Unfolding Your Rainbow Of Potential…

….And Overcoming Obstacles & Challenges Along The Way!

In this article I will share with you my story so that you can find yours within it.


When I was 14 years young I picked up a bright blue book with bold white letters that boldly read :

ULTRA HEALTH ~ the positive way to vitality and good looks.

The first paragraph of the first chapter had me captivated and glued to the pages through questions that really, really, REALLY had me intrigued and I passionately desired answers to.

The Master Game ~ Did you ever wonder what it was like to feel great most of the time? To awaken in the mornings looking forward to each day ? To work hard but have plenty of energy to spare at the end of the day to play? To look terrific and to feel good about yourself and your life. To know you have everything you need to meet whatever challenge you may face? Sounds like a utopian dream? It’s not. It is something within your grasp – something called ultrahealth.” ~ Leslie Kenton

Throughout my life ( I am turning 42 this year) I learned that DISCOVERING UTOPIA really meant unfolding my divine potential and that when you open up to your soulinherited abundance & wealth it will take you on a bold adventure of self-discovery & MASTERY.

You see, our Soul Blueprint came with gifts, superpowers, challenges & shadow aspects of Self. And if we get stuck in our challenges and shadow aspects of Self we never really get to the good stuff : our MIGHTY POTENTIAL.

Once we tap into our vast potential as divine human beings (connected to our personal & spiritual power) there is no stopping us!

We will be able to, individually and collectively,  create heaven on earth.

If we choose to do so.

Utopia of new paradigm , consciousness & divine potential awaits us!


It took me 26 years (and many life times) to figure myself out!

From age 14 to 40 I seemingly found myself in a deep slumber of having forgotten my true nature.

Remembering and awakening to my true love & power seemed like an immense struggle.

But now that I have walked though the fire of transformation….transcending & transmuting energetic and vibrational habits that no longer served me…. I LIVE TO TELL THE STORY OF MY ADVENTURE!

So gather around the fire, grap your blanket and cup of hot deliciousness and let’s go visit my timeline together, shall we?

  • Germany, Stuttgart, 11 years ~ catalyst moment : You can if you think you can, the book, handed to me by my father and the first step to unfolding my full potential.
  • South Africa, Cape Town, 14 years ~ catalyst moment : Ultra Health, the book.
  • Germany, Pirmasens, 18 years ~ catalyst moment : Meeting my beloved and fulfilling a Soul Contract where we both agreed to fulfill our full potential of LOVE as a couple within the Sacred Union.
  • Germany, Pirmasens, 24 years ~ catalyst moment : Stepping into self-employment with my own little fitness group training studio, “Fitness for Body & Soul” , following the calling of my Soul.
  • Germany, Kaiserslautern, 28 years ~ catalyst moment : My first burnout, 30 pound weight gain, metabolic syndrom, symptoms of Diabetes 2.
  • Germany, Cologne, 30 years ~ catalyst moment : Going back to school to get my diploma in holistic wellness coaching, to heal myself and others, releasing all the weight and stabilizing my biochemistry.
  • Germany, Kaiserslautern, 35 years ~ catalyst moment : My second burnout, 20 pound weight gain, major back problems, lumbago, falling into a very dark place.
  • Germany, Frankfurt, 11.11.11, 36 years ~ catalyst moment : Leaving Germany with my beloved , having sold everything we own, to go live and work on a cruise ship.
  • Miami, USA, 11.12.11, 36 years , starting from scratch ~ catalyst moment : Boarding the Liberty of the Seas to be a crew member as Sports Staff, for 2 years and 3 contracts.
  • Germany, Saarbruecken, 39 years ~ catalyst moment : returning to “limbo land” and going through the green card process.
  • Miami, USA, 40 years ~ catalyst moment : Finally arriving in the States to be reunited with my beloved.


And then the journey of UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING ~ Me, Myself & I ~ began : In America!


Sacred Union


And while your life, your timeline , and your life experiences look vastly different than mine and are YOUnique to you, I trust that the systems and resources that have helped me overcome my challenges & obstacles…. to see and realize my vast potential of gifts and superpowers….will help you do the same!


  1. After my second burnout : ‘Prosperity Through The Chakras’ helped me see clearly and I was able to understand.
  2. On ship as crew member : ‘Wired For Joy’ rewired my chronically stressed self back to my Joyous Self.
  3. Arriving in America : ‘Rock Your Feminine Types’ ~ ‘Goddess Archetypes’ ~ ‘Soul Alignment Magic’ & ‘Akashic Record Clearings’ …..inspired, uplifted, and empowered me with a strength that came from within after I rekindled my Soul CONNECTION.
  4. Adjusting to life in America : ‘WHOLE Detox’ ~ Chakra Work ~ Unfolding my rainbow of potential.

Flow versus blocks

“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” ~ Anais Nin

The more Soul Alignment you create within yourSelf & your life, the more you will come alive with potent and powerful (Soul ) potential and opportunity to feel vibrant, joyous, passionate , and energetic, most of the time.

If you do things in alignment with your heart and soul things feel easy, light, and are always accompanied by a quality of ease and grace.

Now I understand that we have not been taught to live this way, as divinely awakened human beings. I understand that you might not have anyone in your family or current circle of friends that you could go to for support or to have a meaningful conversation about your very real challenges & current obstacles presenting themselves.

You might even have had people tell you that your inner vision of how life ought to be is “idealistic & romantic”.

Like idealism and romance are a bad thing to require, desire , and deserve!?

That is why I created Happy Wholesome Life Soulutions & the Empowered Goddess Temple Community & Membership Program where I feature all of the modalities, tools & resources that have helped me move from burnt out to filled up on every level.

Maybe you been looking for a collective of like minded women, a sisterhood to love and support you on this journey of personal growth & transformation?

A community that supports the feminine spirit and Her power.

The Empowered Goddess Temple Community might be the perfect match for YOU!

In love & power we stand.


~ Sacred Self Care Muse & Temple Sister ~

PS .

More info on our virtual Empowered Goddess Temple here.

Apply for membership today! Meet & greet with me 🙂


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