The Emergence Of My Writing ~ Visions/Concepts/Ideas

Mellie, our FB Messenger chat inspired me to write it all down , right here on my website.

And I have added some Mellie magic and art as well.  😉

Untitled design

“One day at a time. I go confidently in the direction of my dreams ~ with Velvet ~ Nectar ~ and Bright Opera ~ by my side. Living the life I had imagined when I first followed my desire to be a writer.”


I would love for you to create a magical book series logo for me… and then I would love for you to design the covers of the books as you mentioned, ‘consistent in terms of colors and treatments but also have flexibility for unique elements.’

Front, back and spine design sounds great!

Just the visuals alone, seeing that gorgeous red  book cover and the formatting  and the idea to publish on demand with createspace had me inspired, excited and empowered.

It had me believing again that I could really do this. Yes.

Thank you for that.

It is my dream to be a traditionally published author with Hay House and to have my books published in English and German.

Germany has a Hay House Family publishing house as well.

I would so love to work with both the US & Germany.

That is the BIG VISION.


” Here you see creator of Strala Yoga on a Hay House Stage speaking to her audience. Rebecca Campbell is another example of the kind of published Hay House author I could only dream of being.”

‘The Big Vision’ that had me reeling and falling for all the other little traps that can come with a ‘dream’ that is sold to heartcentered lightworkers and magical beings.

All those should’s , musts, and have too’s!

The programs we buy and buy into in pursuit of making our heartfelt dream come true.

You know it sister!

But no more.


Thank you Mellie!

Your art and YOU have worked their magic. I am so deeply grateful for our connection and us as a working team.


You are a breath of fresh air and are paving a new way for yourself as an artist.

In the process of doing that you give other creatives like me hope but also very AMAZING & RESOURCEFUL TOOLS that enables the artist to just let it come through and put it out there without overthinking it.

Keep doing what you are doing.

You are breaking through.

Yes, you are!



When I write energy curses through my veins, heart , and hands.

I know you know this feeling because it happens when you paint too. It is an amazing feeling to know that you understand when I let you know that within my energy field there are concepts that exist and want to be expressed by me.

Visual concepts. Color concept. And word compilation concepts all in one.

And all of this has recently come together for me.

Quite honestly I think your energy painting brought it forth. Activated it. It was always there. But it is like it resurrected it all and brought it to the forefront. From my subconscious into my conscious.

That is the best way I can describe it.

The image below shares what my writing gift feels like to me.

This is my Divine World Service.


When I write this Sacred Knowledge & Wisdom pours write out of my heart, Soul and higher Self and onto paper, into words.


So far my heart & Soul continuously nudge me to write three things.

It is a little overwhelming for me because the desire to write all three simultaneously is there but I have not yet figured out how that is humanly possible.

It easily overwhelms me by its grandness and often it seems like I cannot write and create fast enough that which wants to come through me.

These three things to write are :

  1. The Sacred Self Care MuseLetters
  2. The Temple Love & Gift Letters
  3. The Discovering Utopia Book Series


When I I write , every one of these feels different, has a different energy to it.

After getting your Activation art piece, and standing in front of it regularly I have begun to understand something.

Our short conversation about design and seeing your work also helped me understand further.

This piece of ‘insight compilation’ , right here, I s my attempt to capture what is emerging through words, images, and colors I feel around me.

When I write Sacred Self Care MuseLetters the energy and colors surrounding me feels like this :



When I write Temple Love & Gift Letters the energy and colors surrounding me feels like this :



And when I have attempted to write the Discovering Utopia Book Series in the past the energy is very , very powerful and deep and rich and has been quite overwhelming.

I could not express it fully. I kept starting and stopping.

I could not ground it.

At first I only got the colors blue and gold.

And I did not understand how the energy would go from pinks, and oranges with gold to blue and gold.

Until I received your layered painting and I saw all the colors I had been feeling merged.

It is all there. Right in front of me. Wow! Just WOW.

Here is my attempt to capture the energy and power of the book series :


It is my sense that having you design my magical book series logo, and having it to look at regularly, will help me anchor and ground this powerful energy that has been so challenging for me to channel.


PART THREE : IDEAS ….oh so many ideas!

The idea to begin writing started in 2001 after I had opened my little group fitness training studio called ” Fitness for Body & Soul” . I had the strong desire to write newsletters for my members so they could begin to understand the approach of holistic well~being & fitness better.

I began writing them and was printing them out in color on my personal computer because even back then beauty, design & aestethics were important to me.

Then the idea to write a book emmerged as well and I had my first book writing coaching weekend in the year 2007 with a German writer/publisher/Tv moderator.

It was during this weekend that “Wellnessfee Shana”emerged.

