Sanctuary Sundays With My Love

I am a very firm believer that a Sunday well spent will bring a week of content! And by a “Sunday well spent” I really don’t mean crazy action and super busyness.

Let me explain…


You see, I am originally from Germany where on Sundays everything shuts down, except your occasional gas station.

I also remember hubby more than 20 years ago arriving in Germany with the US military and thinking to himself “What kind of bullshit country is this!? What the ….fill in the blanks ūüėČ ”

But hubby learned to love this German tradition, and the German way of living,¬†over the years when he was¬†living in Germany. He got used to the fact that Germans will not tolerate you mowing the lawn on Sundays as it is meant as your day of rest. And you can’t be making a noise out in your garden while others are trying to rest.

He also got used to the fact that you really needed to make sure to get all your shopping done by 4 pm on a Saturday because everything would be closed the next day. (The stores actually have extended opening times over the last years…..first extended to 6pm….then 8 pm….and now some stores are even open until 10pm on Saturdays.¬†But it is not the norm. It¬†really all depends where you live. Small or big city will make a difference)

So he got used to it and really started loving our ‘lazy, stay at home, wearing our PJ’s all day, doing whatever we want, kind of Sundays.’

Then when we started working on cruise ships we lost our sundays as we worked 7 days a week for 7 months straight. But what we actually¬†started doing was¬†to create that kind of Sanctuary in our little ship’s cabin whenever we had some time off together. It mostly was only ever 4 to 6 hours at a stretch…..but at some point we started calling those days our Sanctuary Sundays, no matter what day of the week it was.


These moments of quiet, calm, stillness, and restoring, became so very important to us. Even if it was just watching a comedy that would make us laugh. It was the hanging out together in our own space and energy, leaving the hubbub of the world (and cruiseship) behind us , that embodied the sanctuary part.

Now we are back on land, no longer working on ships. But we also no longer live in Germany. We¬†have moved to the states. And it really¬† wasn’t easy for us. Be it the green card process ordeal or starting a completely new life at age 39 in a country that really seemed foreign. Even to my American husband. We both were taken aback by culture shock. We really could not deal with the fact that the people around us seemed to be chronically stressed and¬†in overdrive never ever seeming to slow down.¬†We¬†were struggling with getting used to a¬†country that does not collectively close all stores on a Sunday. Yes, even hubby – the American who first cursed at Germany’s opening hours – missed the quality of our Sanctuary Sundays and stores actually shutting down (which in turn just forces people to slow down).

We needed to adapt in a way that would serve us. And I think we have done¬†quite well for ourselves. Every day in every way we are getting better and better ūüôā Today I just wanted to let you know why I call my weekly newsletter ‘Nadia’s Sanctuary Sunday’ and why I sent it out to you on a Sunday.

‘Sanctuary Sundays’ are our way of keeping that German tradition alive within us. It is a reminder to myself and us to just slow down and take a day of rest staying at home and going absolutely nowhere. A whole day. Yup, really! One. Whole. Day.

I stay there in my Pj’s all day long doing whatever pleases me. It even goes as far as hubby and I doing it together, planning for¬†it, getting all our shopping done before Sunday, just like we did in Germany.¬†Sanctuary Sundays infuse me/us with the experience that my/our Sunday well spent brings¬†a week of content. It truly does. It is a game changer.

My weekly¬†edition of¬†‘Nadia’s Sanctuary Sunday’ ¬†(now called Sacred Self Care MuseLetter ) will not only be the bearer of ignited Soul Desire, continuous Soul Fire, and applied Soul Medicine, it will also invite you¬†to consciously create your¬†¬†‘Sanctuary Sunday’ space no matter what day of the week it is (like we did on ship).

Maybe it will inspire you to change your routine around Sundays…. Maybe not….

Either way it is¬†an invitation to just sit back, get comfy with your laptop and a hot cup of something delicious….and read all about this week’s inspirational story –¬†or book recommended – or true real life success story shared – or the latest mind- body- medicine connection made.

It is my invitation for you to just for a moment РStop. Slow Down. Breathe. And listen.

Take the time to open your heart…..

Breathe. Relax. Allow. Enjoy.

And see what wisdom your heart and Sanctuary Sunday whispers to you.

Blessed be,


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See you on the other side ūüėČ



  • I like it, and wish many people who read this will truly just do a day of nothing, to find oneself as the saying goes.

    I love that Sundays everything is closed here in Germany, as a matter of fact I sat by my window watching couples walking pushing prams and the older generations with their walking sticks, (dont know the name) doing some brisk walking. Some had a box of cake and off to have coffee with family or friends. It was a sunny day too.

    Much love

    Jamiela BraunFebruary 22, 2015
    • Mum, I have very fond memories of ‘ our’ Sanctuary Sundays as well ūüôā

      And I looove how through the power of the internet, sometimes, on a Sunday, we still just hang out together, lazing about in our jammies, chatting away on FB chat. <3

      Nadia KraussFebruary 23, 2015

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