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Desire – Belief – Self Worth

Life is a journey.

Life is an adventure.

Life is a gift.

And Life isn’t always easy.

Today I reflect on how I have come to be a Modern Day Medicine Woman and Sacred Self Care Muse. And how my journey to my World Service has been a long, tough road. My Happy Wholesome Life eluded me for many, many years.

I remember clearly the early days of adolescence. Being 11 years old, 12, 13, 14. I remember being talked to a lot by my dad who rediscovered his spirituality at the time. He read many, many self help and new age books and often held monologues to me about the things he was learning for himself. Mom also read them but worked through them more as an introvert.

So I remember dad and mom urging me on to live the best life I possibly can. Encouraging me to believe in dreams and my ability to manifest them in my life. Sadly I also remember them struggling very, very much with their own healing and creation of a Happy Wholesome Life.

I remember being told by my father at age 11 : “Nadia, you can have anything you want in life, you just have to discipline your mind to think the right things.” And I remember him never taking his own medicine and following his own advice.

I remember books from Catherine Ponder, Joseph Murphy, Norman Vincent Peale, John Kent. I remember books of spiritual awakening and wealth. And most distinctively do I remember a desire developing me. A desire so deep, so true, so strong that it became the driving force in my life from then on. My Soul Fire, my Soul Desire and my Hearts’ Wishes.

My dad told me that I could have everything I want in life. He opened up the world of  positive thinking to me. He told me that there would be a spiritual awakening in people one day that would make it possible for us as the human race to create heaven on earth – Utopia. He told me that I could chose to be a part of this new world and new era of awakening.

So I made a decision, very early in my life : I decided that I believed in creating my own utopia, manifesting my wildest dreams, manifesting heaven on earth and being part of that spiritual awakening and wealth my dad was talking about to me.

Decide – Commit -Succeed ( Awareness – Consciousness – Embodiment)

That has been my credo for as long as I can remember!

In reflection I can see all the different stages of my life and what they have taught me. I can see how those conversations my dad had with me, and the own spiritual seeking my parents went through has shaped me into the person I am today.

It was that spark, that desire, that awakened within my heart and soul, that belief in creating Utopia – Heaven on Earth -, that drove me, fueled me, urged me on, all my life.

It was that desire, that gave me a sense of adventure in my life. I was never scared to take risks, try something new by transforming the old into something bigger, better, more whole.

But I was also confronted with deep hurt, betrayal and abuse by the person I trusted the most. My father.

So these last years I have lived the life of a spiritual goddess warrior seeking truth and awakening. I have learned so much. So many Life Lessons mastered and so many manifestation miracles witnessed. My own vulnerability and hurt eluded me due to constantly taking action and always being strong. Doing everything alone and never ever asking for help because I just did not expect it.

I believed that I was alone. That I had to do it all by myself. And that I could change the world. At least my world.

I definetely have always gotten what I wanted in life. Just like my dad had told me at age 11. I have reinvented myself countless times. I have failed and I have succeeded. But most of all did I awaken to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual human being that I am. I have come to understand that I am a multi dimensional being with many layers, not all good, not all bad, just me – whole. It took me a long time to be able to feel this way. The good, the bad and the ugly all have their place. It is what it is. And I am ready to move on!

I actually understand how the Law of Attraction works now, how manifesting works, how I can be wholesome on all levels in life : physically – emotionally – mentally – spiritually. I also understand that my father never truly did and I wish it could have been different.

I have upheld that spark, that deepest desire within me, to awaken to that grand human being and potential that I am. I have communicated with my heart and soul regularly. And I have always ended up taking the route of where my heart and soul took me.

I no longer allow Ego Mind to be boss. I have appointed Higher Self.

It is through this commitment to myself, and the vast desire within my heart and soul, that I have learned to believe in the powers of Father Sky and Mother Earth. And it is through this commitment to self that I have learned to embrace and receive and know that I am worth so much more, than I often allow myself to acknowledge.

No, I am not invincible. The opposite is quite true. I feel fragile, wounded, scared and often frozen by fear. A fear that lays so deep of those early days of hurt, betrayal, wounding and abuse.

What I am saying is that you are not alone and that you can always choose to move through it.

I now see my years  as being trained, being initiated, being taught. So many years of educating myself, enlightening myself, awakening to the divine human being that I am : physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Now it is time for me to share my world service, to activate, practice, connect, guide, heal and teach, enlighten and awaken, so that we can all, as a collective, begin changing the world we live in, creating Heaven on Earth, prosperity, happiness, well-being, peace and abundance for everybody.

I dedicate my work to the Divine Feminine, to the empowerment and support of the Female Spirit, so that the Mothers of the World can heal, and with them our beautiful Mother Earth. A new home to us and the children.

In love & power,

~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Temple Sister ~


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  • What a gift Nadia, that your parents encouraged you to create the life of your dreams. As for many of their generation, walking their talk wasn’t always easy when ideas we now consider mainstream were way off the beaten track. That may have passed along some inner conflicts when hearing them say one thing and yet living a different experience. Aren’t we blessed to be alive in these times where so much is changing and so fast? Perhaps your father saw what was possible at a time that would be considered being a dreamer… but, as John Lennon said: I’m not the only one 😉 Many joyful blessings as you share your happy wholesome life, Tina

    tinaMarch 12, 2014
    • Yes, Tina we are so blessed to live in these times. So very appreciate of your kind words. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

      Nadia KraussMarch 14, 2014
  • Love this! Beautiful post, Nadia! I too reawakened to Divine Feminine in 2013. What a difference it has made in my life!

    Mary PritchardMarch 12, 2014
    • Yesss! Mary, what an awakening. What a blessed difference. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

      Nadia KraussMarch 14, 2014
  • Nadia, thanks for sharing your journey with us. Like you I “no longer allow Ego Mind to be boss. I have appointed Higher Self.” And what a liberating feeling it is!

    Linda JoyMarch 13, 2014
    • Aaaah, liberation Linda. What a beautiful feeling. I am so very happy to be part of your beautiful femine model of collaboration. Much and deep gratitude for you in my heart.

      Nadia KraussMarch 14, 2014

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