Jewelry For A Cause

It was the year 2006.

A friend of mine had traveled to Mexiko . And when she came back from her vacation she stayed with me for a while telling me all about her 3 month adventure. One of her stories entailed a village and local women crafting beautiful necklaces which earned them their living.

They sold their  beautiful exotic necklaces to the tourists.

Having befriended one of these women during her stay in Mexiko she learned the technique ( macramé) and started making necklaces of her own. During her stay with me she she passed on the love by showing me how I could make them too.

Ever since then it has become a most rewarding hobby and is so beautifully relaxing. I actually use my hobby as a sort of active meditation and prayer activity.

While I create the necklaces I give thanks, count  blessings, celebrate wishes coming true, affirm only the best of outcomes, pray for the highest good of all involved, and at the end, bless each chain with the gift of life and magic : LOVE.


These necklaces , and this jewelry that I create, are truly prayer beads filled with love, good intention, well wishes , well – being , and a purpose.

Made (unknowingly) to support a good cause. Watch the video below.


When purchasing a necklace from me you get to choose the cause you would like me to donate to. (see below)

You can custom order your necklace (or buy an already existing necklace displayed on my FB page)  by sending me a pm  through the messenger app.


Liberty House of Albany

Albany, GA 31701 (229) 439-7094 Mission: To provide shelter and services for victims of domestic violence and their children. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, crisis line counseling provides immediate assistance, information, referrals or just someone who will listen

pink diamonds on white background

Faith and Community Outreach – Shelter for Women and Children

Albany, GA 31701 229-436-0807 Faith Community Outreach Center (FCOC) in Albany Georgia is a homeless shelter for women and children. It was founded by Janice P. Thompson “as a place where low-income women can obtain the skills necessary to become self-sufficient and productive members of the community”.

Jewelry for a cause

Welcome to the Albany Humane Society

If you would like to help animals live without hurt and pain, to help them love and be loved, live in a warm and healthy environment and to part this life with dignity.


1 – Please make sure to address your check to your chosen cause. Place the check plus a $5 bill (for postage) into an envelope and mail to me.

(you can also contact me via email here : )

2 – Once I receive the envelope I package and mail your necklace in a way that it arrives safely in your home.

3 – I then personally visit the organization you addressed the donation to and hand over the check for a good cause. I will take a picture doing this and share on social media.

...for being here, this moment, reading!

~Jewelry for a Cause~ is all about giving thanks, counting your blessings, and sharing how blessed you are with someone who really needs such a blessing.

~Jewelry for a Cause~ is about wishes coming true to those less fortunate then us and seeing a better outcome for them and their lives.

~Jewelry for a Cause~ is intended for the highest good of all involved in the cause, and each necklace has been blessed with the gift of life and magic : LOVE.

In the words of the beautiful woman who bought the very first necklace and made a donation :

“YAY…a very happy happy blessed day!!!! So excited for you Nadia Shana Krauss beginning this wonderful venture for charity & the opportunity to showcase your beautiful artwork in jewelry!!! I will wear mine proudly knowing such sweet meaning to it!! HUGS!!!”

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