Mind Body Medicine To Cure Disconnect

‘Sometimes the very soul medicine that you need to apply is the Truth.’ ~ Nadia Shana Krauss

When women ask me what it is that I actually do at Happy Wholesome Life…

It’s not so easy for me to just wrap that up into one sentence because we work on various and multi-dimensional levels.

Basically I am a Holistic Life Coach ~ aka ‘ Your Sacred Self Care Muse’ ~ who supports women in taking care of all of their needs, wants, and desires.

I help them see through the fog of confusion and help them with getting themselves powerfully aligned when it comes to their personal energy management (spiritual ~ mental ~ emotional ~ physical ) and their resources (time ~ energy ~ money).

I empower women to help themselves so that they can be their own rescue.

‘Above all, choose to be the heroine of your life noot the victim.’ ~ Nora Ephron.

In our work together we heal core feminine wounds through SEEING ~ IDENTIFYING  & TRANSMUTING.

Women that work with me want to get real and honest with themselves.

They want to feel like the Empowered Goddess that they truly are.

They are done with hiding and are no longer prepared to play it small, so they can play it safe.

While women pride themselves with taking care of their families and loved ones, and their community contributions….

…….they are also developing an awareness for their own awakening.


I recently read a blog article on Elephant Journal that talked about the 18 ways a woman disconnects.

That was a true light bulb moment for me , because as I read the article, I realized that I could very well exchange the word wound with disconnect.

This author and I literally were talking about the same thing but we used two very different words. Like soul sisters in a circle, this article caused a conversation within me, that helped me get another perspective.

For the sake of demonstrating : Let’s just exchange the word ‘wound’ with disconnect.

But before we do that I do want you to understand that I did not use the term ‘wound’ to be horrible, cold, or off putting. I

use the term wound because it draws a picture. It draws a picture and stirs a feeling within you.

One that let’s you know how painful it is to feel disconnected.

The word stirs you up inside, shakes you a little, and lifts the fog of self denial.

It makes you think and pause for a moment and causes introspection.

That is the reason I use THAT word.

For some the word might be extreme,  but just for a moment sit with the reality, that it is the truth you actually needed to hear.

Know that everything I say is said with love and a real passion for healing.



And sometimes letting the truth be told is exactly the soul medicine that you need, at a very particular moment in time. The moment when you are READY to hear it and allow it in.

Most women in today’s world feel a disconnect of some sort with themselves.

Feeling disconnected is merely a symptom for what they require, desire, and deserve most :

  • Connection to Self
  • Connection to Body Wisdom
  • Connection to Heart’s Wishes & Desires
  • Heart to Heart Connection with Others
  • Connection to Higher Self
  • Connection to Spirit Dream Team & Guides
  • Connection to Source
  • Connection to Soul’s Purpose & Soul’s Evolution

Women may not realize fully that the disconnect  stems from them putting themselves last and putting everybody else and everything else first.

Women today try to get everything done for everybody and everything else first. They often wear the cape of ‘Superwoman’ on their shoulders, never realizing that they are running themselves ragged and NOBODY can run on empty. In their mind they will tend to their personal needs, wishes, and desires, once they have crossed off everything on their to do list.

But sadly that means never getting to the parts of her day that are truly inspiring and empowering to HER.

As women we are collectively awakening to another reality. One that is more natural and organic to the feminine way of doing things. It is a way of more balance between the awakened divine feminine and sacred masculine.

But we are also collectively waking up each morning and catapulting ourselves into the busyness of our days.

We often carry very little regard for the many ways that we disconnect from ourselves during our days.

We keep reopening the wound of disconnect, never truly giving it the attention or the time that it needs to heal.


Once you are willing to accept this truth you also begin to understand that the experience of triumph and victory often eludes us, as the way we have chosen to live depletes us of our energy, time and time again.

In this blog post I will be listing 11 ways we potentially disconnect daily.

And I am hoping that you come to see them as the festering wounds they are (ooops, excuse me, being very graphic again ;-). I am a bit of a Soul Shaker, Spirit- Stirrer, and Fog-Lifter. I AM.

We will be looking at the disconnects that  keep you stuck!

No matter how much you perform and get done, no matter how productive your days are. The disconnect leaves you feeling empty and  never feeling quite good enough nor satisfied.

It is time for me to explain to you that nagging feeling inside of you, the one which you have not been able to pinpoint until now.

My hope is that by reflecting on ourselves, letting the truth be told, we can begin to step forward doing the healing & transformational work that is necessary.

It is the healing, the honoring of the whole, and the integration of the healing into our every day lives , that will begin to transform the disconnection into a connection.

And that connection will be the seed for planting and creating your very own experience of a happy, healed, and wholesome life , making all your dreams come true.


