Invoking The Empowered Goddess Within & Our Monthly Temple Reflection #1

~ Connect ~ Clear ~ Contemplate ~


In every day reality many women are craving a spiritual/emotional support system in their life.

We crave meaningful conversations and deeper reflections with like minded and kindred spirits.

Many women are finding womens circles and sisterhoods they feel drawn to by heart.

Through Happy Wholesome Life Soulutions & the Empowered Goddess Temple Membership Program I, Nadia S. Krauss (Founder) have created an opportunity for women to satisfy this need.

In our Members FB group we have the means to have these meaningful and deeper conversations that we, as awakening women, so crave.

Even if we do not have a circle of like minded spiritual Goddess Warrior girlfriends in our immediate reality & surroundings….we do have this in our virtual Temple.

We are connected through time and space. No matter which part of the world we live in or what time zone…via the wonders of the internet and technology we are able to participate in these Empowered Goddess Temple Conversations by leaving our comments, our likes, our shares, your aha’s, our question, our insight, our struggles… whatever it may be. All is welcome here.

Weekly Members’ Check In Points create a dynamic around an ongoing conversation of ‘Sacred Self’ Care , Feminine Empowerment & Balance.

These conversations and the Weekly Temple Digest Emails assist the members of the Temple  in clearing emotional and mental clutter in their lives through them taking aligned baby steps inspired by the ongoing conversation.

Not all at once. But step by step we clear. We address. We heal. We transform. We take action for our highest good and the highest good of all involved.

We do our own Lifestyle Surgery. WE are our own healers!

Step by step self~empowerment & self~exploration clears the way and illuminates our heart’s path. And through our heart we connect to our Soul’s truth.

In our monthly virtual Sanctuary Sisterhood Circles we open ourselves up to receive nourishment, nurturing and support through the Divine Feminine.

We come together as tribe sisters to honor, celebrate, and call forth the Goddess within us. As we create sacred and sanctified space through ritual components of the circle …the sum of the circle becomes greater than its parts….the wisdom of the circle emerges.

We contemplate in deep inquiry during circle (part 2) and contemplate after circle how the emerged wisdom affects us.

After this deep contemplation we will be able to easily discern aligned and empowered life skills that are necessary to translate what our feminine soul wants to self express, transform, transcend & transmute.

This my Goddess Sister is the full scope of ‘Sacred Self’ Care & Empowerment.

Spiritual. Mental. Emotional. Manifested Physical.


⭐️What does it mean to fully get and understand that?

⭐️What does it mean in regards to owning your power?

When I ask you ( and myself) :


We both need to continuously realize that answering that question in a WHOLESOME & EMPOWERING way has to do with our being able to foster :

* Connection to Self
* Connection to Body Wisdom
* Connection to Heart’s Wishes & Desires
* Heart to Heart Connection & Communication with Others
( Mirror Work)
* Connection to Higher Self
* Connection to Spirit Dream Team & Guides
* Connection to Source
* Connection to Soul’s Purpose & Soul’s Evolution

If you feel stumped in experiencing such deep CONNECTION with yourself ( and others) I invite you to check out the following Catalyst Immersion Experience :

Sacred Self Care Immersion with the Akashic Records

HERE. Presented to you as a single self-exploration course.

Or you might want to apply for membership to our Empowered Goddess Temple here.

You will find the catalyst immersion(s) on our members content platform and will gain all the other benefits of being a member of this virtual Temple.

CATALYST means there will be a SPARK! An infusion of sorts.

Divine Spark

  • Pay close attention to what your body is telling you while watching.
  • Open your heart to receive with Beginner’s Mind.
  • Come to the immersion experience not knowing.
  • There will be a heartfelt activation if you allow it.
  • You will feel that connection to the Divine Spark within you very clearly.

There will also be an energy immersion.

  • This will have a stimulating effect on you.
  • Activating inspiration and empowerment in you.
  • This stimulation energy is best used when you channel it into allowing yourself to really connect to what you desire, require, and deserve ( soul level/ heart integration).

Once you allow heart & soul level integration to occur you will feel an immense energy rise within you to START TAKING ACTION on your behalf.

  • No more playing small.
  • No more hiding.
  • And no more shrinking yourself.
  • And please remember : we are all in this together!

These might be challenging times but as Tomar Levine says in her Akashic Message from her guides :

“Use this time to build and grow your own root systems. Use it to form alliances among yourselves, to grow deep and interconnected networks of roots that go deeper and deeper, burrowing down into the rich inner layers of the living Mother of your divine existence, both in the physical sense and in the higher energetic sense. Connect and link your root systems and grow them in intricacy and depth into the living Earth which holds you.

What we mean by this is to create living structures of fundamental cohesion of purpose, structures of work, of life, of eating and growing and learning and medicine.. in all the arts and sciences and livelihoods, start to develop a parallel coexisting intertwined deep layer of purposeful intentions together.”


Time to be strong together.

I do invite you to consider joining our virtual Temple to grow your inner root system dee and wide into the earth to bring forth individual and collective desired change and transformation.

In Self ~ Love & Empowerment,

~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Temple Sister ~


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