Is It Really That Wise To Be Thinking Positive All The Time ?

These days it seems like everybody is talking about MANIFESTING, ABUNDANCE, MIND SET and WEALTH. Doesn’t it?

Of course it all depends on where you hang out. In which circles.

At least in the online world of personal development, entrepreneurs and trailblazing goddesses that are creating ALL they require , desire and deserve, we have come a long way as a collective.


Have you ever noticed how words that are used often by a collective of people can start to sound hypeee, shallow , and can potentially be loosing depth and meaning to those looking in from the outside.

Let me use the weight loss world as an example since that industry has been around for all of us at some point in life:

  • If it were only about eating right and exercising….wouldn’t we all be fit, strong, and thin?
  • We all know by now that they are many levels to consider.
  • For some it might be that easy. But for the majority of people it isn’t. Have you ever asked yourself why that is the case ?
  • Let me tell you ….
  • WE ARE MULTI DIMENSIONAL BEINGS ( A soul having a human experience)

Now let me take it to the new trend, hype, and industry of personal development and transformational coaching.

In the last years this industry has EXPLODED ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB.

And the same goes for manifesting….’The Secret’ …..the law of attraction….the law of vibration.

There are many healing and manifesting modalities out there that can cause overwhelm :

  • If it were only about ‘thinking the right way’…
  • …’connecting to your soul inherited abundance and wealth’…
  • …’knowing that we are the powerful creator of our own reality’
  • Wouldn’t we ALL be happy, healthy, healed & wealthy by now?

You would think so right?

NOW WE GET TO THE ILLUMINATING TRUTH about all of this : it takes a permanent vibrational shift which in turn takes time and practice (just like a body make over)

….it’s really not about thinking positive all the time but rather about navigating through our humanness by connection to our own divinity.

A shallow approach (quick fix magic pill) in the area of conscious manifesting bears a vicious cycle in itself :

  • Not seeing things for what they truly are
  • Living in denial
  • Fooling yourself
  • Staying stuck and not understanding why this is happening since you are ‘doing everything right’ to your knowing.

Really think about the current ‘positive thinking trend’ and industry. What is it REALLY about?

  • Is it possibly about awakening to yourself on soul level ?
  • Is it truly about unveiling the misconception you hold about yourself, your relationships, your circumstances, and the world in its current state.
  • Is it inviting you into the deeper space of mind set? Is it asking you to connect to your  divine consciousness?
  • Is it really about opening up to all the good, prosperous, and abundant opportunities waiting for you, inviting you to truly start living as the powerful and bright light that you are?


Now let’s make it practical. It’s truly not about buzz words.

  • It’s about grounding, and a very real, doable approach. How do you reach any worthwhile goal in life ? Change.
  • It’s about building your relationship with self and others. What serves you on your path? What helps you create your desired outcome and what does not?
  • It’s about breathing through the difficult times with emotional majurity. Diving deep to unlock your feeling guidance and connection to higher self.
  • It’s about illumination, awakening to your passion, power, and potential.
  • It’s about expressing your essence.

It is the powerful process and joyful journey of creating ALL you require, desire, and deserve.

This journey  shifts your life one moment at a time in the present moment and will touch life all around you.

And as one light lights up another, we SHIFT THE WORLD together !

” Is it really wise to constantly make yourself feel positive ? ”

And is that even possible or natural?

Brew yourself a cup of tea or make yourself your favorite drink. Reward yourself with some ME TIME.

Watch the video.

Stop. Slow down. And allow yourself to listen.

Sparkly Kisses,


~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Prosperity Empowerment Coach ~



  • Very thoughtful,Nadia. I like the depth of your work. Lovely video work, as well. We were in Michelle White Hart’s 30 day Video Challenge -seems like a long time ago!

    ColleenMay 26, 2016

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