1) Being everywhere but here!

Wound/ Disconnect –  Happiness always seems to lie in the future, in the next best thing, just around the corner. Let me ask you where is your happiness NOW?

2) Our relationship to our body!

Wound/ Disconnect –  Lack of self love and  acceptance. Lack of respect and forgiveness. Lack of connection to soul within your body.

3) No boundaries!

Wound/ Disconnect – Not knowing where we begin nor where we end. What our needs are and how to have them met.

4) Not having the necessary skillset!

 Wound/ Disconnect  – Not knowing how to nurture, nourish, and support ourselves and our well-being. Not knowing how to create physical health & happiness, mental calm, clarity & focus, emotional well-being & balance, within a fast paced lifestyle of demands and responsibilities.

5) Not understanding balance at the core!

Wound/ Disconnect –  Missing the importance of natural rhythms and organic structure. Living life unbalanced within ourselves. There is a discord between the divine feminine energies and the sacred masculine energies. One that we aren’t even aware of.


6.) Toxic Living!

Wound/ Disconnect –  A chronically stressful lifestyle. A complicated and complex life on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

7) Trying to prove our worth!

Wound/ Disconnect – Deep down not feeling enough. Not feeling worthy. And really not understanding nor knowing why this feeling is so deeply rooted.

8) Prioritizing things that truly have nothing to do with what YOU really, really, REALLY WANT!

Wound/ Disconnect – Chasing after egoic desires and accoplishments instead of connecting to soul desire, stoking soul fire, and applying soul medicine so that all parts of us can become whole and integrated. The spiritual parts, the mental parts, the emotional parts, and the physical parts Once we prioritize to our higher path and align with soul ……happy , healed, and whole-some do not lie far behind!

9) Not being mindful! – Living outside of our bodies instead of in them!

We live in a word of overstimulating environments – Internet, Email, Facebook, Skype, Cell Phones – Ironically a world where we are constantly ‘connected’ on a physical level, we are depleting ourselves in ways of a spiritual connection.

10) Being way to hard on ourselves!

Listening to the voice of fear versus the voice of love! – Giving way to much room to the bully within opposed to cultivating that strong, inner, kind and nurturing voice.

11) Not knowing how  to cultivate joy!

Too many of us are not making time for the thing that most lights us up. Why does joy get put last?  Because we are so disconnected with ourselves we don’t realize the value, the importance and the sacredness of ourselves and how necessary joy truly is to our well-being.


I hope that with this blog post you come to understand why a disconnect to self can be termed as a wound.

It’s quite simple actually, a wound you carry hurts, is painful, and festers if you do not tend to it.

That is why ~ @Happy Wholesome Life ~ it is my mission to empower women to find their very own mind body and soul medicine.

It is my mission to support women in finding and living their personal truth while healing what needs healing.

So they can make heartfelt desires manifest and begin to thrive with a personal alchemy skillset, enjoying the transformation they see unfolding.

Yes, I AM a SOULshaker, SPIRITstirrer, fogLIFTER

Modern Day Medicine Woman & Sacred Self Care Muse.



At your service.


PS. This is a webinar I created for creative souls (intuitives, sensitives, and empaths) that feel misaligned with what they want, exhausted with busyness and disconnected from their spiritual power.

My intention for it was to support you in getting yourself aligned, recharged and connected ….so that you can manifest/ magnetize effectively while rocking your superpower.

If you would like to go to the full screen version you can do so here. 

If this blog post and webinar has served you in some way and you felt the healing activation found within it I ask you to consider making a donation.

I thank you for your consideration of giving back.

Sparkly kisses,


~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse~


  • I love this article Nadia and especially learning how to cultivate joy. So important in our mind body medicine. Thank you for you insightful wisdom. Blessings

    Debra RebleApril 15, 2015
    • Thank you so much for stopping by to read and comment, Debra 🙂 I am so glad that it served you well!

      Nadia KraussApril 16, 2015
  • I like your list ~ I bet you could do a whole post on each one! Thanks for posting.

    AndreaApril 15, 2015
    • Hahaha! Andrea you are so right about this!! Maybe I should create an ebook about this. Hmmmm…!?

      Nadia KraussApril 16, 2015
  • Good idea about an eBook Nadia.

    Telling the truth is such a powerful thing when we are willing to do it in our own lives. Telling the truth can become leaving a situation that no longer is right for you, taking a leap no matter what.

    Laurie SeymourApril 16, 2015
    • Laurie, I love how you put that : “Telling the truth can become leaving a situation that no longer is right for you, taking a leap no matter what.” Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I am seriously considering writing that e-book. LOL.

      Nadia KraussApril 17, 2015

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