The Cancer New Moon


….begins a new growing cycle  (until next new moon) which invites you to apply caring, nurturing, and self love liberally.

This new moon invites you to shine a spotlight on all areas in your life that need nurturing, tender loving care, and emotional tending.

A born Cancer myself I can relate to the essence of this zodiac sign very well.

It is all about the essence of the caring mother/father.

We absolutely can become our own ideal parents to heal our inner child and infuse ourselves with love, nurturing, nourishment, and support.

This video has been created to inspire YOU, empower YOU, to take passionate action in self ~ love leadership.

Why not harness the powerful Cancer New Moon to anchor….


Tune into the energy with the help of Pat Liles from the PowerPath. Com

“Begin to parent your self, answering your own needs for attention, love, care taking, soothing and nourishing self to restore peace and balance to your water nature.

“Draw on the powerful flow of love, nourishment and support from Pachamama, Mother Earth, Gaia and see your creativity grow, your power of receiving expand, fertility for all you are birthing manifest easily…

“Sun/Moon, Mercury, Venus in Cancer are offering the gift of water trines to Neptune in Pisces, and the New Moon chart holds a Grand Trine with Chiron, Venus, and Mars’ now in forward motion in Scorpio.

“These trines offer the possibility of touching into more love, more connection with Self, more competence after emotional release from your wounding, self-imposed inadequacies, more deep healing and forgiveness of what was lost during times of separation and domination. Water trines can joyfully lift us up to remember who we really are in this Earth plane stage craft…”

“Let this deeply feminine Moon soften your emotional edges and allow you to nourish your inner being with silence, nature, and extending to others your love and kindness.”

“These are rigorous and pressured times we are experiencing currently and now is the time to fill your emotional reserves with grace and ease.
“Fill your heart with rose-colored light; let it also fill your belly as you breath deeply. Now fill your third eye with this warm, glowing color and radiate it out to every cell in your body to be bathed in love and nurturing support. Breathe deeply and fully.”

~ Pat Liles from the PowerPath . com

And to honor this current cosmic energy you can book a FREE Sacred Self Care Brainstorming Session with me here.

And if you would like to feel my vibe and essence first , remember to watch my New Moon In Cancer video in this blog post.

Much love and sparkly kisses,

~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Prosperity Empowerment Coach ~


  • I enjoyed your video Nadia. Great tagline, “Unfold your potential through nourishment, nurturing and support.” I am married to a Cancer – he is awesome and the most even keel human I know. Being a triple Leo myself it’s amazing how beautifully our connection is, and the spiritual balance of divine masculine/feminine within each of us. We nourish, nurture and support each other daily and aspire to do the same out in the world. Blessings to you and all you do in the world!

    Debra OaklandJuly 6, 2016
  • Celebrating all things possible with you, Nadia!

    Lore RaymondJuly 7, 2016
  • Hi Nadia! I just watched this for the second time and I just really appreciate you and the time and effort you put into all you do! SO much wisdom here.

    LeeAnneJuly 10, 2016
    • How wonderful!! I am so glad to hear that LeeAnne 🙂 It is such a pleasure to support you on your Sacred Self Care Journey !

      Nadia KraussJuly 11, 2016

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