How To Ground Your Dreams Into Prosperous Reality

Can you be grounded powerfully in taking action AND also be feeling nurtured, nourished, and full?

Yes, you can!

Can you create a deeply satisfying life experience?

Yes, you can!

Is it really possible to live a life of infinite possibility and choice?

Yes, it is.

Is is possible to create abundance in every area of life?

Yes, it is.

Well, then how do I ground my dreams and desires into this kind of prosperous reality?

Lifestyle Surgery

1 ~ Passion gets you started.

2 ~ Desire gets you taking action.

3 ~ Free will keeps you moving.

4 ~ Rejoicing and re-choice-ing keeps you taking empowered action towards your desired outcome.

5 ~ Alignment with your desired outcome , and the BEING while doing,  activates your abundance magnetism.

6 ~ Signs of land (Synchronisity) show you the powerful force that you are.

7 ~ Embodying  your conscious manifestation your life becomes an authentic expression of self-love .

….. which is deeply, deeply satisfying.


The most powerful action you can take during this new moon window (January 8-10) is to create a grounded plan for 2016 and do a personal activation ceremony to anchor your plan!

Did you know that the feminine spirit (and body) is powerfully supported by moon cycles?

Have you ever considered using the moon cycles to manifest consciously in 28 day cycles?

It’s a beautiful Sacred Self Care Practice and rhythm that balances the feminine and masculine essence within you WHILE you are powerfully and quickly manifesting your desires.

This is exactly why I will be supporting you with LIVE! broadcasts around the new moon window, as well as online LIVE! Events during the full moon.

EXCITING NEWS!  I know <wink, wink >

If you would like to get notified about LIVE! Broadcasts & LIVE! online events sign up here.


Watch the Live! Broadcast Replay in which I explain how the current cosmic energies ( ‘New Moon passed -1-11- and Mercury Retrograde’ ) can support your Sacred Self Care Practice & Conscious Manifesting !

Much love and sparkly kisses,





  • This is perfectly timed, one of my goals for 2016 is to learn about working with the moon cycles. Signed up and thank you!!!

    RachelJanuary 13, 2016
  • Love this! I can hear your voice cheering away! Thanks for the lovely words of encouragement!

    Natasha BotkinJanuary 13, 2016
    • I love that you are hearing my voice cheer you on 🙂

      Nadia KraussJanuary 24, 2016
  • Nadia, I love your questions and 7 steps to creating a deeply satisfying life! Just signed up…I look forward to learning more about manifesting with the moon:)

    PamelaJanuary 13, 2016
    • Yay! How wonderful 🙂 Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you at the events !

      Nadia KraussJanuary 24, 2016
  • I Love this Nadia – “4 ~ Rejoicing and re-choice-ing keeps you taking empowered action towards your desired outcome.” BAM!!

    PeggyJanuary 14, 2016
  • I love the term “re-choicing” – such a powerful reminder we always have the power to choose differently!

    Kat TozierJanuary 28, 2016

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