Do You Perceive Your Body, Your Life, Your Livelihood As A Sanctuary?

Now I know that we don’t often think of our bodies, our lives, and our livelihoods as the first place to find sanctuary.  But one of my biggest life lessons has been to realize and learn that I cannot find sanctuary outside of myself. It all starts on the inside. And that awareness started with feeling safe in my own body, which then spread to feeling safe, steady, stable, and secure in my life, which in turn blessed my manifestations of an abundant and prosperous livelihood.

Think about it! Isn’t that what our pursuit of happiness is truly about?

Wanting our bodies to feel like a haven to our spirit, wanting our life, and livelihood to feel safe, steady, stable, and secure, while manifesting abundance, prosperity, and peace ?

Shouldn’t we then be aligned with beauty, harmony, divine order, and organic structure in our efforts to bring forth our gifts and our magic?


How do you define the word sanctuary for yourself?

Is it a place, a feeling you carry inside, or a presence?

Is it something that makes you feel safe and protected?

Does a sanctuary recharge you?

Today take time to reflect on these questions and contemplate on your own unique definition of a sanctuary.


Take a time out to nourish your emotional body through connecting with truth ( the kind you carry inside….an inner knowing expressed through intuition) .

Connect to how you feel through questioning what the word sanctuary holds in meaning for you. Then translate that feeling into your relationships and every area of your life (time, money, energy).


Does this reflection and contemplation inspire and empower you today?

If you can answer with a heartfel YES. Congratulations soul sister !!

If not, please don’t feel bad. Remember it has nothing to do  with being ‘perfect’ but everything to do with BEING happy and wholesome!

Look at those areas again, the ones that did not make you feel steady, safe, stable, and secure. And then CUT THEM OUT. I call this process Lifestyle Surgery.


* One action for yourself personally FIRST. It always starts with you. Become the change you wish to see in your world.

  • then take one action for your relationships
  • another  for your livelihood
  • and another for your home
  • ….that would anchor you in that feeling of SANCTUARY for sure.

You are the one that makes this happen. No one can do it for you. You teach people how to treat you!



It always starts with you FIRST.

Who do you need to talk to today to feel safe and loved?
How do you need to get your needs met?

Sparkly kisses,


~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Prosperity Empowerment Coach ~


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Here’s to your inspiration, empowerment, and passionate, blessed, aligned action taking towards your dreams.

The e-course will help you reclaim your passion and manifesting power and will beautifully support you in creating ALL you require, desire, and deserve…with it that feeling of a sanctuary in your body, your life, and your livelihood.


  • Love the quote from Jessica and so important to remember we are whole and worthy, easy to forget when we do not have that sanctuary xxoo

    Suzie CheelApril 27, 2016
    • So glad it served you as a kind and loving reminder today , Suzie . Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment 🙂

      Nadia KraussApril 27, 2016
  • Beautiful article Nadia and we need to see our lives as a sacred sanctuary! I know I do! Thank you for your words of wisdom and insight! Much love

    Debra RebleApril 27, 2016
  • Thank you Nadia, this is a beautiful reminder that all we need is within us in our bodies and in our lives.

    RachelApril 27, 2016
  • Thank you for this inspiring post, Nadia. I so agree that it is only within ourselves that we can really find sanctuary.

    Marianne SoucyApril 27, 2016
  • I love the idea of including yourself as a sanctuary…just beautiful Nadia! I know when I slow down and connect within I am home. <3

    Lisa HutchisonApril 27, 2016
  • There’s a guy here, doing some work on our floors. He’s loud and messy and has terrible taste in music… but we know and trust him. Our sanctuary will be restored soon, I hope!

    AndreaApril 27, 2016
  • Oh wow! So needed to read this today.
    Thank you Nadia!

    Zeenat Merchant SyalApril 28, 2016

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