Creating New Positive Habits

Imagine that you could cultivate habits and a way of BEING in this world that would support you in creating your very own version of a Happy Wholesome Life…..

Imagine you loved -and- lived a certain kind of lifestyle every day to where you could say, in an absolute heartfelt way : “I love my life and every single day of it is a blessing!”…….

Imagine that it is simple, and you can absolutely do it NOW.

You taking blissful action steps will support you in manifesting all your hearts’ wishes and soul desires……

Wouldn’t you want to know more about how to attain those kind of habits and live that kind of lifestyle?

That truly is what ~Happy Wholesome Life~ is all about. I will not only teach you about sacred self care practices that will ground you, nurture you, nourish you, and restore you, but I will show  you how those exact practices will utilize the law of attraction in a way that works for you – not against you.

Anything we do not yet have that we have desired is not coming to us because of who we are BEING in the matter.

I was 11 years of age when my father first told me about the law of attraction. (If you would like to hear more about that story you can read all about it here. ) I am turning 40 this year. So for 29 years I have actively strived to apply the Law of Attraction in a way that would serve my heart’s wishes and soul desires. Some things manifested within a short time frame. And other things either did not manifest at all, or in a way that did not serve me. There was a lot to learn and understand before I truly mastered applying the Law of Attraction.

Conscious manifesting requires the holistic understanding of our 4 bodies intertwined. We need to understand the interconnectedness of its part and the importance of the whole. Spiritually – mentally – emotionally – physically.

Spiritually we know that there lives a voice of fear -ego- within us, which thrives in headspace and the rationally conditioned mind. But we also know that within us lives a voice of love -soul- which lives in our heart space and communicates to us through our feelings.

What we might not (yet) know is how powerfully and fast our desires manifest if they are soul aligned. That is why I speak of soul desires. I do not speak of ego desires. I am here to stoke soul fires, not ego desires! It is very important to me that you understand this. It is my intention to serve your highest path and the evolution of your soul, as well as strengthening your connection to higher self.

It is my intention that every time you come here to visit my blog …..YOU stop! Slow Down. Breathe. And begin listening.

Breathe. Relax. Allow. Enjoy. Soak it all in!

It will open your heart space. It will invite you to feel your feelings and ignite your imagination. Opening your heart will inspire you! But it will also challenge you to do the healing work and take blissful action steps that is often involved with personal alchemy and self mastery and applying the Law of attraction successfully.

Divine Spark


The 4 things you can do RIGHT NOW are to practice :

1.) Heartfelt Gratitude

Start counting your blessings daily! Every morning when you brush your teeth mentally list 10 things you are grateful for. The trick is to really feel the in your heart opposed to just going through the motions in a polite kind of manner. Infuse your gratitude with your heart and your love!

2.) A Sacred Self Care Practice

Have a Sacred Self Care Practice in place! Learn to know yourself well and know what your needs are. Then follow through by asking for help, guidance, and support, and have your needs met.

3.) Happiness NOW

Be happy NOW! Stop postponing your happiness by making it dependant on the outside world, your accomplishments, and what your achievements represent to the outside world. Learn that happiness is an inside job. Do not give any outside circumstance that much power over your happiness. Choose happiness by choosing to follow the voice of love versus the voice of fear. Develop a strong, kind, nurturing inner voice and ask yourself :What would love say? What would love do?

4.) 4 Body Awareness

Practice and cultivate your understanding of yourself as a 4 dimensional human being. Learn all you can about yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Strive to be radiantly healthy in all 4 areas. Wake up! And find yourself and all parts of you fully integrated and whole. Find yourself divinely embodied and full expressed.


Body Joy

Imagine you lived in a body where you felt like this….

* My Body is calm, at peace, and shielded. I only accept those energies that are useful to myself.

* I love and respect my body. I am at peace with body temple.

* I am healthy and bounding with vital energy to live on purpose.

