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…. Connecting You To Your Potential!

Today on Monday June 20th it is Summer Solstice and a Full Moon on the same day. This does not happen offen and it brings tons of potency to nurture and expand your desires. The summer solstice is a time to evaluate your progress and what is needed in your life for successful harvest to come.

As you consciously connect and manifest through your Sacred Self Care Practice ~ spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically ~ your circumstances, opportunities, and your desires will ripen around you.

Back in 2006 I bought my very first moon wisdom book but it wasn’t until I integrated a Sacred Self Care Practice based on the moon cycles, astrological year, yin & yang, the wheel of the year, and general natural rhythms and cycles, that I began integrating moon wisdom into my life and being.


Moments in time now become a celebration and appreciation of life itself as the powerful creator that I am.

The new moon invites me to set my intention for the upcoming creation cycle. The full moon invites me to look at what I need to release in my life for my intention to manifest. Astrology supports me in my understanding of “As above, so below.”

Living this way I have come to realize that ALL IS ONE.

I am always in awe and full of wonder when I read the latest astrology moon report. It really is quite magical and amazing how these energy reports always depict what I am currently experiencing and going through. Everything happening around me is always personal and collective at the same time. We are moving forward as ONE but in unique expressions of that oneness.

Today I invite you…

…to begin a Sacred Self Care Practice in tune with natural rhythms and cycles of our Mother Earth.

Becoming a conscious creator of your own happy, wholesome, abundant, life experience in this way is deliciously satisfying and provides you with instant gratification through the POWER OF NOW and this very moment.

You can shift yourself through awareness and a new choice from moment to moment and throughout your days.




Through love, appreciation , and going with divine flow.


Think back to Winter Solstice (21st December 2015) and track how far you have come since then.

What was great?

What was hard ?

And what have you learned?

How have you grown?

Honor your progress and celebrate your success from the perspective of your eternal self (higher self). Watch out for your biographical/ temperate self ‘talking trash in your head’ (is that REALLY the truth?). Often EGO likes to repeat  the same old boring story like a tape on a loop. Loving the drama of it all.

Time to change the tape. Time to rewrite the story, don’t you think!?


You absolutely have this power.

Let this powerful and potent Summer Solstice/Full Moon be the first day of the rest of your life.

Here are some wonderful ways to celebrate today :

  • Go spend time out in nature, in the sun, maybe even close to the water. Immerse yourself in the energy of summer!
  • And honor our abundant and beautiful Earth Mother and how she blesses us.
  • Find ways to feel and express your passion, vibrancy, and zest for life.
  • Create a ceremony around fulfillment and manifestation. Heartfelt gratitude is the simplest way to begin and anchor fulfilment.
  • Dance, dance, dance!
  • Enjoy summer fruit such as watermelon, tomatoes, zucchini, and herbs such as basil or chives or whatever favorite you have.
  • Acknowledge all that is and all that you want to grow in your life. Acknowledge what already is prospering, blossoming, and thriving.
  • Notice what is ripening and almost ready for harvest.
  • Heat up your conscious manifestation with sun and light. Refresh your personal energy with water. Clear, clean, and flowing internal waters (emotions) are very magnetic to all that you require, desire , and deserve.

Utilize and harness, take advantage of this powerful energy TODAY and celebrate your life TODAY and ALL you have accomplished. Stay focused on the positive and on more and more doors opening for you. Focus on the potential instead of obsessing in fear, resistance, judgement or negativity.

What you put your energy and focus on will grow in this fertile time.

Be sure that you align yourself with what it is you require and desire. Allow yourself to be supported, nourished, and nurtured by your community, your surroundings , Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Be willing to receive all the positive energy that is available to you at this time.

Release what you are leaving behind you through fire. (You can write a list and ceremonially burn the piece of paper in a fire pot).

Welcome that which is new, fertile, and rich with possibilities into your life.

What will it be?

What do you choose?

Sparkly kisses,


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Unfold your potential through nourishment, nurturing, and support.


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~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse ~

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