Empowered Goddess Temple Conversations #1

In this blog post I share with you snippets of this past week’s empowering & inspiring conversations that go on within the Happy Wholesome Life’s Membership Program.
The view this morning, as I get ready to put together the weekly digest email for the Empowered Goddess Temple Membership Program ,has me stop and pause in delightful pleasure and deeply felt gratitude for it all :
  • the ability to feed the cures versus the causes
  • the ability to inspire feminine power & divine sovereignty
  • the ability to have meaningful conversations online that move us forward powerfully as individuals & a collective of like minded humans
  • the ability to connect in a meaningful way through sisterhood & womens circles…

….as I soak it all in I realize how truly blessed I am to be able to show up this way for my Sacred Work & Tribe in joyful and lovingly dedicated service.

PS. Are you taking note of your manifested miracles in life today?



One thing I had to learn when I crashed and burned with my 2nd burnout, shutting my third entrepreneurial venture down, and having to file for bankruptcy in Germany was that my outside world was a direct reflection to the state of my inside world.

I had to ask myself some very hard and sobering questions :

  • Where was I feeling completely bankrupt inside?

So much that my energy had created it on the outside. I had to OWN that before I could change it.

  • What were the dynamics behind that?
  • How could I prevent this from happening again?

These questions and their honest answer took me on a journey that is …


It is also when I learned about continuously looking at the CAUSE and then implementing the CURE by choice instead.

The cause to feeling bankrupt inside is :

* Weak Nurturing & Ineffective Limits ( or boundaries)

The cure to feeling abundant and creating wealth on all levels is to implement STRONG NURTURING & EFFECTIVE LIMITS first!

Filling your well from the inside out will very naturally (and steadily create prosperity in your life).

So today ask yourself as you set your intention for the week :

  • ” Is this intention set in the energy of strong nurturing AND effective limits ?”
  • If not so….what is it that I need to have this goal and intention feel more strongly nurtured ?
  • And where am I allowing my energy to leak?

With love and sparkly kisses,

PS. From now on, within this space, we will feed the cure versus feeding the cause.


If you would like to be considered as a member to the Empowered Goddess Temple you can check it out and apply here.Life's Wheel

🌟Intention Monday Follow Up🌟


Your life and its stewardship …as well as taking care of your Sacred Self….

…needs strong nurturing & effective limits.

I explain how you can harness the power of those two skills and cures in the our membership video.

Sparkly kisses,

PS. I have also created a PDF for you to align yourself with all you require, desire, and deserve.

If you would like to be considered as a member to the Empowered Goddess Temple you can check it out and apply here.

Check In Wednesday


Introducing the skills/ cures of Body Love & Radiant Health Care which we will revisit every Wednesday in bite size chunks.

Dripping water in the same spot will tip the scale eventually 😉

I also invite you to take the experience deeper through our Goddess Resource Center.

The concept of Body Love is your body as an expression of your Radiant & Divine Self.

Your body is the sacred container that houses your Soul.

Your very own and YOUnique Temple!

There are a few ways we can address Body Love & Radiant Health Care.

But my absolute favorite ways are :

⭐️ Emotional Brain Training

⭐️ Chakra Power & Connection

⭐️ Elemental Health Care through balancing your Dosha (Ayurveda)

…and when working with me…you will notice that I stick to those three and continuosly and steadily revisit them with you.


⭐️ Let’s look at the Emotional Brain Training ‘Wired For Joy’ Foundation.

Shall we !?

The ~ Wired For Joy (and Freedom ) Foundation~ is a time to make lifestyle changes that ease stress and increase PLEASURE :

1.) Moving your body.

2.) Daily Sanctuary YOU Time.

3.) Connecting yourself to Natural Pleasures

4.) Honoring the importance of Balancing Sleep.

As a member of the Empowered Goddess Temple you can access VIDEO MODULE 1 in your Goddess Temple Resource Center.

With love and sparkly kisses,


REMEMBER this very powerful approach to all you require , desire & deserve :

Do one thing today you wish you would have done a year from now and do it every single day!

That is how you are going to get to where you want to be AND enjoy the journey as well.

If you would like to be considered as a member to the Empowered Goddess Temple you can check it out and apply here.




Today I would love to reveal a very magical secret sauce to you that concerns the skills/cures & realities of Mastery Living and Balanced Eating.

Especially when we do not find ourselves in that desired space ….especially when our new realities have not yet manifested.

The magical secret sauce is HEARTFELT GRATITUDE in the NOW moment and learning to utilize and harness its magical powers of TRANSFORMATION.

Since this is something we will be revisiting weekly within our Empowered Goddess Temple….let me put together a little document for you to explain how I myself enjoyed this magical secret sauce and experienced quite a few miracle manifestations because of it.

I will share ~ step by step ~ what I did when my world crumbled around me and I witnessed my own rising from the ashes.

THE MAGIC OF GRATITUDE entered into my life at that very moment and showed me how every challenge of Mastery Living…Body Love….Strong Nurturing….Radiant Health Care…Effective Limits…..Manifestation Goals…..and Balanced Eating can be conquered through heartfelt gratitude.

It is so simple……so simple that most never discover its purity and magic.

Let’s no longer keep the transformative powers of gratitude hidden.


Check out the book ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne

Implementing his Sacred Self Care Practice in your life will truly and magically ROCK YOUR WORLD!!

With love and sparkly kisses,

~ Your Sacred Self Care Muse & Empowerment Priestess ~

Beloved Sanctuary Sunday

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