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Self-help, personal growth & development books bring inspiration and empowerment. As we read about the transformational stories of the author and the alchemizing tools and resources she used on her journey, we realize that we are born into this world to do without limitation. But as the noisy energy around us exhausts us we have a tendency to loose heart and stop taking action to create ALL that we require, desire, and deserve.

That is why I created a book club for like minded women. Ditch the fearleaders in your life and come join loving cheerleaders instead.

We welcome you with open arms and open hearts in the Sanctuary Sisterhood Goddess Temple.  Love, fun, and sisterhood!

This idea was born when I wrote a blog post called ‘A useful post’. In this blog post I shared about my transformational experiences that were caused by 15 very profound books in my life.

In hindsight I can see that they represent a choice I had made to honor and embody  my authentic expression of self-love, discernment, focus, and self-leadership.

I share them here…… (bottom 15)

But I am also continuously adding new books as I host complimentary 21 Day Sacred Self Care Immersions … in the Sanctuary and realize what my tribe needs support with most. There are so many great resources out there to create your happy, wholesome, prosperous, and abundant life experience.











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