…that feel drawn to work with me…. through the transformation that will birth their authentic, passionate, powerful self so that they too can unleash their purposeful work.

If you are ready to deep dive into the WHY of your biz.

If you are ready to fully stand in the power of self- love leadership.

If you are ready to get VISIBLE with your feminine heart & brand.

If you are DONE with playing small, once and for all.

We should chat !

Business Magnetism

The powerful story of uncovering my divine gifts …

…through bridging the gap between my transformational journey & carried karmic pain

As part of a FB group that I am in, I was prompted to write, tell, and share my story.

There really was resistance about taking the time to tell my story. I was just so sick and tired of it. Just wanting to let go of it so I could move along. Up and forward!

But reading healing stories of others in the past,  I can see how powerful it is when we share our stories. And how , sharing our stories of overcoming adversity gives hope, spreads light and embodies unconditional self love. I can see now how it is part of finding closure on all levels. What you resist, persists….right!?

I recognize now that ALL I have experienced and endured thus far has only brought me to this point in time. It is exactly how I was enabled with transformational alchemy & medicine that I offer my ideal clients so that they can create ALL they require, desire, and deserve!

It is time to let go and move forward telling my story in an inspiring and empowering new way.


I was born in 1975 in Germany Stuttgart, to a German father and South African Mother.

My childhood seemed ‘normal’ except for the fact that I went to three different primary schools and 5 different high schools, moved 12 times up until the age of 18, and went back and forth between Germany and South Africa.

Now there was no rhyme or reason to this for my dad had a solid, good paying job as a machine engineer in Germany building shoe machines.

But unfortunately my dad was a very imbalanced and wounded man that never found healing and wholeness in his life. And my mum just did not know any better at the time.

My dad always just ran away from his money problems that were caused by being irresponsible and selfish. And every time he ran away he took us with him (mum, me, and brother).

At age 18 , after dropping out of high school in South Africa because THEY once again had moved I said : ENOUGH!!

No more! I am staying in Germany and I am going to pave my own path to success.

Just three months after arriving in Germany (once again) I met Eric, the US soldier, who had just come to Germany through his military assignment. Having been brought up very conservatively I was all in or not in at all with that relationship. Eric and I got married after two years of dating. And that is when I though my ‘gypsy life’ would end.

At first it seemed like it did. We stayed put in Germany for 17 years. Together.

But I never felt home. I never felt like I belonged. I did not have a career yet. And the demons of an uprooting and imbalanced childhood had left wounding that needed to be healed.

I did not know all this until the outside reality of my life manifested and SCREAMED at me to take a closer LOOK.

• Same marital patterns as my parents.
• Same income status as my mum due to having gotten married so young.
• Always trying to prove my worth and enoughness as a woman.
• Completely imbalanced, no idea how to take care of myself or what I needed.
• Seperated from my husband 5 times…..but making it work. This is in direct opposition to what my parents did. And I am very proud that hubby and I worked it all out and that LOVE now reigns in our life and relationship.
• 2 major burnouts , one at age 28 and one at 35.
• Followed by two ‘business fails’
• Selling everything we owned to go work and live on ship to ‘SET SHIT STRAIGHT’.

I am now 40 years young and leaving behind the vestiges of a wounded, imbalanced, unfulfilled childhood, marriage, and young adult life….to awaken to a fully prospering, blossoming, happy, fulfilled, abundant life, marriage, and business.

PS. Just recently I learned (through an Akashic Records Reading, clearing & healing, that my soul had done something just three lives ago that concerned choosing money, status, and power over love and family. Now I understand my life, my struggles, my personality, my challenges, my lack of…. on a much grander scale.

I had soul contracts to heal, clear , read and understand….so that I could change the trajectory of the course that my life was inevitably taking. And so that I could put my purposeful work in service of the light and ABUNDANCE FOR ALL.

I feel beyond blessed and healed by divine grace that all this is ALL IN THE PAST NOW and that I get to claim my birthright for the highest good of all involved WHILE I help other women do the same.

So much love and sparkly kisses for YOU who is reading this.

Your Sacred Self Care Muse & certified Rock Your Feminine Type Coach,



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