In the video below you see Marianne Williamson speak about her book “A course in weight loss – 21 spiritual lessons ‘

This book is inspired by a book called ‘A course in miracles’. And this is a quote that explains the essence of miracles. “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.”

Just take a moment here and feel into the power of this statement.

It is just as powerful as the question : ” If you could not fail, what is it that you would do?”

If you knew 100% that your miracle was coming would you continue, persist, and allow the truth of this?

Like I shared with you in my last blog post “Life’s Checklist” there are many goals and desires we all have.

Be it :

1.) Your ideal body – overcoming body hatred

2.) Radiant Health – overcoming disease

3.) Vibrancy & Vitality – overcoming burnout and feeling numb

4.) Your ideal career – and knowing what it is

5.) Following your calling – and knowing how to decipher it

6.) Getting an education – without being catapulted into debt

7.) Making loads of money – and having fun while doing it

8.) Finding your soul mate – best friend, lover, and companion through the adventure that is life

9.) Getting married and building a life together – being in love, with a strong foundation of harmony and understanding

10.) Being of service to others – without the self sacrifice

11.) Finding time for yourself again – after years of devoting it to others

12.) Finding yourself and your true nature – after feeling a big disconnect

13.) Finding healing, balance, nurturing, happiness, nourishment, joy, and an wholesome approach to your life – so you can flourish and prosper into anything you want to be or do here on this earth.


It does not matter what it is that you are currently pursuing. It does not matter what situation you find yourself in. And it does not matter what specific miracle you are waiting for.

All that matters is that you understand that YOU are the miracle! (Even though you might not feel like it right this moment.)

I am here to tell you that your soul purpose life and body awaits you!

Watch Marianne’s video for inspiration and ignite that soul desire, that spark of divinity within you. Find your soul medicine to activate that magic, that awe, that wonder, that amazement, and the MIRACLE THAT IS YOU!

Buy that book.

Hire that coach.

Approach that healer.

And then do the work that your heart and soul are calling you to do. You can hear it woman. I know you can. So be brave, be wise, have courage, know that you have more strength and power that you are currently aware of.

Step into your Happy Wholesome Life. The time is now!

Do it. Whatever it is you need to do. Your heart will tell you. Your intuition will guide you. And divine synchronisity will show you.

Listen. Pay attention. And then act.

Blessed be,



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