Diary of a Lightworker

Nadia Shana Krauss
Modern Day Medicine Woman ~  Sacred Selfcare Muse ~ Prosperity Empowerment Priestess

Life Coach
* During my time on a cruise ship as a crew member, a two year time frame (2012 ~ 2014) , I transformed an 11 year long struggle of chronic stress into a story of POWER, healing, divine nourishment, nurturing, and soul purpose.

* All of 2014 ~ 2016 I have spent honing my message, defining and seeing my essence, translating that into words so people could actually grasp it. I have spent this time building a container for my sacred work and a business that is heart based/ centered and striving to fulfill my destiny.

* In the process of building that container I have identified my brand story, brand feelings, a business name, and a tagline.

I have honed and tweaked my messaging to build relationships, trust, respect , and high value relevance when it comes to sacred self care , prosperity ( = money + happiness + sustainability), and stepping into ALL OF YOUR POWER as a woman today.


* My message is about accessing Feminine Power ~ Goddess Power ~ High Priestess Power.

* It is about ‘discovering utopia’ within ….while creating heaven on earth without…. through balancing the divine feminine and sacred masculine…to create a NEW WORLD for ourselves.

As above so below ~ As within so without ~ As the universe so the Soul.

* I teach women how to absolutely and unconditionally fall in love with themselves, their bodies, and their lives.

By showing them that honoring their sacred self care practice will not only ground them firmly in their divine feminine essence but will also allow them to flourish into the truest expression of themselves.

(Feminine Energy & Masculine Resource Management )



Women, now more than ever, need to feel safe, supported, backed, and balanced.

Fully owning and standing in their power.

BUT it begins with them FIRST and healing core feminine wounding along the way.

* My essence is that of a teacher, healer, and guide. Alchemist, Sage, and Explorer Soul.

* My business name and tagline express that I am truly an ambassador of ~ healthy~ happy ~ healed ~ wealthy ~ radiant ~ holistic ~ whole ~ joyous ~ vibrant ~ heartfelt ~ balanced ~ soul aligned.

* My membership program is the divine container for my sacred work and divine gift.

Giving women a chance to come together powerfully … in sisterhood ….creating all they require, desire, and deserve.

Manifesting their very own Happy Wholesome Life through ~ Heartfelt Activations ~ Energy Immersions ~ Soul Level Integration & REAL LIFE IMPLEMENTATION.

~Sacred Self Care to Ground Your Dreams into Prospering Reality~



All of this has been established.

But the current challenge I find myself in is that of being in a new country that feels strange, scary, hostile, dark at times, out of control, and chaotic.

A country that is so huge, so vast, with so many problems.

A country, a place, that currently seems very unnatural to me.
But at the same time I KNOW it is a country which called me and a country which will fulfill my destiny of serving the light on an even bigger scale.

I manifested a perfect fit part time job for myself.

One that enables me to feel prosperous while I invest my time and energy into  growing, building, and launching Happy Wholesome Life even further.
I manifested this consciously and with great intention.

I wanted it to make things easier. And I wanted it to enable me to build/grow the container/tribe of my business without pressure, struggle, or strife.

But now I find myself in that gap!!

That gap between the current situation and the vision I hold in my heart.

It seems so huge, so vast, so overwhelming, that I find myself anxious, worried, scared, doubting, and really, really excited. All at the same time!

How will I ever make it to BEING that successful, wealthy, prosperous and conscious money generating business owner?

That writer, speaker, coach, and successfully published author?

And that’s where I pause to take a sip of my very own soul medicine….Proclaiming firmly : ” I WILL MAKE IT!” …



* by BEING in the energy of it all – NOW – immersing myself fully in that which I want to embody on an energetic level.

* by taking it ONE DAY AT A TIME.

* with HEARTFELT GRATITUDE in my being.

* choosing to be happy TODAY.

* JOYOUSLY TENDING TO MY NEEDS – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically – creating all that I require, desire, and deserve.

* STRONGLY GROUNDING & EXPANDING into abundance, love, soul success, while I inspire (and empower) others to do the same.

* BEING MAGNETIC ~ with clean, clear, emotional current (and currency). Praying but also shuffling my feet (taking aligned, guided, and inspired action).

* by LISTENING to heart, soul, and divine guidance, taking one blissful action step after the other.

* by just humbly KNOWING that slow and steady will win the race, patiently realizing that I do today what a year from now will pay off.

And I AM okay with that. All of it.

With love and sparkly kisses,




Are you willing?

Are you ready ?

Does the timing just feel right to you?

