Soul Desire Monday : No Need For An Alarm Clock My Passion Wakes Me

It all began with a book….

It was luminous blue. On the cover of it leaped a young women across the beach. Her skin was sun kissed and her white bathing suit made her beautiful golden complexion pop. I was instantly mesmerized by this image of her. This beauty, vibrancy, joy, and vitality, that she radiated so naturally. The photo captured her at the highest point of her leap which seemed to make her fly.

I wanted to be able to fly like that!

The cover of this luminously blue book , with that image, and the title “Ultra Health” spoke to my heart and soul in a way that just grabbed me and absolutely enchanted me.  I wanted to know more. So naturally I opened the book and began reading the introduction.

These were the words I read by Leslie Kenton that seemed to make time stop and the angels sing hallelujah! to my heart and soul :

Chapter One – The Master Game (Ultra Health by Leslie Kenton)

“ Did you ever wonder what it was like to feel great most of the time? To awaken in the mornings looking forward to each day? To work hard but have plenty of energy to spare at the end of the day for play? To look terrific and to feel good about yourself and your life. To know that you have everything you need to meet whatever challenge you may face? Sounds like a utopian dream? It’s not. It is something within your grasp – something called ultrahealth.”

This very first paragraph that picure and that word…..ignited in me such a deep passion, such a deep yearning. Awakened in me a soul desire, so strong, that it should never be exstinguished in the years that would follow.

That word : Utopia!  – Utopia – Utopia! Such power in one spoken word.


I was 14 years old when I picked up that luminously blue book. I was 14 years old when the introduction of this book spoke to me in a way that would never let me go. And I was 14 years old when I heard about the possibility of ultra health, feeling that certain way, the way I wanted to feel for the rest of my life. It was then, at 14 years of age that I began believing in Utopia with all my heart and soul. That wondrous way of being, that amazing way of living in the world, full of awe and daily magic. It was then, at age 14, that I began my adventurous journey to discovering utopia, and what should later prove as the initiation to my life purpose.

Today I know that this moment in time was a major happening in my life. And that this big, huge, fat, YES! that I felt resonating within me so strongly, was the fiercest, most passionate intention that I would have ever set in my life. So it is no wonder that 25 years later I am able to report back to you about ‘Utopia’.

I found Utopia by learning how to absolutely and unconditionally fall in love with myself, my body, and my life. I found Utopia by learning what it means to transcend happiness, transcend health, and transcend your reality. It was the biggest adventure of my life. It was not easy. I had to to rise above and go beyond normal limits. I had to triumph over the negative or restrictive aspects of myself, my life, and that which I was conditioned to be by my parents and society.

I had to heal my wounds.

Today I stand before you, inviting you into my community and asking you to join my tribe…

I empower women to help themselves. By identifying and healing those wounds that have robbed them of the experience of Utopia – of the experience of victory – of the experience of triumph.

I teach women today how their healing and sacred self care practice will ground their dreams into prospering reality.

I share with you today my very first memory of the power of true soul desire ignited and awakened. I invite you to join the blessed adventure of discovering soul desire and powerfully grounding it through harnessing soul fire, and applying soul medicine.

I invite you to fall in love with yourself, your body, your life, madly, absolutely, unconditionally, passionately, and fiercely.

You will discover joy, vitality, life force, peace of mind, and peace within, gratitude, blessings, and a deep meaning to life and your life purpose.

Balance and happiness will follow you wherever you go, no matter what your circumstance.

So this is me reaching out to you : Are you tired of feeling so numb? Are you tired of not knowing what exactly it is that is hurting you and keeping you from being happy?

Then it is time to change, my dear.

“ The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting different results.”

~ Albert Einstein

Now would be the time! Do something different. Try something different.

And begin by signing up for my newsletter to the right. Not only will you receive a Free Gift Report but you will begin receiving my weekly ‘Sanctuary Sunday Times’ full of healing activations (ignited soul desire), blissfull action steps (harnessing your soul fire to move forward), and continuous guidance by me (teaching you how to identify and apply soul medicine when you find yourself stuck or hurting)

Now I have your attention, right? I felt you perk up there. Good. Woman, act upon that!

Trust that feeling, that whisper….what are you waiting for? If not now, when then!?

Ask yourself that.

What are you waiting for?

Why are you waiting?

How will your waiting effect your life?

Be. Honest. Here.

My wish for you today is that you begin to understand that everything in your life begins with you!!

Your love, your light, your sacred self care, your well-being, and ALL your wishes and dreams coming true.

“Above all, become the heroine of your own life opposed to being the victim.” ~ Nora Ephron


Own. Your. Life. Experience. Something fierce!

It is time! Let me  illuminate the path for you.  Don’t wait any longer. What do you have to lose? Sign up for my newsletter to the right.

I AM a SOULshaker, SPIRITstirrer, fogLIFTER

and Your Modern Day Medicine Woman & Sacred Self Care Muse


At your service.



  • WooHoo! Shake those soul igniting hips and jump into that fierceness sister!! I love it! Fantastic article Nadia! You inspired me to finish writing my new song, its called “The Fire Within”! I will send it to you when I record it in a shareable form sometime. Congratulations on starting this awesome blog series! A big hug from me to you 🙂

    Brandy SchusterFebruary 10, 2015
    • Oh yipieeeh! So looking forward to hearing that song sister 🙂 yesss!! Thank you for celebrating with me. Big, big hugs ( and kisses 🙂

      Nadia KraussFebruary 10, 2015
  • Well done Nadia you are a super star, love what you write about, reading it makes my heart sing.
    Yes send me the newsletter weekly.

    Lots of loves and many huggies


    Jamiela BraunFebruary 10, 2015
    • Thank you mum. Oh hearing THAT makes MY heart sing. Hehehehe. Love you! And yes will sign you up for the newsletter. Mwah!

      Nadia KraussFebruary 10, 2015
  • Wow Nadia, isn’t it awesome how a book can have such a long lasting impact? Loved reading your story and how this has led you to now inspire and support other women on their journey! Rock on!!! joyful blessings, Tina

    Tina van LeuvenFebruary 11, 2015
  • Excellent! Learning to love yourself brings joy, balance, happiness and peace to your life. You can maneuver the world’s peaks and valleys strategically from that stance. Great post!

    Beverly Jones-DurrFebruary 11, 2015
    • Exactly Beverly!! Absolutely 🙂 You know it! Thank you for coming by to visit and leave some comment love. You are very much appreciated.

      Nadia KraussFebruary 11, 2015
  • Love your enthusiasm Nadia and your beautiful soul that comes through in your writing. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message today!

    Debra RebleFebruary 11, 2015
  • Wowowow. Just what I needed. Now would be the time, wouldn’t it? Thanks!


    Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest)February 11, 2015
  • Always enjoy your good writing, straight from the heart…. like your heart to the hearts that are reading what ever you write be it the blog or newsletter its always a fresh feeling…
    Love you

    Jamiela BraunFebruary 15, 2015
    • Mum, this makes me smile. Thank you for this warm fuzzy feeling it gives me 🙂
      Yes, from my heart straight to the heart and soul of my reader. Keeping it fresh! Hahahaha! Love that! Love YOU. Lots.

      Nadia KraussFebruary 17, 2015

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