Let’s Rock YOU!

First go ahead and watch the video, then take the Rock Your Feminine Type Quiz !

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“When a personality comes fully to serve its soul, that is authentic empowerment.” ~ Gary Zukov


This is what a RockYOU! Session will entail for you :

Discover Your Unique Feminine Power through the Feminine Type Success System

  1. You receive the book “Rock Your Feminine Type to Rock Your Business”
  2. A 1 hour Power Personality Powow that will shine light on your feminine genius, your biztype, your superpowers, your shadow and your highest business potential
  3. Understand what makes you UNIQUE so that you can ACCESS ALL OF YOU. Let  ROCKing YOU become your new reality!


This is what other women have experienced during and after the typing session with Nadia :


Our typing session was fabulous!

Taking an honest look at how my personality influences and can transform my business for the better was both eye-opening and empowering. Recognizing how the challenges of my type play through both the big and small picture of my business was extremely helpful. The practical information and feedback that you gave as well as recommendations going forward helped me to pinpoint areas that need attention as well as provide clarity and vision. Thank you so much Nadia!

Your big heart and ability to relate on a soul level really went above and beyond any business coaching I have received to date. Anyone who feels the call to work with you will find it a valuable experience on all levels. Thanks again!

Brandy Schuster ~ www.feedyourspiritcoaching.com


To add to my testimonial, I wanted to personally say that I am still processing everything that we talked about and so much more information is coming from it .

Talking with you about it all really put things on my radar and in my focus. There are some other things that really helped and stood out but I wanted to share how I am still learning from our talk and its 3 hours later!

This must be what it’s like to have a true soul-catalyzing conversation!



Before doing the Rock your Feminine type session with Nadia I was questioning myself (in the world of online business) and if how I was doing things were in alignment.

After our session I realized a lot of things about myself and that I actually was right on point with my feminine type. It was such a good confirmation and empowered me to continue on this path.

What was new to me is that there also is a shadow aspect of a personality type. It made so much sense and was such an unexpected AHA! I really did not expect that this could be blocking me in business.

It was a huge shift for me! I love how I find myself in the Seeker/Success Girl. With the ability to access the superpowers of the other types when needed. What a beautiful thing to know and understand.

Leimomi Kelliikuli ~ www.beingalohi.com



 Thank you Nadia for our Rock Your Feminine Type Session.
I loved learning about my strength and how to utilize it in my business as well as getting to know my shadow side and not be afraid of it. Knowing my feminine type in business is new to me but it helped me understand things better and make decisions easier. You have such a wonderful and nurturing way of communicating.
I loved learning from your experience as well. It helped me a lot knowing I am not alone on this journey. I am still processing everything we talked about and I am taking in your wonderful and wise words of advice. I know that going forward with my business and applying everything we talked about will only add to my success.  

Rodica Lamuth ~ San Francisco California ~ Health Coaching


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