Sacred Self Care Practice

Health is so much more than just the absence of dis – ease!

And why does self care only catch our attention when we lose our energy, are burnt out, or sick?

Sadly our current global culture and society does not provide much information to what health actually is. And the focus isn’t much on prevention either but rather ‘fixing’.

Yes, there is a lot of talk about fitness, wellness, healthy nutrition, lifestyle etc.

But what is health?

What is radiance?

What entails effective health care and what is a sacred self care practice?

How can we stop defining it all just as the ‘absence of dis – ease’ and start balancing and healing the unbalanced and unwell ?

Step 1 :

Beginning to understand that there is more to the physical body than meets the eye. Being healthy – radiantly healthy for that matter – reaping all of life’s rewards and blessings –  does not only involve physical health & happiness, but also emotional balance & wellbeing, mental calm, clarity & focus, spiritual connection & awakening.

Step 2 :

Let’s understand these 4 bodies holistically. Holistic meaning that there is an emphasis on the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. You have a spiritual body, a mental body, an emotional body and a physical body – that is your body as a whole. All 4 bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) need to be healthy to truly understand what Radiance means.

Balanced and healthy bodies will help you to access all of  life’s sweetest fruit : sanctuary, authenticity, vibrancy, integrity, intimacy, spirituality and freedom. In 4 Body Health you understand and see yourself as a powerful, multi dimensional being and creator of your life experience. In 4 Body Health you are not the victim but the victor.

Step 3 :

Understanding what healthy versus unhealthy actually means on all 4 levels of being.

A healthy spiritual body entails intention,  intuition, honesty, faith, hope, belief, trust, abundance, receptivity, meditation, prayer, joy, bliss, compassion, unconditional love, non- judgement, self – love.

An unhealthy spiritual body  shows disharmony, irritability, loneliness, lack of trust, fear, unforgiveness, blame, victimization, lying, lack of faith and hope, lethargy, lost sense of self, loathing, judgemental , lack of self-love and unconditional love.

A healthy mental body is harmonious, clear-intentioned, focused, able to concentrate, calm, serene, receptive, observant, disciplined, nonjudgemental, noncritical, intuitive, wise, intelligent, still, silent, positive, in tune with divine will, centered, internal, quiet, peaceful, happy.

An unhealthy mental body is disharmonious, overreactive, controlling, nervous, egotistical, overanalytical, judgemental, critical, dramatic, chaotic, restless, foolish, arrogant, narcisstic.

A healthy emotional body expands and contracts with energy and breath. It is not stuck on the default button of chronic stress in the brain. A healthy emotional body is self-reliant, clean, flexible, durable, non judgemental, transparent, active, in tune with emotions, aware and expressive, willing to heal.

An unhealthy emotional body is burdened by heaviness, pent up emotions, addiction, abuse, codependency, reactivity, suppression, numbness and victimhood.

A healthy physical body is balanced, supple yet strong, flexible yet firm, energetic, strong immune system, stamina, self – generator of energy, vitality, strong presence, radiates beauty inside and out, full range of motion, rehabilitative, vibrant and self – healing in homeostasis (relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements)

Un unhealthy physical body is stagnant, has no vitality, is sick, dis – eased, reactive, suppressed, numb and stuck in victimhood.

Step 4 :

Introducing a new paradigm and understanding of 4 Body Health by integrating and implementing  a holistic approach to a Sacred Self Care Practice :

Spiritually allow yourself to grow and evolve into your true nature of love, kindness and joy.

Mentally learn the discipline of silence and stillness in your life.

Emotionally give yourself permission to feel.

Physically grow a foundation of strength and suppleness, get in touch with your own body intelligence and wisdom, build a loving relationship with your body, honor your temple.

The beauty of understanding health in this way is that as you learn to take care of yourself on all 4 levels, you will develop daily ritual and routine, which will evolve into your mind, body, spirit connection. Your soul will begin to shine in your body. And that shine will be your Radiant Health.

Now what excites me even more is looking at the connection between the law of attraction and the radiant health of your 4 bodies. Go back to reading the healthy state of each body. Now imagine yourself feeling like that every single day, most of your time. What would that mean for you when like attracts like, what you focus on expands, and birds of the same feather flock together. Just connect to the grandness and beauty of that for a moment.

Be the Change.

Be radiantly healthy!

Nourish your body, feed your spirit, and nurture your dreams!

Make it all come true for you!

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Sparkly kisses for you,


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