Birthing Your Sacred Medicine For Yourself FIRST & Then The World

Calling all Healers, Wise Women, and Medicine Bearers…

Addressing all Goddess Sisters, Earth Mothers , Mama Bears, Alchemists and nurturing Light Workers….

Love potion ingredients over natural hemp notebook and mottled cream paper background.

Today I am addressing that FEELING : the feeling where you can no longer deny yourself the stirrings of your own soul.

Every day this feeling is getting louder and every step you take the calling only gets stronger and more present. Often you don’t actually know what this means and that scares you a little. But at the same time you also know that it is time to step powerfully into the container you are meant to hold in this world.

While most days you take action based on the burning desire to bring your gifts out powerfully into this world….there are days where you also are very frustrated.

Because you feel a whole range of feelings that scare you, make you feel stuck, have you struggling, and believing that you have no idea how to do this. Even if it is indeed only temporarily because after all YOU ARE A POWERFUL WISE WOMAN.

Feeling that way derails you and slows you down because it takes you into feeling a whole other range of emotion. It could be anything from red hot anger to depression and despair.

You know that you can pick yourself back up because you are connected to your own medicine and know deep down that you are ready.

The time is now. You  have huge value to offer the world. You are so DONE with wasting time and playing small!

There is that deep desire that your medicine and your purpose need to be felt, need to be experienced. And you no longer are prepared to be slowed down.

You are tired of struggling in your career or with getting your heart based offerings and business out into the world.

All you want to do  is HEAL and make WHOLE. Yourself, your relationships, your work dynamic, your life experience. You want to self-express your medicine by being honest, transparent, authentic, and real.

You are tired of not feeling enough!

Deep down you KNOW its hogwash…..but still you FEEL inadequate in birthing your authentic self and world service.

Why is it taking so long? Shouldn’t you be there by now?

You are so done with pretending and keeping it together. When all you want to do is birth your sacred medicine into this world  in a way that feels completely aligned to you.

I KNOW that leading a life that is deeply aligned to my purpose of soul inherited abundance….. is run from my heart space, done with love, compassion, kindness, power, intuition, with ease, with grace and deeply fulfilling and wildly successful.

And so do you!

We are being called to collectively birth our sacred medicine and heal our core feminine wounds of feeling shamed, demonized , and cast out.


I am boldly stepping into my own medicine with the intention to powerfully hold it for all those healers, wise women, earth mothers and mama bears, Goddess sisters , and nurturing Light Workers. All those intuitive rebels, just like me.

These last two years I have been sharing more and more of myself via video on FB and letting the world know of my medicine. But my medicine isn’t there just to know about it, it is there to powerfully transform,  transmute, and transcend lives.

It serves to uplift, support, and nurture.

It is meant to be felt and experienced by those that are meant to work in sisterhood with me.

It has been overwhelming trying to navigate through the technological aspect of it all. It has been overwhelming to find clarity in a noisy, hypee world. It has been challenging to speak my truth and walk my soul path that holds rthe container for my medicine and purpose in the world……

There are currently many, many women trying to birth their own medicine into the world the divine feminine way , all while balancing the energies of the masculine with it. That balancing act in itself seems like a huge task in a world that still very much glorifies male energies such as proving, competing, conquering, and constant striving for bigger, better, and more.

Our world needs the energy of the divine mother.

Our world is in upheaval and pain because of the imbalance between the female and male energies.

Every healer, wise woman, and medicine bearer knows this truth. And in everything they do, they act and plan from this truth and in service to the highest good of all, as well as their own.

Today I write to you….

With boldness.

Guided by intuition.

Accompanied by grace.

And in alignment with my heart, soul, and purpose.

Completely honest, transparent, and as authentically me as I can show up in this moment.

I know YOU, the one reading this, wants to learn how to empower herself when it comes to abundance and prosperity. You might even want to learn all about running a business in a heart centered way so you are no longer confused or trying to find your footing in what others are telling you you must do…. Because somehow that just feels wrong.

You know that all you need do is follow your wise voice …but yet the hype and noise of the world often drowns that wisdom out and has you doubting and hasting along with the rest of the world.

Maybe all you need is a sisterhood, a sanctuary, a tribe of like minded women. A sister mind of like minded souls.

A space of an Empowered Goddess Temple & a Sanctuary Sisterhood.

A gathering where you can recharge, regroup, be blessed by a collective power of a true tribe, to find nourishing soulutions for every area of your life ?

Ever thought of it that way?

Maybe all you need is the collective knowledge of a group and its members reflecting back to you, like a mirror, your next steps.

