Happy Independance Day!

shadow-ornamentIt’s the 4th of July here in the States ……and of course the rest of the world too!

But for the rest of the world the 4th of July does not hold the same meaning as it does for America because of its history.


The Declaration of Independence is the statement adopted by the Second Continental Congress meeting at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776, which announced that the thirteen American colonies , then at war with the Kingdom Of Great Britain, regarded themselves as thirteen newly independent sovereign states, and no longer under British rule.


Since I was not born in the States and am actually German, married to an American, and living in the States as a permanent resident, I wasn’t really feeling a connection to this day and its history. But I was curious enough to inquire and learn more about it.

Germany has its own version of Independance Day….”Tag der Deutschen Einheit”.

The day that honors the Berlin wall taken down. Thinking about it now that day in Germany is more about celebrating unity than independance.

And since I grew up in Germany I can relate to the pain of families being seperated by the wall over night and Germany being a divided country for years to come…..more than I can relate to being colonized by another country and having to fight for your own independance.


But of course I can relate to standing up for your own , individual independance.

I can relate wanting to fully stand in my power and to be able to live my truth.

Yes, of course, I can relate to that!

I am sure by now you are sensing that this blog post is about me pondering what Independance Day means to me on a personal level more than on a cultural level.




….to claim your independance individually!

And I am best going to do that with the help of messages from the Goddess & the Elemental Realms Of Creation



But before we begin I want you to settle into yourself first, taking 6 deep breaths, connecting yourself to your body so that you are able to sense the wisdom that dwells within her.

Take in these messages not as dogma, or rules, or conditioning, but as a heart opening invitation to claim your own independance, power, self-love, and personal truth.


….in all areas of your life where you currently aren’t feeling free but rather are sensing a heaviness in your heart.

  • Letting go of relationship dynamics that are depleting your life force, time, energy, and money….to CLAIM SOVEREIGNTY in your relationship with self FIRST.
  • Letting go of financial burden and restrictions to CLAIM SOVEREIGNTY in creating the foundation for prosperity FIRST.
  • Letting go of food & substance addiction to CLAIM SOVEREIGNTY in mastery living & balanced eating FIRST.

To me independance means that I am continuosly building my sovereignty from the inside out!

“Sovereignty: A self-governing state (of BEING)”

9 Completion


May this blog post guide you to :

  • Find yourself…. in it.
  • Heal (make WHOLE) a part of you ….through its content.
  • Love yourself more….so you can truly stand in your power.
  • Get strong ….from the inside out first learning to powerfully stand on your own.
  • Be radiant….showing you how to open your heart to shine your YOUnique light!



From Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

“Your Independance is a foundation for your strength and success.”

Like the cat , you’re fiercely independant, yet you also need affection and playful companions. Now is the time to balance your social interactions with solitude. While you may ask others for their opinions, ultimately you must make your own decisions. Your freedom and independance are top priorities, so ensure that these characteristics are nurtured.”

  • Spend time alone
  • Give yourself permission to play
  • Ask for your needs to be met
  • Make your own decision
  • Spend time with cats

MESSAGE OF EARTH TODAY on Independance Day :

From Lisa Michael’s Elemental Forces Of Creation Oracle

“Power To Stand On Your Own”

“The earthen container of your body is needed for you to be a seperate, individuated being. With the gift of a body, you must develop the power to stand on your own-complete and whole unto yourself. Only after developing this inner power can you fully function in inter-dependant ways with others.”

In what ways do you need to strengthen your ability to stand on your own?

In what ways do you need to FREE YOURSELF from co-dependancy?


….on Independance Day :

Learn to grow your inner root system to EMBRACE BEING FIERCELY INDEPENDANT !

…..through the elements of earth ~ water ~ air ~ & fire within you!


In love & power,


~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Temple Sister ~


Within the virtual space of our Empowered Goddess Temple Membership Program we  claim our independance, our self-love, our power, and our personal truth on a regular basis!

Currently I am preparing our next ~ New Moon in Leo Sanctuary Sisterhood Healing Circle ( Sunday, July 23rd) ~ introducing the glorious independance & personal power that can be experienced through the practice of Radiant Self-Love Leadership.

We will also be diving deep into the topic of learning how to grow your inner root system through the elements so that we, as a collective of feminine power can embrace being fiercely independant.


In the Temple we show up for this type of inner work & transformation as individuals …..requiring, desiring, and deserving more than the collective status quo has to offer us .


We are no longer willing to compromise our passion, power and potential.

We are no longer willing to live a ‘flat’ and muted life.

But rather we prefer to live our life in full technicolor continuosly unfolding our rainbow of potential going places we have never gone before in bold self-exploration.



We fully embrace our own version of a Happy Wholesome Life & our YOUnique Soulutions.

Making our own empowered choices in alignment with our personal truth along the way.

Although we realize that we can ask others for their opinion , we also realize, that it is only our own empowered choices and aligned action that can move us forward.


We are DONE with giving our power & independance away to outside sources.



But all the same ….. we enjoy Sistership! And the good company of likeminded women because quite simply ….together is a great place to be and…..

“When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘We’ even illness becomes wellness.” ~ Malcolm X

Soul Calling

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  • While I like the way you made the “big idea” personal, the part of the post that spoke to me was the first part. I have a “bonus son” from Germany. Especially when he was younger, he enjoyed “celebrating my American half” on the 4th. Thanks for posting.

    AndreaJuly 5, 2017
  • I so appreciate your take on independence and sovereignty and embracing being bold, open hearted, and a leader in our own lives. I have been thinking about what I need to free myself of this 4th of July and chose to release fear and limitations and take inspired action! Thank you for sharing your wisdom today!

    Kelley GrimesJuly 5, 2017
  • What a beautiful and powerful post! Thank you!

    Barb ParcellsJuly 5, 2017

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