New Moon & Full Moon Magic

I first heard of manifesting , or should I say living in harmony with the moon cycles, back in 2006. Back then it just felt like an ‘interesting concept’. Something to give a try to boost my wellness.

Today on this beautiful Soul Desire Monday I found myself writing this blog post in awe of how natural and organic living and manifesting with the moon cycles has become for me and I really wanted to share it with you.

But before we go into how to use the new moon window for setting conscious intentions & the full moon to release and let go of what no longer serves us, I would like to share my motivation as to why I was so intrigued by this ‘concept’ in the first place.

You see, as women we have this innate, intuitive knowing about natural rhythms and cycles. We know that everything in nature follows rhythms and cycles. Even the babies that are born in our bellies follow this very natural principle. But we live in a world that is getting continuously more fast paced and is very much driven by the masculine principles of bigger, better, faster, higher. We as women have begun to loose our innate, feminine wisdom about natural rhythms and cycles. And it is beginning to show in our wellbeing and health.

That was me back in 2006, after my first burnout and the first business I had built. Back then I did not know what I know today : I was functioning in man mode! So I guess it was natural to be drawn to the very Soul Medicine my feminine spirit was craving. I did not understand it (yet) but it was just so mesmerizing and intriguing to me that I had to learn more about it.

It took many years to create a life where I could begin to honor natural rhythms and cycles again and now that I do, quite frankly, I cannot imagine living any other way. It has become very natural to pause with the new moon to set my intention and stop with the full moon to fully release what no longer serves me.

Let’s take it just one step further : there is a moon cycle happening outside of us which we can witness looking up into the night sky AND there is also a moon cycle happening within us, within our sacred body temples, for us to witness itrospective phases, dynamic phases, expressive phases, and creative phases.

Every menstruation we physically release through our bodies what no longer serves its purpose.

At this point I would like to highly recommend you get Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Super Powers and Create a Bloody Amazing Life. Period. by Lisa Lister. And read it!

It will powerfully transform your relationship with feminine self, your body, the moon : inside and out!



The full moon is a time to release what no longer serves you, or what you no longer need in your life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.

A full moon ritual involves taking one solid step with a symbolic gesture. It can be a powerful time to release, let go, and surrender. You celebrate your emmergence by stepping out of an old skin, behaviour, situation, thoughtform, or relationship. Purification using elements are often either fire or water or both.

One idea : Write down what you are releasing on a piece of paper and then burn it.

Another idea : Take a bath in Epsom Salts and vizualize the release, the letting go, the surrender to something greater, better, and blessed…seeping out of your body. Once done taking the bath, watch it all go down the drain, and feel yourself cleansed starting anew.


The new moon, the very first crescent you see in the sky, is a time of renewal. A powerful time to set your intentions for what you want to ‘bring in’ to your life. There is a sense of re-charging and an energy of new possibilities.

More about new moon rituals and how they positively influence  you in your life here.

Sparkly kisses,


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  • Nadia, as another woman who walks mindful of the Moon and her cycles, I am grateful for you and for this post. Thanks for adding this to my lexicon: introspective phases, dynamic phases, expressive phases, and creative phases.

    Blessed be!

    • Sue it’s from the book. Lisa Lister explains it beautifully. I highly recommend you get the book 🙂

      Nadia KraussJanuary 28, 2016
  • Nadia, I always appreciate the optimism and energy in your posts… and this one is no exception. Thanks!

    AndreaJanuary 27, 2016
    • Thank you so much for the comment love lovely Andrea. Thank you for stopping by Happy Wholesome Life 🙂

      Nadia KraussJanuary 28, 2016
  • I love the moon and have always been attracted to its energy. Thanks so much for your post and the recommendations for release and renewal. Beautifully written! xo

    Sheila CallahamJanuary 28, 2016
  • Wondrous and wonderful, thank you.

    DeniseJanuary 28, 2016
  • Love this post Nadia Im fascinated with the moon it always looks so beautiful and its no wonder that we as women are drawn to it.

    MelanieJanuary 28, 2016
  • I have a love relationship with the moon but after reading your post have the feeling I don’t honor my own cycles enough. Thanks so much for such a insightful and thought-provoking read.

    JuliaJanuary 29, 2016
  • Nadia, I love how you have integrated the lunar cycles into your being. And I read about the moon rituals with fascination. When I was a student of a spiritual master we used to do full moon meditations. It was not a ‘release’ just an intensification of our spiritual practice. It was quite magical. I wish my teacher was still here to speak more about the significance of the moon and its cycles. Love & blessings, Reba

    Reba LinkerJanuary 31, 2016
  • Thanks Nadia! I love setting intentions by the new moon.

    LeeAnne GfroererFebruary 8, 2016

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