What is Sacred Self Care?

Why is it that I speak of ‘sacred’ self care and not just ‘self care’?

I speak of Sacred Self Care because at Happy Wholesome Life I teach women how to empower themselves. I guide them through the process of taking care of themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I assist them through healing activations on all 4 levels.

What is the difference between the two?

At Happy Wholesome Life we do not reduce self care to only the physical level of pampering, massages, and shopping sprees. Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE pampering, massages, and luscious shopping sprees. Yes, that is very much a part of my self care regime as well. And it does recharge, restore, and refuel. But mostly it celebrates me taking care of myself on all levels. It is the thing I do and love most after having tended to my spiritual self care, my mental self care, my emotional self care. At Happy Wholesome Life women recognize and learn that there is more to the matter of self care hence the term ‘Sacred’ Self Care.

And why should you care?

I sure hope you care. I hope you care because your Sacred Self Care practice will not only recharge you to help you get through your days in a balanced kind of way. Your Sacred Self Care practice will help you ground your dreams into prosperous reality because of the fact that it involves taking care of all 4 of your bodies. Your spiritual body, your mental body, your emotional body, and your physical body.

At Happy Wholesome Life I empower women to help themselves through their Sacred Self Care. I help women identify and heal their wounds. The ones that have kept them from their experience of victory.


Keep reading beautiful Soul. Keep reading…….

As we do this Soul Work together in Sisterhood, through my Mind Body Soul Medicine membership program, or as I assist my clients 1:1 with their healing activation, we develop a ‘Sacred Self Care Practice to Ground Our Dreams into Prosperous Reality’.

At Happy Wholesome Life we are collectively and individually stepping into our power as women and honoring our potential, and also recognizing our patterns, the ones that have kept us stuck for way too long.

Now I am going to take this subject matter even deeper!

Not only will your Sacred Self Care practice take care of you and heal your wounds and balance out patterns that no longer serve you and have kept you stuck, your Sacred Self Care practice will also make you magnetic to your highest good, your wildest dreams, and soul desires.

At Happy Wholesome Life heartfelt desires manifest!

Your Sacred Self Care practice will keep you grounded and able to harness your soul fire and apply your soul medicine whenever needed.

Your Sacred Self Care practice will make you a master. A master of self!

You will wake up daily with your soul desire, soul fire, and soul medicine, aligned and burning within you. Your divine spark will become the driving force for everything you do and will be visible for everyone to see!


For those of you who understand the law of attraction, vibration, energy, and frequency, you will also understand that it takes daily dedication and practice to walk the talk of it all.

It takes a rewiring of your belief systems, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and daily living , on the spiritual plain, the mental plane, the emotional plane, and the physical plane. It takes healing old wounds, on all levels. It takes surrender, release and letting go of what no longer serves you.

For those of you that don’t know about the law of attraction, and don’t understand energy, frequency, and vibration, don’t understand how you magnetize your life to you, now would be the time to listen up!

Over the last 4 years Hubby and I have been manifesting beautiful things into our life, such as ship adventures, traveling while working as a crew member, choosing to see beauty, harmony, and divine order in our life everywhere we went, with every transformational situation we were presented.

We also manifested our dream home and we are celebrating being first time home owners. We love our beautiful house, surrounded by water, nature, wild life, and tranquility. And how it came about truly is a miraculous story of awe, wonder, amazement, magic, and gloriously combined manifesting powers. But that would be another blog post for another time 🙂

Within the last 4 years we have not only fallen in love with each other over and over again but we have also fallen in love with life. We have chosen the voice of love over the voice of fear over and over again. For 4 years now have we practiced Sacred Self Care as a couple. If you would like to read about how that journey began you can go read this blog post.

We now wake up daily feeling blessed and loved by life. We truly love the life we have created for ourselves and the life experience that blesses us daily.

It took us completely transforming how we viewed our life, ourselves, our marriage, and our circumstances.

None of what we experience today  happened by chance!

We are conscious co-creators, fully awake to our power, using it for good and to expand light within ourselves and around us daily.

We choose to live a conscious life, fully awake, and aware of our manifesting powers, energy, vibration, and frequency. Fully awake, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

We do the transformational work that is needed to manifest this sort of happy, wholesome, and healed life experience.

And that is ultimately what Sacred Self Care is and what I teach at Happy Wholesome Life. I guide you through the healing process of it all. I assist you with your healing while you implement the change you seek.

I am elaborating on what self care is today and how it becomes sacred because I have perceived that most women are unhappy because they don’t know any better, missing the connection to their powerful spiritual selves. Most women feel disempowered because of this missing link of Body Mind & Soul Medicine, keeping them stuck in their belief systems, their emotions, their wounds, and their current unhappy reality.

