That Magical Sweet Spot

Isn’t life all about finding that magical sweet spot?

That sweetest fruit that will just make your heart sing and your soal soar.

I believe that we find our sweet spot when we realize that it is found within the internal rewards of :








And when we have ‘Become the change we wish to see’ on the inside it will naturally become our reality because like attracts like, what we focus on expands, and birds of the same feather flock together.

We truly all are seekers.

We seek that sweet spot in our outside world where it cannot be found.

We seek that sweet spot in one another which leads to misunderstandings, disempowerment, and codependancy.

We buy into other people’s sweet spot in the hopes of finding our own.

We all seek  happiness, prosperity, the ideal career, the ideal partner, a soul purpose, loving relationships, or radiant health, in the pursuit of feeling really good about ourselves.


We all go through our very own life experiences that either draw us closer to that magical sweet spot or further away from it.

We are all in this together. Yes.

But it can only begin inside of us as individuals.


I believe that we can actively find our sweet spot through Sacred Self Care That Grounds Our Dreams Into Prosperous Reality ~

Define that reality of your physical health & happiness. What do you really want?

Experience your reality of emotional well-being & balance. What would that look like?

Focus on your desired outcome with mental calm & clarity. What would that feel like?

Create your highest path of abundance, health, wealth, and freedom through spiritual awareness and awakening.


And once you take responsibility through Sacred Self Care that only YOU can respond or react to your experience, only YOU can move towards or away from your sweet spot, you also understand that the path to your sweet spot is one of personal growth and development.


In pursuit of my own expansion and sweet spot I have picked up quite a lot of tools and resources regarding Sacred Self Care & Conscious Manifesting that I would love to share with you.

It is all about EMBODIMENT though. These Sacred Self Care Tools & Conscious Manifesting Practices require you to show up, grow up, and goddess up.

Are you ready for that? You might feel that you are not. And that is okay. But I also want you to ask yourself : If not now, when then?

And be really honest with yourself about the answer to that one. It might be time to stop procrastinating.

This path does not have to be as hard as your mind makes it out to be. Really!

Yes, you do need a willingness to change, grow, develop, and evolve into a higher and better version of yourself.

And yes, change feel uncomfortable at first. In this uncomfortable spot ask yourself : Where am I going to be a year from now if I continue doing what I am doing?

And if you are fine with your answer and how it feels you are good to go girl. You have found your sweetest spot. Hurrah!

But if it feels even more uncomfortable now then it did before you can take it as a very clear sign that change is calling your name.

And you know what? That is totally okay too. It does not have to be scary at all. Just do one thing today you wish you would have done a year from now. And do it every day, show up for it every day, grow up and goddess up every day in little bite size steps….and you will be absolutely AMAZED at where that kind of approach takes you.


It truly is time…..

Are you ready for your big leap of faith?

Are you ready to invest some time, some effort, and your willingness to change yourself, your body, and your life?

Are you ready to RockYou!





I am here to help heal, guide, and teach.

At – Happy Wholesome Life – heartfelt desires manifest.

At – Happy Wholesome Life – sacred self care will help you ground your dreams into prospering presence.

Blessings & Magic to YOU,


I AM a SOULshaker, SPIRITstirrer, fog LIFTER….

Sacred Self Care Muse & Prosperity Empowerment Coach

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  • Just perfect Nadi!!! ..Im almost near that magical sweet spot!!! Lololl

    BarbyFebruary 10, 2015

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