How to Apply Medicine When the Mind is Racing

You know how women who care too much often lack energy and slowly but surely loose their zest for life?

Well, I teach those women how to get their passion and vibrancy back by helping them with their personal energy management.

With this blog post I intend to help you understand how to nourish, nurture, and support your mental &  physical body when your mind just cannot stop racing.

‘We can only experience the god, spirit, creator within us and surrounding us by connecting to our:

When we stop, listen, and feel what is within us as well as around us.

As we feel the flow of love within and allow love to radiate out.

Life force:
By maintaining a balance of the opposing forces that live within us.

When we hold the purest, clearest state of mind and heart.

The spiritual body acts as a connector by infusing consciousness into our human heart, the home of our emotions; our spiritual heart, which knows the purpose of our life; and the heart of our soul.

Quoting Sierra Bender ~ Goddess to the Core: An Inspired Workout to Maximize Your Fitness, Beauty & Power ~


Sometimes we cannot connect to our purpose in life and clear direction because our minds are racing. The continous loud chatter within our heads keeps us from connecting to our true nature and our clarity.

Honoring your true nature and authentic self (soul)  requires the skill of bridging the gap between your outer and inner worlds. It requires the skill of knowing that your current physical reality and the emotional charge around it, can be shifted on the mental and spiritual reality into one that is more desirable. It really is about setting boundaries, breaking old molds of habit, and investing in your own potential.

The payoff is a huge one. It is instant JOY.


1.) The Sacred Self Care Practice of Earthing

What is Earthing?

Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.

Earthing naturally re-connects us to the vibration of nature and natural living.

We as a collective suffer from being isolated from the Earth by non-conductive materials such as rubber and plastic (our shoes), wood, plastic, laminate, and asphalt (flooring surfaces). You could definetely call it the disconnect syndrome.

Sharing my own earthing & mediation practice through social media actually is what inspired this blog post. You can view my short video here.

If you would like to go deeper into the matter of the what? why? and how? I recommend you purchase this book :
Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

2.) The Skill of Discernment & Focus through Conscious Breath.

As I practice earthing, putting my bare feet to the ground to ground and re-connect, I begin taking 6 conscious breaths. Inhaling deeply to fill my body with new energy and exhaling all old, stagnant energy. To then ask myself three golden questions : How do you feel? What do you need? What support would help you with getting your need met?

This practice is powerful on its own and can be done even when bare feet to the ground does not pose as an option at the time. This practice is like a 2 minute mini vacation that blesses you with discernment and focus to know your needs and have them met.

3.) The Sacred Self Care Practice of Meditation.

Meditation does not have to be hard at all. It is much like exercise. When you first start a regular workout you huff and puff and aren’t sure that you can even finish your workout. But with time and practice you get so much better at it as your muscles strengthen and your stamina increases.

Meditation is just like working out. This muscle too will grow stronger and your stamina will increase. So do what you can and just BEGIN. Start with the intention of 5 minutes.

I have three favorite ways of meditating : through the power of NOW, with the help of sanskrit mantras, and through active flow yoga and breath.

4.) The Power of Now

I learned about this easy way to quiet and calm the mind through Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘The Power of Now’. It really is very simple and that is why I love it so much. I appreciate doing this while earthing, putting my bare feet to the ground. I always only aim for 5 minutes and then just see how it goes.

All you need do is close your eyes and activate your inner eye. Imagine a clear white screen much like a movie that has not started yet in the movie theatre. And then just say internally : I wonder when my next thought will come along? You just watch and observe. When a thought comes you let it show on the screen and then you see it fade out. Once the screen is clear again you say internally : I wonder when my next thought will come along ?

As you practice and strengthen that muscle you will notice the gaps between thoughts get larger and longer.

5.) The Power of Sanskrit Mantras

Sometimes your mind is just to busy though for the above meditation technique so you need another that is more suitable for you and your current situation.

I learned about this next meditation through Deepak & Oprah’s 21 day free meditation experience which they host 3-4 times a year.

Here one focuses on a sankrit mantra such as ‘Om Shanti’ for instance. And as you breathe you focus your mind on that mantra. You chant it with your inner voice. You breathe. Chant. Immerse yourself in the sankrit mantra. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti…..and you notice yourself drift off into ‘the Zone’.

6.) The Power of Yoga 

And yet another time, not only is your mind racing terribly but your body feels like pins and needles and ants walking all over your body. There is just no way you are able to sit still and settle into meditation.

That is when I LOVE yoga so much! Not only am I getting a workout in, strengthening and flexing my muscles, but the re-connection to my body and breath, the flow of asanas just automatically calms me down beautifully. So when it gets to that meditation at the end of my yoga practice….I AM READY! Mmmmmm…..

Program Header

Use all I introduced you to in this blog post to fully stand in your POWER once again by RE-CONNECTING to it.

The power of self – love, self – leadership, and continuous self – empowerment.

Choose to be the heroine of your own life opposed to being the victim. Always. Sacred Self Care to Ground Your Dreams into Prosperous Reality. Oh yeah baby!

Much love and luminously pink kisses to YOU,


~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Rock Your Feminine Type Coach ~

If at any time you desire support in this endeavor, on this journey, during this process, please feel free to book your FREE (self) discovery & empowerment consultation .

Allow yourself to ask and you shall receive.





  • I love having such a variety of self-support tools all in one place. I’ve discover I’m not someone who can do exactly the same thing each day so having reminders and options helps. Thanks!

    AndreaDecember 9, 2015
    • Andrea, I just LOVE having a repertoire and pool of goodness ready for every situation and craving too.

      Nadia KraussJuly 6, 2016
  • I am discovering the joy of earthing, so glad you wrote about it. I have a backyard and I could go barefoot outside more often, even on cold days. I will check out the resources you included to learn more about it.

    RachelDecember 9, 2015
  • Lovely Nadia. I’ve known about grounding for a while now, but struggle outside of the warm weather to do it. The cold, winter months make it hard. I do practice breathing, meditation & yoga, so I feel good about that. It’s important to slow down…especially at this time of year!

    Tae LynneDecember 9, 2015
    • Yes, earthing…when living in a cold place isn’t so easy. Today I am blessed to live in sunny Georgia. But when living in Germany I could merely ‘visualize’ standing on the earth and growing golden roots. I could maybe experience it for 4 -8 weeks out of the year.

      Nadia KraussJuly 6, 2016
  • Nadia, like Andrea, I keep mixing up what I do to stay connected, grounded, sane, and productive. Thanks for reminding me of these powerful practices.


    • I keep mixing it up to. Currently I am am working with essential oils. But my go to practice really is EARTHING :-))

      Nadia KraussJuly 6, 2016
  • So I misspelled my own name! Yes, it’s’ Sue!

  • I love how chock full of goodness this blog is, so many choices! Thank you, Nadia. As a empathic helper myself, I thrive on a plethora of ideas to reconnect to the power that is already within. Earthing or grounding is key for me, along with meditation and mindfulness. xx

    Lisa HutchisonDecember 10, 2015
    • I am so delighted that this blog post served you well, Lisa 🙂 Yay!

      Nadia KraussJuly 6, 2016

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