Do You Need To Lighten Up ?

On Friday, June 3rd, I sent out an email to my list and made an announcement about my upcoming Fb Live! New Moon event with the topic ‘Do You Need To Lighten Up?.

I prepped for my call by connecting to the energy of Gemini (the archetype) and the window of opportunity that presents itself when we utilize the superpowers of Gemini.

I was looking forward to live interaction with my viewers and answering their questions , should they have any. Generally was just really immersing myself in the energy of fun, freedom, and fullfillment. So that I could teach, inspire, and empower through personal embodiment.

The clock hit 5pm, I was sitting outside in our beautiful yard with sun shining and birds chirping all around me….my ipad propped with books underneath it for the perfect eye level height that makes my viewer feel like we are having a real conversation ….not just a virtual one.

Enjoying my little beach lounger & table (with my ipad on it and the books stacked underneath it) and generally really loving and appreciating the simplicity that is FB Live! and the vast potential that technology presents us with. It makes it all easy and fun to show up in loving service for my tribe and followers in this way. (Thank you!)

I hit the start button.

~ 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~FB was counting down for me…I took a deep breath and smiled as I began:

” Hello Nadia here from Happy Wholesome Life . Welcome to this New Moon Live Broadcast. Thank you so much for being here, live or watching the replay. ” Within the first 5 seconds of my intro I kept seeing something flash in the left hand corner of the ipad screeen ” weak connection…..weak connection….weak connection ” . Very disturbing indeed.

I let my viewers know that I was going to move closer to the house for better internet connection (hopefully).

Now that is not an easy task with ipad stacked on a bunch of books on a little table in the upright position and having to get myself off a low seat such as a beach lounger first. Tehee….

Low and behold …ipad fell over (of course!) and all I could think of was : “Oh my! What a funny site I must be to my neighbor at this moment in time.”

After about 2 seconds of embarrassment I burst out laughing and stopped the live recording. “Shew! No life viewers on yet…Halleluja!”

How embarassing would that have been!?

Then I rushed into the house and set up to go live within my office. I still felt good. I kept thinking : “Hey, I am human! And IT IS funny. Hahaha! ”

I was smiling. I was ready. I was taking it all very lightly and with humor BY CHOICE.

So I go on and I share my message in anticipation of my tribe watching the replay and in my minds eye and heart I hoped that they would feel inspired and empowered to brainstorm how they could lighten up their life to experience more fun, freedom, and fulfillment through the act of Sacred Self Care.

And there I was cheerfully yapping on… spreading my message and ….BAM! ….at 13 minutes… I lose internet connection completely and the broadcast ends upruptly.

“Well, I did manage to do an Elemental Forces Of Creation Oracle Card Reading and I did explain how the elements earth, water, air, fire, and spirit can help us to brainstorm ways that will empower us to live a fuller and more rewarding life through Sacred Self Care. So we are GOOD. Yay!” …was my self-appreciating self-talk.

” Shew! So I did it. Despite technical difficultues. Yay!”

“Well done Nadia!”

But did I really!? (dun dun dun)

New Moon Brand Template

At first I was not able to view the replay myself because the internet connection was just acting up that much. After about 30 minutes it finally let me view the ‘replay’.

I burst out laughing again! Oh my this was hilarious!! The whole video the sound quality was just me stuttering along because of a bad internet connection.

I let it go!

I was not going to let it get me into the feeling of heaviness or drudgery. I made my choice right there and then to stay committed to this feeling of lightheartedness, fun, freedom, and the fulfillment I was experiencing.

That is ALWAYS the first step to taking your power back (conscious choice on how you will respond).

And then connecting to the universal truth that YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN REALITY via law of attraction & vibration : Like attracts like ~ What you focus on expands ~ And birds of the same feather will flock together.

Because I understand the divine humor & perfection of all of this, I decided to write a blog post about it and to NOT delete my stuttering FB Live! event. It’s a good reminder to stop taking life so darn seriously and just lighten up. We are allowed to have some fun, you know?

I will attempt to go live again tomorrow  at 12pm EST ~ 9am PST ~ 6pm UK time. And let’s see what happens.

Will you come join me?

I appreciate you!

Sparkly kisses,


~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Prosperity Empowerment Coach ~


PS. If you cannot make it live ~it’s all good~ replay will be available here.

You can also book your FREE Sacred Self Care Brainstorming Session here.

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