Radiant Self~Love Leadership New Moon Flow Series

Hello ūüôā my name is Nadia from Happy Wholesome Life where I work as a Sacred Self Care Muse & Prosperity Empowerment Coach who walks the priestess path.

Due to my dedication to walk the priestess path in my life AND business I am very close to Mother Nature, the elements & natural rhythms and cycles.

I started this new moon/ full moon flow series over on my FB page back in July 2016,  to support you in setting your intentions and releasing that which no longer serves you, but also to bring you closer to your priestess/goddess within, natural rhythms and cycles of the earth , so you can embrace conscious manifesting for your highest good and the good of all involved.

Since then these New Moon & Full Moon Flow Video Series have evolved into the Empowered Goddess Temple Membership Program and I do these types of energy readings & forecasts within the temple.

But I did just start to offer a complimentary ~ Soul Medicine Live Stream Show with Your Sacred Self Care Muse ~ on my Happy Wholesome Life FB page to replace the moon flow video series because I desire to continue building relationship with you and offering something of relevant value to you.

Today, on Soul Medicine Friday, I share the entire New Moon Flow Video Series with you here on my blog which was created in the archetype of Leo and is all about getting visible and show up center stage  in your own life (and business/ career) .

I imagine us sitting together in sacred circle of sisterhood, laughing, celebrating the Goddess rising within us and dancing to express our joy!

I want you to know that whenever we come together in circle, as women changing our ‘her-story’ , we send out waves of healing into our bodies, our wombs, and into Mother Earth.

Watching this new moon flow series will potentially be a delicious multi dimensional experience for you!

No matter at what time you watch this or in which moon cycle. As the archetypes of the zodiac signs live beyond time and space ….I do completely trust that you will find this blog post in perfect divine timing and orchestration via the law of resonance.

If you need to hear this it will find you.

4 A new story


The Law Of Attraction & The 3 Levels Of Conscious Manifesting

PART 1 :

During the week of Lughnasad, take a look around your life and notice where integration and the blessing of transformation may be showing up for you. Be sure to give thanks, celebrate the bounty of your harvest, and work with this powerful window to enhance your creations. ~ Lisa Michaels, Create Your Dynamic Year 2016

This new moon asks you to step fully into your radiance and the center stage of your life. It calls for you to pay attention to where you can liberally apply more self~love and creativity to enliven your life. Leo wants you to have a good time being all you can be and fully expressing your essence. ~ Lisa Michaels, Create Your Dynamic Year 2016


In this video I immerse you into the energy of natural rhythms and cycles & radiant self love leadership.

PART 2 :

Feminine Awakening 

  • Nurturing, nourishment, support.
  • Connecting to your foundation of humble & heartfelt gratitude
  • Radiant self ~ love leadership
  • What are your basic needs, wants, and desires

PART 3 : 

How To Differentiate Your Ego Voice From Your Soul Voice

Much love and sparkly kisses,

Blessings from my heart to yours.

3 True Nature

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