Unleashing a trail of magic…

…on my Journey from Germany to the United States!

Dear One 🙂

Thank you so much for still being here!

It has been a very trying and challenging year for me having been separated from the love of my life for 9 months waiting on my immigration visa in Germany. The worst part about it was that all the red tape made you really, really insecure and we both had the feeling that there were authorities here that potentially could tear us apart.

But the good news is : Wohoooo! I am here. Finally!! In  Florida. We made it 🙂 All is good once again in our world.

Sitting in our new home I just signed up for a 7 day ‘Feel Good Blogging’ challenge and Alex Beadon did an amazing job inspiring me to write my first blog post of the challenge by just asking me some simple questions.

I am reflecting on a year passed. Although it was really HARD I can see now how I truly unleashed this trail of magic on my journey from Germany to the United States.

So in honor of new beginnings and a fresh start I wrote that first blog post of the challenge that introduces me.

Here’s to our magical chemistry!


Hello, my name is Nadia Shana Krauss, and I am born German but my heart is a multicultural one. You see, my mum is South African, but she herself was a mix of culture. My grandpa being Persian/Indian, and my grandma being Italian/Portuguese. My dad being the only pure bread in the family – German. Hahahaha!

In Germany when I share about my heritage I always get this response :  “Wow! You are a real “Multi – Kulti” ! 🙂

PT Picture

In my free time I love to do yoga, take walks with mother nature, But you can also take me to a rocking dance party any time!!! I love to write,  journal, spend quality time with the hubby, and basically love life and celebrating it!

One favorite thing about myself is that I love reading books. It started at age 11 when my father handed me my very first personal growth and development, positive thinking, self help book. And just fueled my interest even more at age 18 when my mum handed me John Kehoe’s book ‘Mind Power’. I actually ended up attracting my soul mate and now hubby of 18 years by following the exercises described in the book. At the time I just wanted to attract “a boyfriend”. Hahahahaha! Good one Universe (I love you! wink, wink)

I started blogging and my email list for various reasons.

First of I am a talker 😉 I love to tell stories. I love life’s analogies and I love to go deep. Of course talking to yourself isn’t as much fun as talking to an audience (have I told you yet that I am so glad you are here 🙂

2003 the idea came to me that I wanted to write a book in my field of expertise. For years and years and years nothing seemed to happen. 2007 I paid for a one on one writing retreat. But I only really started writing when I started blogging in 2011. In German only at first. Currently I only blog in English. I thought it would be a good idea to commit to blogging once a week. I figured it would help me get all my ideas for the book out there.

My blog is for women seeking nurturing, nourishment, and healing, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is for the women seeking a deeper and richer understanding of life as we live it. I am an advocate for the unity of body, mind, and spirit. I am here for you in service as a teacher, healer, and guide.

I am also writing for the woman that currently is finding herself burned out in all areas of her life lacking vibrant  health, pleasure, and happiness.

The intention I hold for my blog (or my newsletters) is for it to be a sanctuary of happy and wholesome. Something that will fill my reader up in the most positive of ways. Now that does not necessarily mean you are always going to like what I am sharing with you. I actually might be saying things you do not want to hear but in your heart, you will know, that you really needed to hear them. My blog (or newsletter) will leave you positively charged and will speak an invitation to step into your very own happy, your very own wholesome. It will be the invitation to change your life for the better! Reading my articles will challenge you to take up space. Expanding –  by owning it all, living to the fullest, and just BEING happy, healthy, radiant, joyous, and vibrant!

But first off : no sugar coating stuff. No fluff. Just getting real and getting honest with yourself and your life.

Something that I have been working on lately and that I am really proud of is my book proposal. I actually handed it in for a book writing contest hosted by Christine Kloser. I made a promise to myself and I kept it. I can now say with heartfelt pride ” I am the author of the forthcoming book ‘Discovering Utopia – How to absolutely and unconditionally fall in Love with Yourself, Your Body, and Your Life’ ” Feels oh so gooood!

I am also very proud to be working with my wonderful Virtual Assistant Anne to launch my first level of easy entry membership soon (hopefully this year still 😉

Happy Wholesome Life –
Sacred Self Care to Ground your Dreams into Prospering Presence

I hope you have gotten to know me just a little better. I always smile a whole bunch and am quite silly and goofy at times. My personality is bubbly and sometimes even dizzy. But it is okay. I love that about myself. I am who I am.

One thing my heart and soul wish for you to ‘get’ when you visit my blog (or receive my newsletter) is to have an experience with me that leaves you more positively charged and richer. I hope that the experience you have when we interact is one that empowers you. One that tells you it is okay just as is but also propels you forward, giving you the strength to change what needs changing.

Thank you for reading today.

Blessings & Magic to YOU,


  • Love it!!! So fun and uplifting to read and love that we get to know you better in this post 🙂 I remember when you sent out your first newsletter and I replied and you were so excited to get your first reply – that was me! Lol So great to see your business and life going in such wonderful directions – truly inspiring! Well wishes and good vibes for your next 6 posts 🙂

    Brandy SchusterOctober 16, 2014
    • I know, Brandy 🙂 I remember. I was ecstatic. Thank you for being wonderful, beautiful, and amazing YOU !!

      Nadia KraussOctober 16, 2014

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