What kind of ‘new story’ would you be living? Would it be possible for your new story or BEING to look like this feeling, this way you felt in your body? ….

* I am joyous, inspired, and energetic.

* Everything is easy to digest. I absorb all that is good for me and disregard the rest.

* I love my life and every day of it is a blessing.

And wouldn’t you just LOVE your new story, your new life experience? Wouldn’t you love the reality of ….

* My bodies – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical – are pure and perfectly balanced.

And wouldn’t it be amazing, that on the days, you were not feeling quite as fabulous, you would have an endless supply of support, love, encouragement, sacred self care tools and empowered self help options?

We are really, really getting close to the essence of ~Happy Wholesome Life~ and why I do what I do. If you should desire help, support , and guidance with any of this you can book a complimentary Discovery Call with me here and we will have an inspiring conversation that leads to positive action.

All of the above is possible.

I know.

I know because I have manifested this reality for myself. I have created a Happy Wholesome Life for myself and I still hold myself accountable for it through heartfelt daily gratitude, a sacred self care practice, being happy NOW, and cultivating 4 body awareness and my connection to it.

I absolutely and unconditionally love myself, my body, and my life. I feel life to be a blessing not a curse. I appreciate living a lifestyle that embodies all that makes my heart and soul sing – happiness, love, power, joy, radiant health, beauty, abundance, prosperity, nourishment, balance, empowerment, and freedom.

And I KNOW all of this can come true for YOU too!

It all begins with a decision and a choice. Are you ready to feel empowered, make whole, heal, and integrate what needs integrating?

All it takes is tiny little baby steps, consistency, and re-choicing over and over again.

” Above all, become the heroine of your own life opposed to the victim.” ~ Nora Ephron

So on this Soul Desire Monday I invite you to connect to your very own Soul Desires. Reach out! Come join my private FB group the Sanctuary Sisterhood.

Remember to allow yourself the gift of time. No need to hustle! It is all about BEING.

Declare who you are willing to be to attract what you want. Name your Being and create an inspiring character to live into. Do today what a year from now you wish you would have done. And know, with rock solid certainty, that slow and steady wins the race and babysteps will get you where you want to go!

Remember that strong, nurturing, inner voice, honey! She will be absolutely crucial to your success.

Sparkly kisses,



  • Beautiful article Nadia and your light shines through it. Love this quote “I love my life and every single day of it is a blessing!” This is my mantra everyday! Blessings

    Debra RebleMarch 18, 2015
  • Lovely article, I love all the affirmations you included, very powerful.

    RachelMarch 18, 2015
  • Nadia beautiful post – yes and I did Stop Breathe. Relax. Allow. Enjoy. Soak it all in! x

    Jacqueline ConroyMarch 18, 2015
  • Very sage advice. Love this! I am doing 1and 3 more recently…

    kimberlyMarch 18, 2015
  • Love the phrase: “I am here to stoke soul fires, not ego desires!” Brilliant and inspiring language — thanks for your words.

    Sheila CallahamMarch 18, 2015
  • Totally needed these words today!! xox

    CarinaMarch 18, 2015
  • I love the admonition to stop postponing happiness! And as a gratitude practitioner, I invite you to find and express your gratitude even when you’re not brushing your teeth. Make it *the* activity, not something you stick on another activity.

    Try it and see if you can feel a difference.


  • Nadia,
    I think this statement is a great reminder and understanding…”Conscious manifesting requires the holistic understanding of our 4 bodies intertwined. We need to understand the interconnectedness of its part and the importance of the whole. Spiritually – mentally – emotionally – physically.”
    It’s a continuing journey of learning and recognition of this that I go on my path.

    I also agree about your points on 1)gratitude –LOVE IT! Always helps me when I’m feeling mad, sad, fear or worry. 2) sacred self-care –another one that has GREATLY help me on my path toward allowing time to make the connections more prevalent with mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

    GREAT post!


    Teresa MorrowMarch 18, 2015

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