Most women in the western society have given their power away without even realizing it. Most women have become stuck in victimhood without ever fully being aware of it. But this does not only concern women.

Most of humanity has forgotten that we all are spiritual beings in a body, souls,  having a human experience.

Most of humanity has fallen asleep to their true nature and power.

And a lot of humans live their life disconnected from heart and soul but strongly anchored in the rational mind of fear and ego.

It does not have to be this way. And it does not have to be this hard.

Life does not have to be heartless either, lacking soul.

Things can change. And they change with YOU first.

Wake up!!!

Start doing the transformational work that is necessary to transform yourself, your life, your relationships, your family, your community, and your world. Start learning about your Sacred Self Care practice with me! And begin implementing what you learn.

The work that I do at Happy Wholesome Life will support you on this journey of transformation and healing. I help you to wake up to your heart, soul, power, and potential, implementing the change you want to see in yourself, your life, your relationships, and in your world.

That is my mission and that is the depth that my work carries.

Wake up!!!!


Stop being lazy. Start doing the work!

Create your own version of happy, wholesome, and healed.

Own your power. Stop giving it a way.

Make a decision.

And come join my movement!

Happy Wholesome Life ~

Sacred Self Care to Ground Your Dreams into Prosperous Reality




  • Wow Nadia so good to read what you write, we tend to forget lots of “stuff” to do or think!

    Reading your blog wakes me up from my slumber everytime.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, much appreciated.

    Love it. Keep going as you are right before getting there.

    Love you loads

    Jamiela BraunMay 7, 2015
    • Oh mum, I just saw your comment now. I have the biggest smile on my face. I LOVE that you are my biggest fan and I love your beautiful essence. Such a strong, strong spiritual Warrior Goddess never ever giving up!!!

      Nadia KraussMay 7, 2015
  • When you take care of yourselves (the selves you mention in your post) how things will change! Not only do you feel fantastic and unstoppable, you are a light for others as well. Thank you for this post!

    TheresaMay 20, 2015
    • It is my utmost pleasure, Theresa. So glad you are here 🙂

      Nadia KraussMay 20, 2015
  • Yes, sacred self care is where it is at! I find that listening to my soul leads me to the best outcomes for self care. We must go deeper. Thanks for sharing your manifesting work as a couple, that is awesome. Co-creation is the BOMB!! Many Blessings, Lisa xx

    Lisa HutchisonMay 20, 2015
    • Yes absolutely! Listening to your soul will lead to the best outcomes always. This is my experience as well. This is exactly why I love quoting Gary Zukov : ‘ When the personality comes fully to serve its soul, that is authentic empowerment.’ Yesss!

      Nadia KraussMay 20, 2015
  • Nadia – I am delighted with the addition of sacred to self care! Wonderful approach and I love your passion! Bless, Sister!

    KimberlyMay 20, 2015
  • Nadia, as you know I LOVE the phrase Sacred Self Care! It positions this essential practice right where it belongs…among the truly sacred! Reminders like your blog post are so precious to me as I continue to ‘take body along for the ride’ on my spiritual path. Thank you for your energy, your light and your sharing! ~Jan xxoo

    Janice MastersMay 20, 2015
    • Janice, I so love and appreciate your being in this world! I love what you are doing and sharingand I feel so honored that my blog post is precious to you. Thank you, from my heart to yours.

      Nadia KraussMay 20, 2015
  • Absolutely beautiful words. So great to read the gentle reminders of self care or more importantly self love.

    NatashaMay 20, 2015
    • Yes Natasha, they absolutely go hand in hand. Self love, self care, forgiveness, and acceptance of self. Yes, it is time to remember. Sending you much love. Tank you for stopping by, reading, and commenting 🙂

      Nadia KraussMay 20, 2015
  • Nadia, this article is beautiful to me. I love the language you give to explain how self care can be sacred, and how it’s a significant part of a spiritual journey and a practice of manifesting, receiving, or attracting the good.

    CharaMay 20, 2015
    • I love how you put that Chara : How self care can be sacred…a part of a spiritual journey and a practice of manifesting, receiving, and attracting the good.’ Yesss! You just beautifully summed up the essence of this blog post. I really LOVE that!

      Nadia KraussMay 20, 2015
  • So, so, important to think about and act on our own needs! When we are taking care of ourselves, our truth shows up and flies off the charts! What a ride!

    You are a master! xo

    Kellie R. StoneMay 20, 2015
    • Thank you for these words, Kellie 🙂 you make me smile. Indeed what a ride. What a life infusing, oh so worthy, luscious ride!

      Nadia KraussMay 20, 2015
  • Love this, Nadia!! So beautifully inspiring and sacred. So glad that I found this today 🙂

    Paula FosterMay 20, 2015

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