She was the energy behind my writing. But since the direct translation ‘Wellness Fairy Shana’ does not sound quite as enchanting in English as it does in German….she became the Sacred Self CareMuse in English.

It was during this weekend workshop that my coach told me that my actual life will help me write my book. That from now on I was going to gather and collect valuable content for my book(s).

We also birthed the title of my first book in Germany.

And it was the energy of this book title that birthed the idea for the Discovering Utopia book series in 2012 when I purchased and joined Christine Kloser’s ‘Get Your Book Done’ Diamond package.

While I absolutely adored and cherished this high value program, and honor today that a lot of goodness was birthed through it, it also took me on a wild goose chase.

All these things ‘I had to’ start doing to become a successfully published writer :

  • Build a business around your book.
  • Write a book proposal.
  • Build a paid service around your message.
  • Have a strategy.
  • Create a webpage.
  • Create a list.
  • Create a personal & business brand.
  • Build a large following first because that is what publishing houses want to see these days

So so many new ideas!

While they felt inspiring & empowering to me…..

I liked the feel of grandness and powerful service ( I am a 7th energy Divine Power Soul)

…they soon turned into should’s, must have’s , and have to’s. Sucking all of the joy & pleasure out of my writing.

And every single one of them took me further and further away from ACTUALLY WRITING.

“It took me a three year round trip to return back to mySelf & to the essence of my Divinely inspired original ideas.”

Coming from a place of love

I had to come back to a place of love, of center, of balance.

I had to work through all my insecurities from a place of love, center and balance.

I had to ask myself the hard questions :

  1. What do I really, really, REALLY want?
  2. What do I desire?
  3. What do I require?
  4. And what do I DESERVE?

The cool things I discovered on that three year journey, and the not so cool things, brought me here today.

It brought me here to MY DIVINE PATH.

And now that I have found my way back to the essence of my writing the ideas are grounded in service & in doing my part as my Soul wishes me to do.



( Mellie, after I had written part 3 I went to your red bubble shop because I still want to order those journals . Lol. And because I have fallen in love with your soul art!

And I found this inner power painting that so beautifully captures the process I went through that I described in part three.

That is exactly what I was looking for : an intuitive artist that can capture the processes I write about in an energy painting/illustration/design.

WOW! Blown away by this divine orchestration & Sacred partnership we are entering into.)


PART 4 : The Divine Plan & Soul Blueprint

….for my writing and fully expressed Soul Self.


I am so grateful for our meeting and connecting the way we did.

It feels beautiful, organic, harmonious, divinely structured and simply right.

I was looking for a long term creative director and intuitive accountability partner since about mid 2017.

And now we found each other.

This is exciting!


The Divine plan is to live my life to the fullest, feeling financially empowered and fulfilled working at the bank  …..while also honoring my writing and soul self expression.

Before I was working at the bank I was calling myself a Prosperity Empowerment Coach in the hopes of making an income with 1:1 services as Sacred Self Care Muse & Prosperity Empowerment Coach ….coaching in areas of self care & resource management ( time energy money).

Those truly go hand in hand for me.

For me it is all about standing in your power as a woman, in unapologetic Radiant Self~Love Leadership, creating ALL you require, desire, and deserve.

It makes sense to me that working at the bank as a ‘Financial Relationship Specialist’ is actually something I enjoy.

Feeling empowered with my finances was the one thing missing in my life….most of my life.

I embrace this blessed change and this fiscal transformation.


It is the Sacred Self Care Muse that writes and speaks from the heart.

So it also makes sense to keep that part of me alive and fully expressed as well.

It is an absolute necessity to me feeling WHOLE and wholesome ( divinely nourished).

But for that I do need an accountability partner & creative soul sister that can support me with staying on track.


CONCLUSION : Next steps with YOU & me 💕

Step :

  1. I would like to support you and myself through your $88 dollar a month Patreon offer.
  2. I imagine the 1:1 ‘s keeping me on track and accountable. We can also brainstorm PDF design and ebook ideas & topics….and anything else that comes up organically.
  3. I am in it long term. I believe in slow and steady winning the race.
  4. Any design work you do I will pay you for separately.

How does that feel to you?

Resonate with you?


In Love & Power,



Here’s to our Sacred partnership & collaboration.

Celebrating YOU as an artist & US as a magical dream team!

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.


And so it is on December 17th , 2017. New Moon in Sagittarius ( expansion)

….after 3 year Saturn journey & transit ( planet of justice, patience, diligence, and sincerity )

….with Cancer New Moon ( nourishment, nurturing, support) and ….

…..Capricorn Full Moon ( wealth builder for generations to come) on the horizon in January 2018.

This is a truly auspicious day and Divine orchestration.





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