How do you know?

How do you know if the people you meet have your highest interest in mind?

How do you know if they are not just trying to selfishly fulfill their agenda?

Just this past weekend I  had the experience of someone trying to shove a (‘figuratively speaking’) cupcake down my throat after asking for some feedback (which you will see in the P.P.S.: section of this blog post).

So here she was shoving that cupcake down my throat…..” Oh but it is so sweet and juicy and delicious! You just have to have it!! Here try it!!!.”

This person was so self involved and consumed by her very own agenda that she did not even notice that she was stepping all over my heart, my essence, and my true needs. She also was oblivious to the fact that she was completely disrespecting where I stood.

I really, really do not want that to happen to “our relationship’. So I am taking this experience, looking at it, and asking myself : “What can I learn from this?”

I do not ever want you to feel that I have an agenda! I am here for you because I believe that the people that I am meant to serve with my message, my services, my membership offering will find me via vibrational match. I am here because I believe that there are people out there – my tribe, my soul family – that need what I have to offer.

The only intention I hold for ‘our relationship’ is to serve us both and everybody involved with our highest good.

Now I know you ‘just’ come over here to read my blogs. Or you really ‘just’ enjoy reading my newsletters. Or we literally ‘just’ enjoy each others blogs and give each other emotional and mental support to carry on (both working in the field of holistic wellbeing). It really does not matter why you are here or why you signed up for my list. I just want you to know that I am truly  happy and grateful that you are here and that you read my ‘stuff’!~

It is because of YOU that I carry on!

I have been waiting for you all my life. I have been prepping for this as long as I can remember. I want to serve YOU with my gifts, skill set, and talents. If a genie came down to bless me with its presence and granted me three wishes for every single one on my list and in my community. These would be my three wishes for everybody :

1.) 4 Body Wealth and Health.

2.) Happiness NOW.

3.) Sacred Self Care to ground ALL the collective (soul) dreams into prospering presence.

For ages ( so it seemed) life just handed me one sour lemon after the other. Challenging me to set the intention to make sweet lemonade out of them.

For over a decade life tasted pretty awful to me, even though I was really working hard at making that sweet, sweet lemonade, that I knew would taste so gloriously delicious (if I should ever manage to make it!) !

Today I realize I was being initiated into my soul purpose and that it was my time to collect data and content…

…to ultimately become the writer, speaker, modern day medicine woman & sacred self care expert that I am.

… to ultimately be able to reach out and invite those that feel called to have a sip of that sweet, sweet lemonade that I learned to make.

As a Sage soul, an Explorer spirit, and an Alchemist at heart I KNOW how to turn a leaden human experience into spiritual gold. I know Alchemy on all levels and I want to help you know it too!

Service to the best of my ability and with the highest of intentions.



I am really grateful and appreciative of the fact that you resonate with my message of creating your very own Happy Wholesome Life.

I am grateful that you want to learn about sacred self care that will ground your dreams into prospering presence.

I am grateful that you are also a Female Visionary Author supporting my work, cheering me on, and wishing me well.

Whoever you are and however you have found your way to me. I am happy you are here and I envision ‘our relationship’ to only serve our highest good and that of everybody involved.

And so it is!


If you feel called to deepen our relationship by letting me know a little more about yourself (and only then).

Please read this :

I am very close to finishing my long awaited membership program and my ‘first draft manuscript’ for my book.

I have literally been working on this all year and have been collecting data and content through my own healing, transcending, transmuting, and transforming.

My work is entirely focused on manifesting a Happy Wholesome Life through Sacred Self Care that Grounds Your Dreams Into Prospering Presence.

It is going to include all I know about creating wonder, awe, amazement, and magic in your life. It is going to contain all I know about alchemy and turning your life into gold.

All aspects of it : Health, Love, Happiness, Career, and Money!

It will include videos, manuals, cheat sheets, a community, and a book club.

However I need your help.

Before I finalize everything, I need to make sure I have everything covered. That is where you come in.

What are your top two questions laying heavy on your heart that I absolutely need to answer in this offering?

And if I could include the extra mile and include something you have not seen before, what would it be?

Please leave your input and feedback right here :

I deep appreciation, Blessings & Magic to YOU,



  • Hi Nadia ~

    Your delightful energy is contagious — sparkly. I appreciate the effort you put in to sharing with all of us.

    <3 – andrea

    AndreaNovember 5, 2014
  • Nadia your authenticity really shines through and I feel like you are really speaking directly to our souls here from your soul to ours! Your program sounds so exciting and unique. Life alchemy and turning every aspect of our lives to gold? Brilliant!!! I can’t wait to see what you are brewing up over here! You are so inspirational to me and I just know your program and book will touch many lives. I don’t have any questions I can think of but I think you said it best that those who are vibrationally drawn to be in your circle will be there! 🙂 Lots of love to you! Enjoyed this post!

    Brandy SchusterNovember 6, 2014

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