How to use your Sacred Self Care Practice during Growing Pains

A Sacred Self Care Practice as I teach it entails taking care of all of you ~ spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. When I work with my community, members to my membership program, or my clients 1 on 1, there are several things we look at.

1.) A process I lovingly  call ‘lifestyle surgery’ entails taking inspired action in our homes, within our bodies and health care, in our relationships, and within our business model. We look at the things that no longer make us feel safe, secure, and protected. And we slowly remove those things that no longer serve our highest good and replace them with things that do. The intention being to create sanctuary not only within our homes, but also our bodies, family life, and business.

2.) We look at the emotions behind our good intentions and what the deeper underlying feelings are that keep sabotaging our best efforts. We then lovingly use tools such as Emotional Brain Training (Laurel Mellin) or Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) to neutralize those exact feelings that cause the self sabotage.

3.) We learn about the power of the mind utilizing the law of attraction in ways that either serve us or block us. We then rewire our mind set from stress back to joy, taking one baby step at a time. This self care practice will not only help us regain our mental calm, clarity & focus but will also make us incredibly magnetic to our goals and soul desires.

4.) We embrace living a heart centered and soul aligned life. Understanding that we are souls having a human experience in our body. Understanding how truly powerful we indeed are and using our Sacred Self Care Practice to ground our dreams into prosperous reality.

We truly learn to live in the moment. We begin to own the fact that we hold the power to heal what needs healing and to change what needs changing to better suit our heart’s wishes and soul desires. We learn to unfold our potential through nourishing ourselves, nurturing our dreams, and allowing ourselves to embrace the support we so yearn for and truly do deserve.

Now while this is simple in its approach I will honestly say that there are times where the going gets tough and it becomes a little more challenging to continue to follow through. Especially when we begin to see that there are so many things in our life, within our bodies, relationship dynamics, and business, that needs our attention right now. It can be a little bit overwhelming when one realizes the amount of lifestyle surgery that is required to make things right again. Yes, we are human after all. And it is okay!

Miracle  ~ There is a force and strength within you that is so much stronger than you think! ~

That is why I not only teach about ~ lifestyle surgery, emotional brain training, rewiring your mindset, and embracing a heart centered and soul aligned life ~ to implement your sacred self care that will ground your dreams into prosperous reality by making you deliciously magnetic to your soul desires in the process. But I also guide you through the 4 perspectives that will get you through the growing pains. And by growing pains I mean : You have made a decision to create and manifest your happy, wholesome, prosperous life & business. You have committed yourself to the process. And you are ready to do what it takes to succeed with what you intended to do for yourself, your life, your family, and business.

While you will be constantly moving forward taking one step after the other there will come a time where you begin to resist and react to the current reality of what is. F.E.A.R. will arise. False Evidence Appearing Real. That voice that tells you this will never happen, things will never change, and who are you to think that you could do this. While you go back to number 2 and number 4 on my list (up top) ….I do lovingly encourage you to add 4 more perspectives to your Sacred Self Care Practice.

1.) Learn to be happy NOW by connecting to heartfelt gratitude for what is.

My #bookprescription for that one is :
The Magic (The Secret)

2.) Stop complaining and comparing.

My #bookprescription for that one is :
A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted

3. ) Become 4 Body aware ~

keep practicing your awareness & mindfulness when it comes to your heart, soul, emotions, mind sets, and daily habits you have.

4.) Start a Happiness NOW journey and a daily gratitude journal. One way to do this is by snapping a daily picture of one happy moment, one thing you can really feel heartfelt gratitude for and then commit to doing this for 100 days. As the days go on you get better and better at seeing happiness NOW and being grateful.

Since I not only teach and guide other women to their very own Sacred Self Care Practice but also walk my own talk, you can view my own 100 Happy Days Pinterest boards to see how I overcame a difficult transitioning phase with lots of growing pains myself

These last 4 and additional perspectives will not only powerfully utilize the law of attraction for you in a way that it works best, but it will also support your lifestyle surgery actions, your emotional and mental rewiring, and the occasional growing pains we all go through.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and feedback is always welcome. Do let me know what you think and feel about what I have shared here with you. Maybe you have even started implementing some of it already in your own life, family, and business. I love reading and replying to your comments so do feel inspired to leave one below.

Sparkly kisses,


~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Rock Your Feminine Type Coach


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