You Don’t Get Time You Make Time

The one thing I learned the hard way is that you don’t get time….you make time.

But how do you make your time count right!? It entails so much : lifestyle, work, stewardship, relationships, hobbies.

I had to learn the hard way that I AM THE CREATOR OF MY OWN EXPERIENCE.

So if I am giving my time away to things that do not make me happy, do not fill me up with enthusiasm, love, and appreciation, do not fuel my passion and the belief and faith in the goodness that is life…

What am I giving my power away to?

A legacy of self-abandonment and self-sacrifice. Really!?

I hear people say : “Life to short to take it so seriously!” or
“Life’s too short not to have any fun!

But what if you have unlearned the ability to spend time alone, in solitude, with the sunshine on your face, gathering a bunch of wild flowers from the meadow? What if you have unlearned the ability to play because ‘adulthood and responsibilities’ knocked it right out of you?

You simply have to unlearn you self-sacrificing ways AND you have to stop giving your power away by saying things like “I just don’t have the time!”
You have to realize that as an adult you don’t ‘get time’ for yourself like kids do… are the one that has to ‘make time’ to play and recharge.


So today I would like to leave you with 2 high vibing tips that will support you in leaving your legacy of self-abandonment behind you… morning LifeS.A.V.E.R. and evening Night C.A.P. at a time?

What are morning LifeS.A.V.E.R.S?

The best time of the day to MAKE TIME for yourself is the morning time. It is potent with possibility and it sets the tone for your entire day. So I personally make an effort to get up at around 5am most of my days. I then start of my day with LifeS.A.V.E.R.S by doing the following :

S.ilence > The early morning hours automatically bring silence to my day. As other family members are still sleeping I am able to breathe deep breaths, close my eyes, and begin with a silent prayer of gratitude for being alive.

A.ffirmation > In my morning journal I then write down my favorite affirmations that affirm the desired outcomes I have for my life & business.

V.isualisation> On my 30 minute morning walk I make an effort to visualize ‘my perfect day’ and how I would like it to flow.

E.xercise > Yup! I start my day with a 30 minute walk, followed by 20 minutes of Yoga stretches.

R.eading > To further underline mindfulness in my day I draw a daily card from one of my favorite oracle decks. Whatever deck calls me that day.

S.cribing > I use the technique of ‘brain dumping’ all the thoughts that are roaming around my head (blocking my clarity) on paper. Sometimes this looks like a ‘to do list’ and sometimes it looks like Morning Pages aka Julia Cameron. It all depends.

If it is a ‘to do list’ I then further use Angela Jia Kim’s Daily Action Planner to make sure I ‘Savor the Success’ DAILY.

What are evening Night C.A.P.S?

I go to bed with C.larity about what I have accomplished this day and what my intentions are for the next day.

I go to bed voicing my A.ffirmative Gratitude of how well my day went. Even if things did not go as planned I use the transformative power of gratitude. E.g. Even though I did not manage to get up this morning I am so grateful that I was able to sleep in but I am also so grateful that I can see the power of my morning Life.S.A.V.E.R.S. So much that I know I will get up tomorrow. Thank you!

I also make sure to connect to my P.ersonal P.ower by owning that I am the one that has the power to make time for the things that count to me.

And the most important one to make sure I do not sabotage my own efforts ….Make sure to get 7,5 hours of S.leep.

Do you also have morning and evening rituals in place for yourself?

How do you ‘make time’?

Sparkly kisses,



Hello, my name is Nadia and I work at Happy Wholesome Life as a Sacred Self Care Muse and Prosperity Empowerment Coach.

No matter what your current situation : business owner or employed, if you find yourself in a dis-empowered place and out of alignment with your time, authenticity, passion and power, I can help you get yourself powerfully aligned with FEMININE ENERGY MANAGEMENT & MASCULINE TIME MANAGEMENT through my FREE 30 minute ‘Get Powerfully Aligned’ Assessment for which you can apply here.


  • I LOVE this blog Nadia and agree we have the power to set our own schedules. I love doing morning pages and gratitudes to start my day and end it with gratitude also. xx

    Lisa HutchisonApril 13, 2016
  • Nadia, this is a great article – and I love the acronyms you created to help us take care of ourselves and slow down. I have started reading again at night (instead of watching TV or playing on my phone), and it’s so wonderful. =)

    Jill CelesteApril 13, 2016
  • Thanks, Nadia… I follow a similar “schedule” in the morning and love the acronyms to help remember. (Sometimes things “fall off” of the list and I need help finding them.)

    AndreaApril 13, 2016
  • Love this article Nadia! A must read for all of us trying to balance and trust divine timing instead of time. Much love and blessings

    Debra RebleApril 14, 2016
  • Love the energy, power and sheer joy of all that you share Nadia. You do have infectious happy energy 🙂
    Thank you for another beautiful article.
    Much Love,

    Zeenat Merchant SyalApril 14, 2016
  • I make time by enjoying what I’m doing and by doing mostly things that I enjoy. When we are happy there’s time for everything. Thank you for your post Nadia. Loved the acronyms 😉

    Claudia LeBaron IslasApril 15, 2016

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