What Better Way To Harness Your Soul Fire To Manifest Your Soul Desires …


I don’t think that there is a better way quite honestly. And that is what this blog post is about to show you.

This is the sacred space I created to anchor ✨💖RADIANT SELF~LOVE LEADERSHIP 💖✨today!

I am holding this space of self~love in a beautiful container as an Expert Empress via blessed invite in Stacey Marie Fruits FB group ‘ Age of the Jaguar Women’.


Come join us so we can support you in anchoring self~love in a sacred sisterhood .

We are talking about the 7 pillars that will help you create heaven here on earth.

  1. Self ~ Discovery
  2. Self ~ Mastery
  3. Self ~ Love
  4. Healing
  5. Heartfelt Gratitude
  6. Self~Care
  7. Connection To Soul Inherited Abundance & Your Birth Right

Pillar #3 is SELF~LOVE

Look at the image of the radiant self ~ love altar (or absolutely create your own) while saying these words below and feel how it shifts you into beauty , harmony, divine order, and organic structure.

I AM loved.
I AM secure.
I AM happy.
I AM healthy.
I AM wealthy.
I AM blessed.
I AM grateful.
I AM worthy.
I AM positive.
I AM beautiful.
I AM confident.
I AM courageous

It is never to late come join us this week and join the inspiring and empowering conversations we are having in supportive , sacred sisterhood ! 

In this video that I created for this gathering of like minded women and soul sisters I am spinning a story of self~love for you !

Spinning a web of radiant self~love leadership.

I encourage you to take center stage in your life!

May this video support you

Sparkly kisses,


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