I know you wish to feel calm instead of anxious, knowing and able, to hold your space in the world.

I know you want to speak your truth and feel empowred in all areas of your life not just business/ career & finances.


I know you want to feel confident, clear, knowing that you can do this and you want to be seeing the proof of how your unique sacred medicine is being felt in the world.

You and I are very much the same. All those things you want, I want too.

Now if you have read this far you have most probable felt one YES! after the other. And if it wasn’t a clear YES! (yet) … still something urged you to read further.

As we have both experienced, sometimes things just take time.

And as we trust divine timing, because we know that there is a all knowing, all encompassing and wise source that just knows better, ….we carry on….in trust, faith, and a large amount of hope. Despite of everything. But even though we do, it isn’t always easy.

And although we are ‘connected’ , we often feel alone.

It can get very frustrating to put so much work into ourselves, our families, our career, our  business, generously sharing our medicine… but feeling completely depleted and drained in time, money, and energy.

I get it.

You need a space where you can continuously expand into your very own soul medicine, igniting and manifesting your soul desires, and harnessing your soul fire and energy in a way that provides ultimate flow and balance between the feminine and masculine within and without.

Maybe ‘waiting’ for alignment and perfect divine timing would be half as bad if you had a sisterhood , a sanctuary to turn to, where like minded sisters, healers, wise women, and medicine bearers gather to recharge, regroup, to mastermind, and to be blessed by the collective manifesting & healing power of a true tribe.

I sure know that I feel this way. I ache for my true tribe, the healers, wise women, and medicine women that I know are all around me.

You know, how we are all asking for that magical breakthrough? Come on, already!! Right!?

Getting visible takes YOU taking up the space to create all YOU require, desire & deserve

I believe that with a manifesting & healing circle we could amplify transformation, breakthroughs, healing, blessings, and manifesting miracles. Individually and together as a collective. And as a result see a beautiful, prosperous stream of income flowing into our life. All while we are connected to our medicine, purpose, true tribe, and gifts.

This, dear Soul Sister, is exactly why I created  the Empowered Goddess Membership to implement the necessary Sacred Self Care & Prosperity Empowerment needed to ground your dreams into prosperous reality.

Remember you and I are not so different after all.

As the healers, wise women, and powerful medicine bearers that we are, we walk the same heart centered path to manifesting our life’s harmony and beauty, maybe even spiritual careers or soul business containers.

As part of my medicine ~ being a  Sacred Self Care Muse & Prosperity Empowerment Coach to awakening women all over the world~ I have created a sacred space where we nourish our 4 bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) , heal what needs healing ,individually and collectively,  creating our prosperous reality,  (individually and collectively) , to unfold our truest potential by opening up to receive nurturing and allowing support, within  a Sanctuary Sisterhood.


And, of course, we will also be celebrating, dancing, and connecting to our pleasure and joy !  :-)))

Together we rise.

Because simply put : Together is a great place to be!

Luminously pink and sparkly kisses,


~Your Sacred Self Care Muse~


  • Nadia,

    Thank you for this beautiful article and congratulations for stepping into your Divine feminine power to support other women to heal, grow and flourish. Best of luck on your new endeavor. -Shann

    ShannOctober 23, 2015
    • Yessss!!! Thank you Shann. This so warms my heart.

      Nadia KraussOctober 24, 2015
  • A beautifully written post. You are emerging as a powerful feminine leader, Nadia! xo

    Tae LynneOctober 23, 2015
  • Bold and courageous. I love your authentic voice. I know your tribe will find you and flock to you. xoxo

    RachelOctober 23, 2015
  • Love this empowered and impassioned presentation. Beautiful, bold and fearless, just like you!!

    MinetteOctober 23, 2015
    • Mmmmmm….thank you wonderful and beautiful Minette 🙂

      Nadia KraussOctober 24, 2015
  • Inspiring and authentic. Thank you for sharing.

    Marianne SoucyOctober 23, 2015
    • It is my utmost pleasure, Marianne. Thank you for taking the time to read, comment, and share 🙂

      Nadia KraussOctober 24, 2015
  • Powerful, potent and healing. I love it. And I hear the call everywhere. My coaching clients all hear the call too. We are all, as women, being called to step up to restore balance. I applaud you! x

    Lisa FitzpatrickOctober 24, 2015
    • It makes my heart sing when I witness women hearing the call. Collectively we shine our light. Collectively we are the change! Thank you so much , Lisa 🙂

      Nadia KraussOctober 24, 2015

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