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Redefining Life ~ Love ~ Health & Success

…IN NATURAL RHYTHMS & CYCLES. Syncing with our bodies & the Body of Mother Earth. Syncing with Divine Mind & the Feminine Spirit awakening all around. Creating balance between the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine. Ushering in a new Nurturing Culture & Consciousness ” And the day came when the risk to remain tight in […]

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Happy Independance Day!

It’s the 4th of July here in the States ……and of course the rest of the world too! But for the rest of the world the 4th of July does not hold the same meaning as it does for America because of its history. The Declaration of Independence is the statement adopted by the Second Continental Congress meeting […]


Unfolding Your Rainbow Of Potential…

….And Overcoming Obstacles & Challenges Along The Way! In this article I will share with you my story so that you can find yours within it. HOW IT ALL BEGAN…. When I was 14 years young I picked up a bright blue book with bold white letters that boldly read : ULTRA HEALTH ~ the […]

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Invoking The Empowered Goddess Within & Our Monthly Temple Reflection #1

~ Connect ~ Clear ~ Contemplate ~ CONNECT In every day reality many women are craving a spiritual/emotional support system in their life. We crave meaningful conversations and deeper reflections with like minded and kindred spirits. Many women are finding womens circles and sisterhoods they feel drawn to by heart. Through Happy Wholesome Life Soulutions […]

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Soul Medicine Friday

The Beautiful  Skills, Cures & Practices My Soul Ached For Brought About Divine Balance Within Me I would like to start this blog post by quoting another (Shamangelic Healing with Anahata Ananda)  because the wisdom presented in it serves as the foundational Soul Medicine in this article. ” The Healthy Divine Feminine offers tenderness, wisdom, patience, […]


Stepping Into Your Power As A Woman

BY UNDERSTANDING YOUR PERSONALITY & SOUL LEVEL  BLUEPRINTS In this blog post I am sharing my process…. & am introducing myself (in case you do not know me yet) . I share my own intentions and desires through my own Sacred Alignment… …which supports me in creating all I require, desire & deserve. MAY THIS […]


Empowered Goddess Temple Conversations #1

~ FEEDING THE CURE VERSUS THE CAUSE ~ In this blog post I share with you snippets of this past week’s empowering & inspiring conversations that go on within the Happy Wholesome Life’s Membership Program.   The view this morning, as I get ready to put together the weekly digest email for the Empowered Goddess […]

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What Better Way To Harness Your Soul Fire To Manifest Your Soul Desires …

THEN THROUGH RADIANT SELF~LOVE LEADERSHIP ? I don’t think that there is a better way quite honestly. And that is what this blog post is about to show you. This is the sacred space I created to anchor ✨💖RADIANT SELF~LOVE LEADERSHIP 💖✨today! I am holding this space of self~love in a beautiful container as an […]

Pink roses, stars and transparent  butterflies

Your Full Moon (Sun in Leo) /Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius Flow Video Series

THE ENERGETICS OF THIS FULL MOON : RE~INVENTING YOURSELF ON ALL LEVELS THROUGH SELF~LOVE LEADERSHIP Is it time to let go of the old so you can welcome in the new? Is it time to listen to your heart. higher self and soul calling you ? Within this blog post you will find inspiration, empowerment, […]

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Shift Into Abundance Process

SUPPORTED BY THE ENERGY OF THE 8~8 LION’S GATE When I was around 11/12 years of age my dad introduced me to the law of attraction, positive thinking, past lives, karma, ascension, and the idea that the human race will shift themselves into a new paradigm through spiritual awareness & awakening. 30 years later I am […]