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Apply For Membership : Meet & Greet With Me!Your Goddess Temple Awaits You!

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  • By Getting Support Through A Sisterhood Of Like Minded Women
  • By Mastering Conscious Manifesting Through A Sacred Self Care Practice

Nice Things Soul Sisters Say About Nadia

~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Prosperity Empowerment Priestess ~

Brandy Yavicoli Schuster, Feed Your Spirit Coaching

Nadia is a great role model and good influence. Her spirit sends out such an authentic high vibration of pure appreciation and bliss that it is hard not to get uplifted by her.

Leesa Adams, 'Faith Of A Child' Daycare

Before working with Nadia I was not in a good place emotionally and mentally. It was hard to focus on my day job while also having energy to further build my part time business. After working with Nadia I feel hope return. I no longer feel helpless. I am now motivated, serene, and feel like the fog has lifted. Working with Nadia feels safe, caring, very loving and inspiring . She has this great ability to help me see the forest for its trees. Simplifying everything for me.

Antonina Andreeva, High Vibe Coach

Thank you my dear Nadia! I love your playful curiosity, and discoveries that transpire. You are generous with words, time and knowledge. Anything you touch tends to sparkle because of your kindness. There is a delicious golden energy around you. X

Damiani Sekoulidis, The Pleasure Priestess

Oh , yes! You definetely want Nadia. She is such a spectacular soul with the biggest heart. love her to bits.

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