⭐️Willing to discover your own YOUnique BEAUTY & POTENTIAL ?

⭐️Ready to explore pleasure in your life?

⭐️Eager to claim your power once and for all?

⭐️Curious to go places you have never gone before so that you may unfold your full potential?

⭐️Do you want to feel powerful and free but instead you often feel robbed of your happiness by people, circumstances and situations around you?

If you have answered with a yes to more then 3 of my questions:
IT IS TIME. Time for YOU lightworker ….

Time for an💖Empowered Goddess Temple Chat💖

Book your complimentary temple chat with me today!





  • Very nice reflection of your journey Nadia.

    Wendy Van de PollDecember 3, 2014
    • Thank you for taking the time to read, Wendy. It means so much to me in this time of transition and finding myself in the gap. Your comment makes me feel like you have my back. Thank you!

      Nadia KraussDecember 3, 2014
  • Yes, you will make it!!! And we will all be enlightened through your journey! <3

    Sheila CallahamDecember 3, 2014
    • Sheila, you touch my heart. You are such a wonderful and kind cheerleader. Thank you so much fir believing in me. Thank you.

      Nadia KraussDecember 3, 2014
  • Thanks for inviting us in to your world! You are an inspiration!

    KellieDecember 3, 2014
    • Kellie, I am so grateful that you are here, reading my post, that I am able to share and inspire. Thank you.

      Nadia KraussDecember 3, 2014
  • Oh that void—the space between something ending, before whatever will be has had a chance to begin… it can knock us off of our feet if we let it. It’s the creative space–not empty, but pregnant with possibility. It’s unknown, so we need to let whatever is emerging have it’s time and space. If I feel myself close to tears, and there is no real reason why, I’m alerted to the fact that I’m in the void. Then I can give myself space without having to fill it or define it.

    You continue to take so many leaps, Nadia! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

    Laurie SeymourDecember 3, 2014
    • Wow Laura, very well said. Thank you so much for this oh so true and very wise comment. Thank you.

      Nadia KraussDecember 3, 2014
  • We all find ourselves in that ‘gap’ when in transition. All part of our expanded journey as our soul leads us into greatness. You are right on track. I like what Laurie Seymour said “It’s the creative space–not empty, but pregnant with possibility.” What a blessing to share this journey with women like you Nadia. 🙂

    Debra OaklandDecember 3, 2014
  • Thank you Nadia for such an inspirational article. It was just what needed today to lift my spirits! A beautiful blessing you are…

    Debra RebleDecember 3, 2014
  • Nadia, beautiful, inspiring, and so resonant. Thank you for sharing your journey.


  • Nadia, welcome to the U.S. What a beautiful mission you are on! Keep moving forward. I’m making life transitions myself this year. Some days are easier than others, but I believe in keeping going with my eyes on my end goal. You can do it!

    CharaDecember 3, 2014
  • I can so relate to your feelings in this transitional time! I have moved several times (all within the same country though) and each experience is scary, lonely, and anxiety-provoking. Fortunately, each move has come with many benefits and good times, as I know the same will be for you. Thanks for sharing this experience. Many hugs to you!

    DinaDecember 4, 2014
  • Nadia, you’re speaking my language. So nice to connect with a kindred-spirit. I believe light workers have lots of life struggles to help us hone our skills as healers. To learn compassion, forgiveness, self-love, worth, acceptance, etc. so that we can genuinely share that message with the world helping others who are in need of healing. I too, am living in a new country (albeit not that different from my own) and have spent 2014 creating a container for my business to share my message of healing light and energy with others. I think the world needs a lot more of us to step up, stand in our light and have the courage to express our gifts. It’s great to see someone turning their struggles into something positive. I recently heard Elizabeth Gilbert quoting someone else and I loved it, “don’t waste your suffering”…. meaning, take all that suffering and turn it into something good. Way to go, Nadia! I look forward to connecting more in the future 🙂

    Krista BauerDecember 22, 2014
    • Hello beautiful Krista and kindred spirit. Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes. Let your mess become you message 😉 Absolutely what happened to me. I was a mess. Lol. Now I am healed and empowered and share that message of healing and empowerment. So wonderful that you are here!

      Nadia KraussDecember 22, 2014
  • What a beautiful read! & blog love ur pictures, so glad I got to meet such a lovely lady! Many blessings to you nadia. XOXO 😉

    BarbyFebruary 10, 2015
    • Yay! Barb :-)) Thank you for coming to visit. So lovely to have met YOU !! Keep shining your light, let nothing dim it. Big hugs and kisses.

      Nadia KraussFebruary 10, 2015

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