The Good Life awaits YOU….

Do you believe that you can create a Happy Wholesome Life for yourself ? And what does that  mean to you?

The three things that I believe it takes for you to welcome your good life are…. an understanding of …

1.) How you can make the Law of Attraction work for you, and create the life of your dreams. And why it might not have been working for you in the past….

2.) How applying the Law of Attraction successfully often entails healing work. Such as healing old wounds. Healing belief systems that no longer support you. Healing a chronic stress lifestyle. And healing subconscious self sabotage. And why you might have been resisting this kind of healing work before….

And ultimately….

3.) How your healing entails a sacred self care practice that will aid you in grounding your dreams into prosperous reality, making your version of a Happy Wholesome Life come true. And why you might have not been able to implement your Sacred Self Care Practice successfully in the past……

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The other day I was asked what kind of legacy I wanted to leave behind and how I would choose to carry it forward. Here is what I answered :

 ” The legacy that I want to leave behind is one of great healing. Having healed myself and all my wounds. Having healed my marriage and my life. My legacy of healing will not only aid me but it will help women heal, it will help families heal, children heal, and the world heal.

The collective healing work that my own healing will spark will ultimately balance the divine feminine with the sacred masculine, birthing a new world.

The legacy that I want to leave behind is to have healed the wounded. The way I chose to do it in this life time, was to become the wounded healer. The one who, above all, chose to be the heroine of her own life opposed to being the victim.”

I invite you into this world of mine, beautiful woman!

I lead the way by letting you, as part of my tribe, know about my very own wounds that needed healing. I share with you how I myself have transcended, transmuted, and transformed the leaden human experience into spiritual gold. At Happy Wholesome Life I empower women to help themselves. Above all, to become the heroine of their own life opposed to the victim.

I talk about personal alchemy and self mastery, nurturing and nourishment, healing and transformation.

My path to mastery and alchemy entailed books. Books were ‘my guides’ and they mentored me, they empowered me to help myself. They have a very special place in my heart. I would not be where I am today without books.

Books and my innate ability of self leadership have taught me everything I know about life as a multi dimensional being – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Through books have I mastered to feel whole and fully integrated. Books taught me all I know about holistic well-being, radiant health, universal laws, sacred self care, prosperity, and creating a life for myself that resembles my deepest soul desires.

I want you to be able to know, do, and master the same!

I want everything about you to be healed and well, whole and integrated, strongly rooted in your divine feminine and lovingly supported by the sacred masculine.

It is these kind of conversations that we are having in the Sanctuary Sisterhood, my private FB group. And by offering my Happy Wholesome Life Gift Bundle to you, via this blog post, this website, or my email list, I have set forth my intention of leaving behind my legacy of great healing! Just leave your name and email address in the opt in box to the right, and you are in lady!

It is time to embrace your healing. Healing is all about self love, relationships, support, personal alchemy, self mastery, nurturing, nourishment, friendship, and creating a life from the vantage point of love. Healing is all about beauty, harmony, divine order, and organic structure.

To make your healing journey less lonely, more enjoyable, and to speed up the process I invite you to join the Sanctuary Sisterhood by sending me a personal message over my Facebook account so that I can add you to the private FB group. There’s already a  nice cozy, little group of sisters there waiting for you. And I am really loving the exchange and conversations happening.

I am also preparing for a book giveaway in this group. The two books I will be giving away are : ‘The Art of Extreme Self Care’ by Cheryl Richardson and ‘The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple’ by Sonia Ricotti. So please, if you love books and personal growth & development as much as I do, make sure to be there for the giveaway!

I AM a SOULshaking, SPIRITstirring, fogLIFTING….

Transformational Healer

Modern Day Medicine Woman & Sacred Self Care Muse


At your service.

And I believe in the good life, as well as living it happy and wholesome, fully integrated and awake as the multi dimensional beings that we are!



  • Love it …. and good as usual.
    Keep writing, many out there who love to read subjects like this.

    Much Love

    Jamiela BraunMarch 12, 2015

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